#8 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

2 Nov

{Sorry i’m late ~ Sfp kept me up all night! 🙂  Now back to our regularly scheduled program. }


She almost blurts it out ~ it’s in her heart, and on her face, but she stops with her mouth half open.  It is easier than she thought to imagine His cock filling her mouth, stopping her words.  She smiles slightly.

“Speak, slut,” He says, and He is smiling openly.

“Yes, Sir,” she says, “I ~” and then she realizes what she’s agreeing to, and half gasps, is she out of her mind?

He tilts His head quizzically.  “You what?” He says.

He is playing with her, making her say it, she knows this and it is still difficult.  She chooses her words with care.   “I’ll be glad to wear the nipple clamps again Sir, if it would please you.”  She hopes that she has said that prettily.

And He smiles.  “Yes,” He says, “There’s a good girl.”

The rush of pleasure at His words is almost overwhelming.  She is barely aware of Sir Daniel and Wendy, one on either side of her, tugging at her nipples.  She is watching Sir Even, thinking that the feelings she experiences now are coming from Him, not from the people actually touching her.

The wet warmth and tingling sensation in the juncture between her thighs is heightened by the attention to her nipples, and she is beginning to enjoy it when they apply the chopstick clamps.

It pinches her nipples dreadfully, and she is gasping with pain before they’ve quite finished fastening the ends.  Once the ends are secure, she remembers how incredibly painful this is, and wonders what the hell she was thinking.  She thinks, i agreed to this ~ am i out of my mind?

But Sir Evan’s voice reaches her through the pain.  “Look here, look at me,” He says.  “Good girl, yes, it hurts a lot.  Your pain is truly my pleasure, it please me immensely that you choose to do this, that you are willing.”

Naomi is mesmerized by His voice, but the pain is fierce, and she begins to struggle with it.  Her hands flutter up and down, as if she is going to pull the clips off, alhough she knows she can’t do this.  She tosses her head from one side to the other, and her agitation increases.

Wendy grasps Naomi’s hair, holding her head steady, and Naomi is grateful.  She wonders if this will go on forever.

But ~ “Enough,” says Sir Evan, and Sir Daniel and Naomi remove the fasteners at each end of the long chopstick nipple clamp.  The clamp remains on her nipples, and the pain is extreme still.  She is whimpering and moaning, but focused on Sir Evan.

“Touch her clit,” says Sir Evan, and Sir Daniel’s finger between her thighs is soothing and exciting and distracting.  Her hips begin to move, seeking release, but the finger is steady and gives pleasure,  without allowing her any relief.

At a gesture from Sir Evan, Sir Daniel removes the enticing finger.  Naomi sighs.  The pain in her nipples is receding.

Sir Evan’s gaze is speculative.  “I am pleased,” He says.  “You are willing to please, and I value that.  Will you do it again for me?”

Tears pool in her eyes, adn she she is glad that she’s not expected to answer right away.  Her mind is screaming, “NO!” and she wonders if she can take more.  But when He says ~

~  Speak slave girl ~

She hears the words ~ not slut, but slave girl ~ and is thrilled in her heart, so the words that come out of her mouth are “Please, Sir, yes, i will do it again, if i can stand it, Sir.  i don’t know if i can.”

He smiles then, a smile with warmth and affection.  “Don’t worry,” He says, “We’ll help you.  Sir Daniel will you fasten her hands behind her back, please?  I think that will help her feel more contained.  Wendy,  you might hold her head right away this time.”

Vaguely, Naomi thinks O, no, that’s not the kind of help i had in mind, but while she’s thinking it, her hands are pulled behind her back and the cuffs clipped together and the ends of the nipple clamp are ~ well, they are clamped shut again, and the waves of pain are intense and she wonders if it’s worse because her breasts are thrust forward now or just worse because it’s the third time and she can’t move to escape the pain, or do anything but take it.

Tears spill over, and run down her cheeks.

Sir Evan leans forward and ~ this is the first time He’s touched her ~ He catches a tear on His forefinger, and brings that finger to His mouth, tasting her tears.

“Lovely,” He says.

She is distracted, despite the pain, and even more so when He says, “Open your mouth.”

Obediently, she does, and His finger touches her cheek again, catching another tear.  “Put your tongue out,” He says, “Farther than that.”

He touches the tear to her tongue, and she can taste His finger.  She is filled with longing and desire and would have loved to suck the finger, which is long and thick.  Instead, He removes His finger, and “You may close your mouth,” He says.

She doesn’t know how long it lasts, how long they leave the clamps on, or when Sir Daniel begins to touch her again, although it seems to last forever.  They remove the clamps and she is gasping and crying, tears and snot running down her face.

Wendy takes a tissue and then a cool wet cloth and bathes Naomi’s face.  They unfasten her hands and let her blow her nose, and she’s grateful for that.

When she has settled down, Sir Evan says to Sir Daniel, “Is she wet?”

Naomi knows that Sir Daniel knows ~ and Sir Evan too, for that matter ~ that she is soaking wet, that her pussy is hot and throbbing and juices are running down her thighs.  But He feigns ignorance ~ “I don’t know!!  Shall I check?”

“Yes, please, if you don’t mind,” says Sir Evan, grinning.

Naomi expects Sir Daniel to probe the folds of her pussy, maybe even penetrate her, with His fingers, and is secretly excited, desperately wanting the touch.  Instead, she feels Wendy grasping her hair from behind, and pulling her back, while Sir Daniel puts His hands on her waist, guiding her body so she bends her back, arching back, until she is bent like a bow.  This raises and opens her, so her pussy, swollen and wet, is fully exposed to Sir Evan’s gaze.

5 Responses to “#8 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. SirQsmlb November 2, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    Oh the times our mouths, like the rest of our body for that mater, betray our innermost desires and feelings when intellectually we would like it to give a different response.

    • aisha November 4, 2012 at 9:14 am #

      Hi, Mlb,

      Yes, isn’t that the truth!!



  2. Wordwytch November 2, 2012 at 11:09 pm #

    Very well done.

    • aisha November 4, 2012 at 9:15 am #

      Thanks, Wordwytch!


  3. vanillamom November 5, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

    holy fucking mother of the goddess….that was *intense*… beautifully written, and just this side of nasty. A true delight, sister. A true delight.


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