Ms. Constance Comments…a Little More on Leather

17 Dec

Ms. Constance’s had some additional thoughts to share on earned leather,  She put them in the comments, but i thought they needed space here.

Thank you, Ms Constance!  🙂

Thanks to all of you for the comments.  There are, of course, things that I realized I should have added, once it was out of my hands, but isn’t that the way it always goes?
I should have said, for instance, that if your goal is to get a piece of earned Leather, then you’re not there for the right reasons and, as it is so often perversely true, that path probably won’t lead you to where you want to go.

I should have said that not only Leather people should be participatory, either.  I’ve never had a taste for people who belong to any group, whether it’s a church or a bowling league, and never seem to really DO anything for it or with it other than show up for the occasional Christmas service or championship.  If something matters to you, whatever it is, then dig in and DO something with it and for it.  Even if you don’t get a nifty leather vest out of it, you’ll likely make friends and get a sense of accomplishment.

I should have pointed out that earned Leather isn’t limited to tops, that regardless of the orientation you can earn Leather within the community.  The only limitation I have ever heard of is that the actual pieces of leather given are sometimes different, the main difference being that only a top would ever be given a Master’s cover.  A Master’s cover is the leather cap that looks like a military peak cap, often decorated with chain or metallic trim, which signifies that one is viewed as a Master by one’s community.

I should also have said that I believe that nepotism is also not appropriate in the earning of Leathers, in that if a slave believes his or her Master has earned Leather by dint of their work, they should not be the one to lobby that it be presented, as a top shouldn’t give Leather to their own slave and call it earned Leather.  Gifted Leather can be just as meaningful and is perfectly appropriate, but in the same way that when the boss’ son is named the CEO of the company, it leads to speculation as to whether he would have earned the position on his own, gifts of Leather from those with whom we are in primary relationships are likely to seem to be less valid than one might hope.

I’m sure there will be more things that occur to me, because that’s the way I am, but I am glad that you all found this useful and/or entertaining.

Ms Constance

2 Responses to “Ms. Constance Comments…a Little More on Leather”

  1. striving for peace December 17, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    Careful Ms Constance — if you’re not a blogger already we’ll turn you into one!

    this is how it works.

    We think we have one thing and then there’s more and more and more.

    I for one would find your blog lovely

    I think that one of the things that’s wonderful about the Leather community is that it’s just that

    a community
    with ideals

    I’m glad to learn more about it — and even more glad that it’s a form of support for so many.


    • aisha December 18, 2011 at 10:28 am #

      @Sfp ~

      Yep, that’s my nefarious plan…


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