Discipline (XI)

28 Aug

Alone, waiting for The Major, and the 64 lashes with the switch, i fret and worry.   My ass raised and exposed, pussy on display, it is clear that i’m open to whatever He brings.

What if i can’t take it?  What if I just can’t stand it?  Would He really make me leave?  

What if He injures me, leaves me too hurt to function?  Leaves scars.  Maybe i should leave.  This is kind of crazy anyhow. What am i thinking?

But i don’t want to leave.  i want to see what happens next.

But what if i can’t take it?

And i go on like that for what seems like a long time, going round and round in my head.  Finally, i hear footsteps ~ His footsteps.

My heart had been racing, now i can barely breathe.  i can feel Him behind me.

He runs His hands over my ass, down the outside of my thighs, up the inner thigh.  Spreads my cheeks further, making me blush as He examines me there.  

Touches me between my legs, opening the outer lips, exposing my clit, which He does not touch.  Of course.  He does dip a finger into me, apparently to check if i’m wet, which i am.  Dripping wet.

i would have rocked back on His finger, my hips wanted to, but, “Don’t.  Move.” He says, and i freeze.  

His hands travel over my back, pressing down the small of my back, which raises my ass a little further.  

Around to my breasts, pinching the nipples.  Of course.  Hard enough that i whimper, and He says, “Sh.”  

He pushes my head down further, so my forehead rests on the floor.  Places my hands, my arms, so i am a little more stretched out.

i am reminded of the Fair, times i’ve watched them showing the goats.  i’ve watched the owners poke and prod their animals into the presentation they want.  

i know how they must feel.

Then i hear the switch ~ whooshing through the air.  Whistling through the air?  Searching for the right word to describe it, i think, “you’ll quit worrying about that in a minute here,” and i tense, waiting for it to land on my ass.

Instead, He begins to trace my body with it, following the path His hands had taken.  

As He caresses my ass, between my ass cheeks, i notice it feels damp.  He comments on this, explaining that it has been soaking in water since i picked it that afternoon.   

“That makes it less likely to get brittle and break before we’re finished,” He says.  “And of course being wet makes it hurt more.”

i’m stunned because, really, did it need to hurt MORE?

i want to say something, want to protest, but i am can no more talk than i could fly right now.  i can only wait, receptive and still.

When He has traced my body with the switch, touched my nipples, my belly, each part of me, He says,

“I want you to raise your head.   Don’t move the rest of your body.  Just your head.”

Slowly, being careful not to disturb my position, i raise my head.  

“You are to kiss my hand,” He says, “The hand that’s going to punish you.”

i am amazed, and frightened, to discover that i’m glad to.  i caress His palm with my lips, and He moves it away.

“Now the switch,” He says.  He holds it to my lips, and lets me caress it as well.  As He removes it, His hand fists in my hair, and He presses my head back to the ground.

“Good,” He says.  Then,

“I told you it was lucky that you rolled doubles, right?  You know, usually rolling doubles means you roll again and add that to your original number.”

i think i make a noise, a tiny noise.

He goes on, “But in this case, by my rules today, rolling doubles means ‘double or nothing.’   You’ll still be punished, your original eight, but maybe not times eight.  What’s your preference, slut?”

i open my mouth to say eight only, not times eight, not 64, just eight ~~

and i’m appalled to hear myself say, 

“Whatever You want, Sir.”

i could have bit my tongue off, what the hell is wrong with me, what am i thinking???  No, i don’t want 64, no, no, no.

But ~ “O, good girl,” He says.  He strokes my hair, and a shiver runs through me, my pussy clenches.

His voice is gentle, “Eight,” He says.  “We’re not about extreme pain tonight, this is just teaching.  Wanting you to learn your place, to begin to learn obedience.  I can teach you that with eight.”

His voice seems far away, but the relief spreads through my body.  i can trust Him.  He won’t damage me.

He places a hand between my shoulder blades, and i hear the whistling sound and ~~~

i scream as a terrible stinging, burning ~~ O ~~ it lands on my ass and ~~ O, it feels like a thousand whips all concentrated in that one line of pain. O.

“One,” He says.  “You are to count ~ that’s one.”  i am completely distracted, but somehow, i manage to say it, 

“One,” and then i remember to add, “Thank you, Sir.”

He is tracing paths on my ass and back with the tip of the switch, moves it around and caresses my pussy with it.  i moan, and would press myself against it, but,

“Hold still, slut,” He says, and before i even process that, 

“Whoosh!” It lands again, this time on the back of my thighs.

i cry out, and my head pops up, i can’t help it.  His hand on the back of my head presses it back down, but i’m worried, i don’t know if i can keep it down.

Then – quickly, “Two,” i say, “Two, thank You, Sir.”

“Just in time,” He says.  “Lucky for you.  Can’t have that head coming up though.  But don’t worry, if it happens again, I’ll make sure it stays in position.”

This frightens me, and makes me grateful at the same time.  As the third one lands, i manage to keep my head down ~ but my hands fly up behind me.


He laughs.  “No, no hands either, slut.”

“Three!” i cry out, “Three ,thank you Sir.  And i’m sorry.  i don’t mean to move.’

“No,” He says, “I know that.  That’s ok, I don’t mind helping you.”  

Deftly, He attaches my collar to a ring in the floor, repeats the process with my wrist cuffs.  Now i am secure, there won’t be any unwanted flailing around.

“I think that should do it,” He says, “But let’s try a lick just for practice.  You don’t have to count, don’t count this one.”

“OMIGOD!”  The switch lands, i cry out, and that is all i can do.  My head and my hands stay in place.

“Good,” He says.  “I won’t gag you tonight, I want to hear your screams, but try not to make too much fuss, make an effort to accept the punishment quietly.  Except for counting, of course.  Do you know what number we’re on now?”

Panicked, i can’t think, i don’t know, i don’t know ~ three or four?  which is it?

“Do you know?” He asks again, the switch tapping lightly on my leg.

“O, Sir, i’m ~ i’m not sure ~ four, i think?  Or three?”

“Four,” He says, “Four is next,” and the switch taps harder on my thigh as He counts, “One, two, three, four.  Are you ready?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Ask me for it.”

Omigod, i can’t believe He’s doing this, omigod, but i force the words out, “Please, Sir, may i have another?  Please.”

The switch lands again, right on the spot where my ass and thighs converge, and i scream.  Ah ~ oh, that hurts so bad.  If my hands were free, i’d rub it, rub some of the sting away, omigod ~

“FOUR!  Thank you, Sir.”  i remember.

“Ask for the next one,” He says.  “And next time, ask without being told.”

8 Responses to “Discipline (XI)”

  1. sin August 28, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    Thank you and then ask for the next one? Seriously??

    • aisha August 28, 2011 at 9:58 pm #

      @Sin ~

      Yes! FS used to make me do that! It horrible and hot all at the same time. Really.


  2. thesubmissivebf August 28, 2011 at 10:20 am #

    Ouchy a wet switch – that freaking hurts and I’m just reading it, lol.

    • aisha August 28, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

      @Butterfly ~

      Yep, it hurts to write it!


  3. Donna August 28, 2011 at 10:28 am #

    Love today’s installment. I think most subs can relate to much that happens here.


    • aisha August 28, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

      Thank you, Ms. Donna, You know that means a lot to me, coming from you.


  4. Sky August 28, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    I’m with SBF! Just reading about the sting of a wet switch makes my ass hurt (and other parts tingle)

    I like that the Major is a stickler for manners too lol

    Take care, Sky

    • aisha August 28, 2011 at 10:00 pm #


      Laughing… yes The Major is all about politeness!

      But I ‘m glad it leave you tingly.



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