#11 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

5 Nov

Wendy and Sara help Naomi to her feet, wrap the blanket back around her shoulders, carefully arranging it so she is still exposed,  breasts, ass, and pussy.

“See if she’s wet,” says Sir Evan.

It is Wendy who slides her fingers between the folds of her pussy, probing deep, making her whimper, and thrust her hips forward.  Wendy smiles, removing the fingers.

Sir Evan nods at Wendy and she says, “Yes, Sir!  The slut’s cunt is very wet.”

“Take her away,” He says.  “Go get her ready for bed, please.  Don’t be slow to discipline her if she needs it.”

They are about to lead her away when Sara darts away to pull a pair of house shoes out of a cabinet.  They’re the stretchy kind, like ballet shoes, only fluffy.  She helps Naomi put them on.

And then they lead her away.

The house is really quite large, and they lead her down hallways and up stairs.  She hopes that she won’t be expected to find her way back to the dining room, because she is completely disoriented.

The dildo still resting in her asshole is becoming really bothersome, she wishes they had already removed it.

Neither Sara nor Wendy speak to her, or to each other, and Naomi wonders if the no talking rule applies even when they are alone.  She is afraid to say anything, of course.

Finally, they enter a room which is dominated by a large bed.  There is a fireplace ~ electric, but burning nicely, so the room is toasty and quite comfortable.  

There are mirrors along one wall, and on the ceiling above the bed  They remove her blanket, and Naomi feels quite exposed, almost as much as she had in the dining room when Sir Daniel had displayed her to Sir Evan.

Sara and Wendy lead her into the bathroom, which is huge, and also heavily mirrored.  There is a separate shower, which is large enough for several people, and a luxurious bathtub.  

A divider separates the toilet and bidet from the rest of the room, but they do not allow her any privacy.  She has to pee quite badly, but they make her kneel first, with her ass in the air, and remove the dildo.  

It is a great relief, although Naomi notices that she feels very empty once it’s removed.

The other women make no comment, but Sara puts the dildo in the sink.  Wendy  helps Naomi up and watches her sit on the toilet and empty her bladder.   This is also a great relief, even with Wendy watching.  

Naomi reaches for toilet paper, but Wendy shakes her head.  She parts Naomi’s thighs, and wipes her, efficiently and thoroughly.  Naomi stifles a whimper.  She wants to protest this uncomfortable intrusiveness,  but remembering Sir Evan’s warning, she doesn’t resist.

They put her in the bathtub next.  The tub is raised, you have to walk up some stairs to get in it.  It’s quite large, and deeper than a regular tub ~ almost like a hot tub.  

The welts on Naomi’s ass sting as she eases into the water.   Her asshole is sore from the dildo, and her nipples are still hard and sensitive.  

Once Naomi is in the tub, Wendy and Sara can reach her easily without bending over, and they wash her.  Wash her with some lovely smelling lather, making sure not to miss any folds of her pussy or the crevices between her butt cheeks.

Naomi thinks this is not the first time they’ve worked together like this.  The two women exchange a few words as they wash and rinse, so they are not forbidden to talk, but they seem able to anticipate what the other is about to do.  

It seems quite odd, being washed by other people.  It’s not particularly erotic.  The women are attentive and gentle, but too matter-of-fact for it to be arousing.  They wash her, she thinks, the same way they might do the dishes.  Competently and carefully, but not so much for the pleasure of the dishes.  

Quickly, Naomi finds herself clean, back out of the tub, and wrapped in a huge warm towel.  This feels quite lovely.

They leave her standing while they dry her, and then rub lotion on her skin and brush her hair.  The lotion feels soothing until they get to her ass, and it stings on the welts that are already sensitive.

Wendy has her bend over and place her hands on her ankles so Naomi’s ass is more fully exposed.   She traces the welts with her finger tip, which makes Naomi shift her weight trying to avoid the sting, but then Wendy rubs a different salve onto the welts, which feels much better.    

Sara holds Naomi’s head in place with a hand on her neck while Wendy dabs some salve on two fingers and slides them into Naomi’s asshole.  She penetrates her quickly, and Naomi cries out.  

It feels so uncomfortable, and is so arousing.  Naomi can’t keep her hips still.

When Wendy’s other hand moves to Naomi’s clit, she cries out with pleasure, trying to rub herself against the fingers resting lightly on that little swollen sensitive spot.

Wendy laughs, as if she is pleased, and quickly pulls away both hands, leaving Naomi open and gasping with disappointment. 

Sara releases her head, and they lead her back into the bedroom.  They had removed her collar and cuffs before bathing her, and now they replace both.  They attach her wrists to the ring in her collar, which deprives her of the use of her hands.

They have to help her up on the bed; there is a small step-stool beside it which makes it easier.  They have her lie on her back, and Wendy pushes her legs up and back so her thighs are against her chest, and her pussy and ass are quite exposed.

She can see herself open like this in the mirror above the bed, but is embarrassed and turns her head away.

Wendy laughs.  “Don’t do that,” she says.  “Look at yourself, all open and exposed her.”

Naomi turns her head back so she can see herself, as Wendy parts the outer lips of her pussy, exposing her more fully.

Sara gently pinches her nipples, and Naomi moans, her hips rising off the bed, seeking more.

At that moment the door opens and Sir Daniel comes in.  Naomi is even more embarrassed, and would have put her legs down, but Wendy’s firm hands keep her from covering herself.

Sir Daniel approaches the bed.

7 Responses to “#11 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. sin November 5, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    I love your story. And hearing it slowly like this is good too – I think it adds to the eroticism of it.

    • aisha November 6, 2012 at 10:36 am #

      Hey, Sin,

      Cool! i’m glad it’s working for you!



  2. Fondles November 5, 2012 at 11:29 am #

    ah ah ah … and then what happens? oh darn it… I haven’t been reading so I got to see two posts together, and STILL i’m left hanging. . . looking forward to more. Please. and THANKS for writing this fantasy… it’s keeping a lot of us on the edge of our seat i bet!

    • aisha November 6, 2012 at 10:37 am #

      Hi, Fondles,

      Can’t tell you how much fun it is reading the comments. 🙂 Glad you’re on the edge of your seat, and will try to keep you there. You know, right on that edge… giggling…


  3. Wordwytch November 5, 2012 at 11:25 pm #

    Okay, By the time I get back to Wolf, I am going to explode.

    • aisha November 6, 2012 at 10:37 am #

      Ha, Wordwytch, hoping not, that would be messy!


      • Wordwytch November 6, 2012 at 3:44 pm #

        Well, considering the other weekend…. we did change the sheets. 🙂

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