‘Nilla, Sir X, Ms. Constance, Donna, and Bill…

7 Oct

i’m blogging late this morning, but it’s ok cause ‘Nilla has already done a wonderful (and flattering) job of describing our adventures yesterday over here.   Well, except for the part about my driving, which you should maybe take with a grain of salt.  {Would driving like an Indie pace car be good thing or not?}

And i don’t have a lot of time, cause i have a couple of clients this morning.  Fortunately, Donna and Bill are going to come keep ‘Nilla company while i work.  And since i forgot that i wasn’t going to read ‘Nilla first, before i blogged, i might as well take advantage of that and just add my own commentary.

i can’t tell you how much fun it’s been, watching and listening and talking with this funny group of kinky folk.

Ms. Constance, of course, is always fun, and has a hundred great stories to tell.  More than once, ‘Nilla stops her to say, “You know this might end up on the blog, right?’

Sir X stops by briefly at lunch, then has to go back to work.  

‘Nilla said she’d leave it to me to describe Him, but i know i can’t do Him justice this morning.   There’s an energy between us that flows, but i’ll have to try to capture it another time.

The truth is, i’m a little overloaded this morning.  So many sights and sounds and even sensations.  

Ms. Constance and ‘Nilla, the two red-heads, sitting next to each other in a booth ~ the look on ‘Nilla’s face when Ms Constance demonstrates the way a Domme might order a slave to “Come here.”  Omigosh.


It is amazing to watch Dom’s turn that switch, or do whatever it is they do, that suddenly brings out their Domliness.  If you know what i mean.

And to get to watch several Doms do it over the course of a few days is just ~ well, it’s a treat.  Sir X and Constance, and then last night, Bill.  It’s so cool.

And i feel so scattered today, and i know it’s just from trying to take everything in.  

Donna and Bill last night ~ so much energy in the room.  i was so delighted to meet them, and haven’t really had time to sort my thoughts and feelings out, to process everything.

i need to start a list of things to blog about in the future.  

It’s like – o, i know what it’s like.

Yesterday, ‘Nilla and i went to an exhibit of quilts that reflected Native American traditions and spirituality.  It is a deeply moving exhibit.

They’re not quilts with patterns, they’re “fabric art,” so they’re like paintings done in fabric.

And the exhibit needs to be processed on different levels.  There is the Wow! factor of just walking into it.  The colors and textures that ~ well, that dominate the room, the atmosphere.  i feel wrapped in it.

Then i turn slowly, looking at each quilt.  The figures.  The faces.  Women and babies and owls and grandmothers; swirling purples and deep greens, drums and grandfathers, a leopard, an eagle…

Slowly moving from one to another, trying to take in the emotional energy of each one.

But that’s still just the surface.  i can stop in front of each quilt and spend a long time looking at the detail.  The fabric that comes together in odd and unexpected ways to express what the artist wanted to say.  

The eyes of the mother with the baby on her lap.   Loving and watchful, not focused on the child but scanning the horizon protectively.

The lips, pressed together, of the grandfather.  His mouth expressing the stubborn hurt of a man robbed of his land and his way of life.

With my quilt, the one i bought, i think i will spend years getting to know it and appreciate it.

So, i feel the same way about my experiences this week.  

i am trying to take it all in at the same time.  

Sir X, who is still so new and all, and so important

and ‘Nilla, who’s funny and fun and fascinating,

and Ms. Constance, who’s  entertaining and powerful and thought-provoking,

and Donna, who’s sharp and sweet and curious,

and Bill, who’s quiet but puts out an energy that could become a tsunami…

And all i can do right now is try to absorb it all.  

i try to mentally mark all the things i need to come back to.  Trying to keep up with it…

Just one quick example ~  yesterday, {maybe quoting someone else} Ms. Constance said, “A slave is a Dominant who chooses to serve.”

i am fascinated by that statement, i keep coming back to it in my mind.

Donna describes her experiences with Master R and Mistress Collette at La Domaine, the training château she went to recently.  You know we could spend a week talking about that, and we don’t have a week.  We have a few minutes…

This afternoon, i don’t even know what we’re doing.

Tonight is the munch, i get to see Sir X, and enjoy that whole experience, another set of memories to hang on to long enough to look at them carefully.

And this morning i have clients.

10 Responses to “‘Nilla, Sir X, Ms. Constance, Donna, and Bill…”

  1. vanillamom October 7, 2011 at 7:45 am #


    so much to process…i feel that what i posted was a mere Polaroid snapshot of several highlights of the day…a word picture that can’t even begin to get at all the depth and color and shading..(so your quilt analogy was perfect!!)…

    seeing the “flesh and bones” of the people that we’ve been a bit inside of their minds is fascinating…and i don’t mean the “look of them”…but the light and sparkles and energies that emanate from each living being is so hard to “imagine”…putting all of it, “fleshing it out” has been, to say the least…enlightening, amazing, awesome, overwhelming, fulfilling…and that’s just the start of it!

    *rubs hands together*

    and it isn’t over yet!!!



    • aisha October 7, 2011 at 8:54 am #


      It was a snapshot, but a great one. And yes, it’s just amazing meeting people we know so well and don’t know at all. What a wonderful experience.


  2. Striving for Peace October 7, 2011 at 7:53 am #

    what a grand time- – I went for a walk when you went to see clients and enjoyed all the wonderful architecture of where-you-live

    what a wonderful adventure!


    • aisha October 7, 2011 at 8:57 am #


      Yes. I was thinking about that this morning, you wandering around while I therapized someone. {Yes, I know “therapized” is not actually a word.}

      Sigh…. see, we need to have a bloggers convention…



  3. Michelle October 7, 2011 at 9:55 am #

    It makes me smile to see how much fun you are having. (and maybe a little jealous)
    It is wonderful to meet in the flash those people who we get to know so well though the interwebs.
    Make me want to get to know everyone too. At least start a blog.

    • aisha October 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm #


      I’m glad it makes you smile ~ do get to know us and you can come play too!

      Thanks for commenting ~ and let me know when you start your blog…



  4. Faithful October 7, 2011 at 11:27 am #

    I like Michelle am a weeee bit Jealous too! but in a good way!

    @Michelle- I am going to start a blog- so start with me! 🙂

    Enjoy and have fun!


    • aisha October 7, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

      @Faithful ~

      i’m looking forward to your blog ~ and really, you can come play too!



  5. Master of sin October 7, 2011 at 11:45 am #

    Aisha, how fun to have all of you together to enjoy each others friendship. I am happy for all of you and even a bit envious as well. Have a great time with your friends, lots of laughs, and share it all with us (or what you dare) on your blog as we are hungry for all of your fun together.

    • aisha October 7, 2011 at 10:19 pm #


      Thanks for the kind words… you know, you and sin have a standing invitation, right?



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