Dinner on Saturday

23 Oct

Conversation at dinner:

Me, to the man a little bit older than me, sitting next to me:  So, are you having fun?

Him: No.

Me: {after a long pause} Well. Well, I’m not trying to be nosy or anything, really, just making conversation, but how come you’re not having fun?

Him: I thought this was a gay men’s event.  I didn’t expect all this.

Me: {pause} O. Well. i guess i can see how that would be disappointing.

Me {later} But there are some gay men here.

Him: {looking at me with dismay} Not – not ones I’m interested in.

{i look around the room, nodding, ok, there are plenty of gay men there, just not his type?}

Him: Well, I have learned one thing.

Me: {hopefully} What’s that?

Him: I never even knew this world existed. I learned that.

Me:  Omigod. So you’re not into kink?  No wonder you’re disappointed ~ you wanted vanilla gay men?

Him:  {apparently rethinking that} No, I’m ok with kink, I {looks around} just not ~ no.  {Shakes his head}

Me:  {a little amused by his dour rejection of lifestyle gay men}  Hmmm.  Well.  i guess i can see why you were disappointed.  i guess i’d be disappointed if i thought i was going to a kink event and it turned out to be a gay men’s event.

And suddenly i can picture that all too clearly, and i am appalled!!  Walking into the room and discovering 90% gay men doing whatever they do at their events!  Talk about learning empathy!

i know, that’s not the kind of story you were looking for today, but i should confess right now that i didn’t go to the play party last night.  Sorry.  

i was going to go, but you know, i’ve seen play parties before.  i saw people playing yesterday afternoon.  

i didn’t want to play with anybody.

i mean, i know a bunch of people here to talk to.  And i could go watch them play, and sort of drift into some kind of semi-sub-space myself ~ but there’s that moment at the end, when she’s being held or when she’s sitting on the floor leaning against him and he’s stroking her hair…

Yesterday, there was a couple i’d been talking to.  He was a nice, mild-mannered seeming guy from a small town in another state; she was his slave.  We had a pleasant chat.

Later, i saw them at the tapas.  They were at the single-tail demo, and it looked like he was giving her input on how long to continue the experience, if you know what i mean.  But when they were done ~

~ he had her express her gratitude to the man who’d been whipping her by kneeling on the floor and kissing his foot.

Yeah.  The other man’s foot.

And ~ i don’t know how to explain this ~ but it was hot. 

Very hot.

Then she got up and she and her Master went to a separate area and she sat on the floor and He hugged her close to him…

It was so intimate.

It made me long for my own Sir to be here more than i can tell you.

i’m not really a “pick-up play” kind of sub, not today anyhow.  For sure there’s nothing wrong with it, but without some intimacy after, i’m just not that into it.

So i’m ok with not having gone last night, and looking forward to a second day of classes!

Yesterday, i learned, among many other things, that if you tie someone up for under 120 minutes, you don’t actually have to worry about whether or not a limb is getting numb or turning purple.  The only real predictor of a problematic outcome is if it hurts the person, in that “bad pain ~ make it stop now!” kind of way.

Who knew?

2 Responses to “Dinner on Saturday”

  1. sin October 23, 2011 at 8:25 am #

    I think that if what you are looking for is the intimate connection at the end, then there’s not much likelyhood of you being interested in pick up play. I’m wondering whether I would feel differently in your place.

    And … I’m feeling sorry for you abt your dinner companion (not sorry for him – come on, buck up buddy!).

    And I do think it all sounds pretty fun.

    • aisha October 23, 2011 at 5:18 pm #


      Yeah, at this point, I’m pretty clear in my own mind that the intimacy is what I want. Partly, that’s because i’ve experienced a lot already though; i don’t think I knew that a year ago. It would be interesting to see how you feel about it…

      My dinner companion ~ lol ~ sat with me at breakfast today and told me how much he’d enjoyed the ball game last night, so at least he had that pleasure, right? Fortunately, I had more interesting companions on the other side of me this a.m.

      Yep, it has been fun. Once Where-i-Live gets a play venue again, I’m gonna start pushing for the Kinky Bloggers convention again… so start planning how you’re gonna come, right?


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