Five More Days

8 May

In five more days, we’ll be leaving for vacation.

The ocean.

Time away from the daily routine.

Time with each other.

It will be the longest time we’ve spent together.  i’m looking forward to to that too.  (The ocean first, always the ocean first.}

But right now, today, i have 35 things looming over me that need to be done today.  Preferably right now.  All of them.  At least, that’s how it feels.

Like a huge cluster, the tasks clump together and feel so overwhelming, as if i could never, every get them all done.

And my schedules are all off.  i’m seeing Sir tonight, not tomorrow night, because i have an event tomorrow night.  An event that i planned for last night, but there’s still more to do, copies to be made, and if i get to work early, i can make the copies there, or i’ll have to go by Kinko’s (ha, how approritate is that?) and i dont’ know when i’ll have time to do that because i work later today than i do on Wednesday and so i won’t have as much time to prep for Sir tonight after work, much less go to Kinko’s, and won’t have time before the event tomorrow because i have to take my car to the shop too and so i’ll be in a rush anyhow, and today i’ve got some paperwork that needs to be turned in at work, well it was supposed to be in yesterday, but i didn’t have the form i needed, and by the time i got it, i was caught up in meetings and sessions and then i had a meeting after work for the event on Wed so i had to leave on time so the paperwork is already past due and the housekeeper comes today and i have clean laundry on the bed and i need to exercise and….


That will make me crazy.

i need to peel that apart, unclump it, take it step by step.

i need to find the stillness in myself so i can do that.

So i stop.  

Quiet myself.

i let my hands rest, palms up, in my lap.

i slow my breathing.

i feel myself becoming calm.  Open and relaxed.

Yes, there is a lot to do.  But being in an overwhelmed panic won’t help.  i need to separate that cluster.  Take one step at a time.

Sometimes i think i can use Him to calm myself, but it doesn’t work that way for me.  Not today anyhow.  Today, i need to find my own calm.  My own center.

i need to connect with my own inner wisdom.

Today, i need to find this part of who i am:

Because that will get me through the day.  

Then i can find this part:

And soon i will be here:

12 Responses to “Five More Days”

  1. sin May 8, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    This all makes me smile – that’s exactly what I feel like sometimes getting ready to go away, Work and packing and laundry and and and…

    And the calming – you’ll be fine!

    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 3:57 am #

      Thanks, Sin,

      Glad i made you smile, and appreciate the vote of confidence!


  2. Striving for Peace May 8, 2012 at 8:08 am #

    oooh! — that will be lovely

    I am envious of both your time away and your time away with him — enjoy both

    and breathe — you’ll do just fine.


    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 4:09 am #

      Hi, Sfp,


      It will be lovely…. and yes. i’ll work at enjoying it!

      And thanks for the vote of confidence….


  3. Kitty the Submissive Wife May 8, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    Vacations are useful ways to help us clean our desks, but getting there is just like you described. When I get too overwhelmed with stuff to do, I have to sit back and look at the list and remove the things that won’t get done.

    Of course, they all need doing, but realistically, it is not going to happen, so I feel better if I am the one who gets to choose the ones that are not happening instead of just having it happen to me.

    Oceans. Yes, I need to get me to one of those soon… enjoy!

    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 4:13 am #

      Hi, Kitty,

      Yep. My lists are sometimes more fantasy than fact, but it does make me feel better to have one.

      And i think we all need a little ocean in our lives. 🙂


  4. mouse May 8, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    One detail at a time…we all hate it when our routines are disturbed, don’t we. At least this is for a good reason…First vacation together…

    LOL @kinkos…heh.


    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 4:42 am #

      Hi, Mouse,

      i’m glad you liked my Kinko’s reference! {giggle}

      And yeah, first vacation together is exciting. i’m so excited now i can hardly stand it!!!



  5. faerie May 8, 2012 at 2:50 pm #

    Love the pics aisha, you will get it all done, and it will all be worth it 🙂 For now, just breathe.

    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 4:44 am #

      Hi, Faerie,

      Thanks – glad you liked the pictures! It will be worth it.. almost there now. And still breathing.



  6. Lea May 8, 2012 at 6:40 pm #

    I just LOVE those top two photos. ❤ Great inspiration choices.

    • aisha May 12, 2012 at 4:52 am #

      Thanks, Lea!! i’m glad you liked the pictures, and appreciate you commenting!!


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