Discipline (Part VI)

23 Aug

“Stop,” He says.  “Here, give me that.”  He holds out His hand.  i give him the vibrator, slowly pull the dildo out of me.  It’s sticky and glistening, having been marinating in my juices for a while now.

Almost immediately, the numbness begins to leave me, except for my poor throbbing nipples, which are suddenly 10 times worse.  i cringe when He reaches for them, and he stops just long enough to say, “Don’t draw back from me,” before He releases them.

It does hurt, hurts dreadfully as the blood rushes back into them.  i watch them turn from white to red.  i want to touch them, rub them, but i don’t.  

And then there’s the rush of shame, because He wanted me to cum, and i didn’t.  

“Come here,” He says, and pulls me to Him.  Still on my knees, between His legs, He lets me snuggle my upper body into His lap.  Head on his thigh, arms up around his waist.

He strokes my hair, touches my back.  “Hey ~ hey,” He says, as a sob shakes me.  “Are you crying?  What is this ~ what are the tears about?”  

“i ~ i let you down,” i manage to gasp.  

i’m shocked when He laughs.  i lift my head to look at Him.

“Because you didn’t cum?” He says.  “All this is because i told you to cum and you didn’t?”

i nod.

He shakes His head.  Pulls me closer to Him, sliding a hand down the front of my body, cupping my throbbing hot pussy.  

A finger slides inside me.  Another, stretching me.

Quickly, without another word, His fingers probe deeper, seeking ~ finding ~ that spot.  The heel of His hand presses against my clit.

 Quickly, as His fingers move rhythmically inside me, the feeling starts to build.  i’m pumping back now, fucking His fingers, moaning as i feel it building, taking me higher ~ and higher~

omigod, it feels so fucking good, i can’t take it deep enough, o, ~ o ~ yes ~

~~ there ~ right there ~




as He takes me over the top, and a shiver runs through me, i cry out and He says

“Yes, slut, yes, cum for me now,”

and trembling, shaking, and moaning, i cum, tumbling back down….  rubbing against Him, thrusting my hips forward, impaling myself deeper.  Laughing with pleasure.

 i think it’s over, just when i think He’s going to pull His fingers back, and i’m wishing He wouldn’t ~ just then, He starts again.  

Watching my face.  Watching as He takes me up, up again, i’m surprised, i didn’t know He could do this, take me here again, and it’s actually easier this time ~

~ rubbing and pressing against Him, against His hand, Omigod ~

   ~~ Omigod ~~

Up again ~ up, up ~~~~~

                ~~~~~~~ and over, omigod, yes, over and omigod back down again.  And we are both laughing now, laughing with pleasure.

“Don’t ever worry about not cumming,” He says.  “Making you cum is not going to be a problem,” and even as He says it, He’s starting again, His fingers moving again, and ~

“Do you want another?” He says.

“Omigod, yes,” i gasp, rubbing against Him like a cat in heat.   i’m so wet i’m squishy, i’d be embarrassed if it didn’t feel so incredibly good.

“Hold still,” He says.  “No pushing.”

“O ~ O God,” i say.  “Ok, ok, holding still ~~”

and again His fingers work their magic, pushing me to a peak of pleasure that radiates through my body, waves of sensation through my arms, my legs, making me moan ~ O, o, o~~~~~~~


and i cum again, omigod, Yes ~

and this time it drains me, literally, puddles of liquid come gushing out of me, and He laughs, and i would be embarrassed, but i’m too drained to care

and i collapse in a heap at His feet, draped over His legs, head on His lap.

He strokes my hair.

“Better?” He says.

“Omigod.  Omigod.  i can’t talk.  Sorry.  Can’t move.  No muscles left.  No bones either.  Sheesh.  Feel like a rag doll.”

“You squirted,” He says.  “Good girl.”

“Omigod.  i’ll be your good girl every day of the week,” i say, and He bursts out laughing.

“I guess you would!” He says.  Then, “Come on, you need to find your muscles and bones, go wash up a little.  It’s time for dinner.”

And quite suddenly, i remember that we’re not alone.  

The other man, the other girl are still there, quite close by.  i can’t believe i forgot they were there.  i think i should be embarrassed, but don’t have the energy to care.

“Come on,” He prods me, “Up, go – off to the bathroom please, get ready for dinner.”

i stand, shaky on my feet, and “Diana, Selena,” He says, “Would one of you go with her, please?  We have a lot to do yet tonight.”

5 Responses to “Discipline (Part VI)”

  1. thesubmissivebf August 23, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    At least we can always count on the Major to be there and say all the right things.

    • aisha August 23, 2011 at 6:20 am #


      Ain’t that the truth?

  2. Andi August 23, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    *sigh* three! thanks aisha

    • aisha August 23, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

      Hey, my pleasure, Andi, i know I needed that! lol

  3. vanillamom August 24, 2011 at 10:13 am #

    i missed this yesterday (*pout* damn vanilla life sometimes!!)…but OMG!!! so freaking hawt.

    oh i love love love when they *make* us cum again. and again. and again…

    the boneless feeling…you describe it, i feel it…so well done!

    and i’m happy and sated and oh, so relaxed and then you do it again!!

    OMG…there’s gonna be MORE????

    holy hell, batman!

    got me again….yet thankfully, because i didn’t read yesterday, i get the resolution fast fast fast!! Heeee…off to find out –what-lies-ahead!!



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