Day 27 ~ Questions ~ 30 Days of Submission

27 Sep

Do you have submissive desires or fantasies that you have yet to be able to explore? Do some of your desires confuse or frighten you? Do they excite you?

i’m sure i do have, but i have no idea what they are right now.  i am too busy keeping up with the submissive life i’m living, trying to build my new career path, and generally living the good life.

Just for the record, today i was prepared to remind Sir that it’s garbage day.  However, last night He informs me that this week, i am not allowed to remind Him it’s garbage day.


But ~ i’m planning  to do it!  


Now i’m not even supposed to think about the garbage.  This week, anyhow.

Um, yes, Sir.

So, these are my daily struggles.  Last night, i had to try to decide which of the antennas i “like best.”   Let me just say, it is not the antenna with the metal threading around it.  Yikes.

Yep, it’s a tough life, here in Happily-Ever-After.

On a whole different note, Ms. Constance has started a “Questions for Dominants” over on her blog here.

Sir and i went through the questions this morning.  i had planned to get Him to answer the first one ~ “What is the most important quality for a Dominant to possess?”~ and blog about it.  

But in typical Dom fashion, He wanted  to skip that one, answered the second and third questions first, then went back to the first one, and finally worked His way through the list.

i started taking notes before we got to the third question.

It was a wonderful conversation, and i was a little surprised to discover how much it turned me on.  Mmmhmmm.  Just talking about it.  Little shivers going through me, just from things He said, and lots of wetness.

i sent Him the questions and my notes ~ He’s going to review them, and may let me blog His answers.  But whether He lets me blog about it or not, just having the conversation was very cool.  

And now, i have stuff to do.  Here’s a bonus for today ~ research on orgasms.  It will not be a news bulletin to us that orgasm shuts down a woman’s brain.  But  interesting that the research suggests a link to neural pathways of  pain .


5 Responses to “Day 27 ~ Questions ~ 30 Days of Submission”

  1. ancilla_ksst September 27, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    I would so love to blog on the Dominant questions, but I doubt my Master would answer any of them.

    • aisha September 29, 2012 at 4:01 pm #

      Hey, Ancilla,

      That’s too bad! It would be interesting to see what other Doms think!


  2. Wordwytch September 29, 2012 at 1:28 am #

    I have to admit, I have my fantasies, and we have discussed them. I have been told we will get there in time. awgh!

    As for the Dominant questions… we will answer them as soon as we have a moment to breathe! This is a very busy weekend for us.

    • aisha September 29, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

      Hi, Wordwytch,

      Hope you enjoy your weekend, and I’ll look forward to seeing how Wolf answers!


      • Wordwytch September 29, 2012 at 7:23 pm #

        🙂 We are having a good time even though we are busy. And I’m looking forward to Wolf’s answers too.

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