13 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

7 Nov

{If you haven’t read Between the Dashes ~ Subspace, which i posted yesterday afternoon, please do, and share your thoughts, ideas, and reactions if you’re comfortable doing that, ok?  Now here’s Naomi.}

“Do you want to cum?” Sir Daniel asks.

“Yes.  O, yes, Sir, please, yes,” Naomi cries.  His fingers inside her are already bringing her so close to the edge and she has wanted release for days, it seems like.

But the fingers are quickly withdrawn.  She sighs sadly, whimpers with frustration, and then ~

“That’s three,” He whispers, close to her ear.

“O, no!” she cries, without thinking, “I did it again?? and then she realizes she’s doing it AGAIN, speaking without permission, and  she stops.

“That’s six,” He says, and He sighs a bit too.  He strokes her hair for a moment and then picks up the crop.

He goes slowly this time, still making sure to cover new space and to connect with the older welts.  It is so painful that Naomi can barely stay still on the bed, and He puts one hand on the back of her neck to hold her down.

Five times He brings the crop down across her ass and thighs, pausing in between to allow her to absorb the burning sensation.  By the fourth slash of pain, the tears have spilled over, and she is struggling not to beg Him to stop.

Only the knowledge that begging will increase the number of hits keeps her from pleading for mercy.

And then it shifts, the feeling shifts, and she feels herself open to the pain.  He is rubbing her ass, getting ready for Five, and she feels herself let go. There is no escape, and Her body relaxes, accepting that this is what He wants, and that it is what she needs.

He feels her resistance fade, feels her body open to Him, and says, “Good girl,” then she hears the slash of the crop and feels it land, making her scream.  She doesn’t struggle; she sobs a bit, and readies herself for the next one.

But He turns her then, flips her so she’s lying on her back, and she thinks for a moment that He’s going to spare her this last one.  Instead, He straightens her legs ~ opens them wide, but allows her to lie straight on the bed.  Then He lowers the crop on the front of her thighs, striking with His full force.

Naomi cries out, a choked sob, o, the pain is almost unbearable ~

~ but then she wonders what that would mean?  What pain could she not bear if He chooses to inflict it?

She rolls to her side, and He allows her to lie curled up a bit. facing Him.  He moves closer to the bed, steps up, and pulls her head closer to the edge of the bed.   This allows Him access to her mouth.

When Naomi realizes what He wants, she is eager to get closer to Him, and opens her mouth with pleasure.  He traces her lips with His cock, and she touches Him with the tip of her tongue.

Sir Daniel allows this, and Naomi becomes bolder, licking the head of His cock and sucking lightly.  She is completely focused on Him, putting all of her own desire into pleasing Him.

It’s soothing to her, sucking HIm, and she is intent on making this last as long as He will allow.  He feeds her more of His length, and she caresses Him with her tongue, swirling it around the underside of His cock.

After a few minutes, He pushes deeper into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag.  But then He pulls away, He does not allow her to bring Him to release.

She whimpers ~ she feels as if she is always whimpering now, but she can’t seem to help it.  He kisses her forehead and smiles.

“I don’t want to have to discipline you again tonight,” He says.  He opens a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed, and takes out a piece of material, rather like a washcloth, but somewhat smaller.

“Open,” He says, and pushes the cloth into her mouth.  The material fills her mouth comfortably.

“There,” He says, stroking her cheek, “That will keep you from earning more stripes for impulsive talking.  Now, where was I?”

He rolls Naomi onto her back, allowing her to place her feet on the bed with her knees bent and her legs open.  He lightly caresses her left nipple with one hand, and the other hand strokes her pussy.

Naomi is grateful that the gag keeps her from begging.

“I imagine you want to cum pretty badly,” Sir Daniel says.  “Your cunt is so hot, I can feel heat waves rolling off it.”  He switches His attention to her right nipple, pinching lightly, and a shiver runs through her body.

The hand between her legs strokes her sensitive spot, her swollen clit, and her ass rises off the bed, seeking more.  Sir Daniel laughs.  “You want it bad, don’t you?” He says.

Again, Naomi is grateful that the gag keeps her from screaming YES.

But He stops. “Not now,” He says.  “Let me get back to you, and my plans for you.”  He pauses for a moment, gathering His thoughts.

“You need discipline,” He says.  “Ultimately, you need to learn to discipline yourself, at least as far as your career and other self-care things.  but it looks like you need some help getting there.  I know that I don’t have the time to give you the intensity that it will take to train you.”  He frowns a little.  “I would like to, it would be a lot of fun, but I just can’t swing it.

“Sir Evan is an old friend of mine.  He trains slaves, that’s a big part of His life.  He has staff that helps Him do that.  He’s got the set-up, so to speak.  It just makes sense to utilize His skills.”

Sir Daniel pauses.  Naomi is listening intently, still glad that she doesn’t have to worry about not speaking, but thinking hard.

“I want to try a week,” says Sir Daniel.  “Leave you here for a week, see how that works.  If we both find it productive at the end of the week, we would commit to two more weeks.  That would be 21 days altogether, and that’s how long it takes to form new habits.

“After that, you would return periodically for refresher courses, for support, to make sure you don’t lapse back into bad habits.”

Naomi feels so confused.  She is excited at the idea, she loves the idea of someone helping her get her life together, and she’s terrified at the idea of being here for a week and maybe much longer.

Sir Daniel touches her mouth.  “I hope you’re thinking,” He says, “Because at some point I’ll ask if you have any questions.  But there are other things you need to consider, other things I need to show you first.”

He presses a button on a small box on the nightstand ~ an intercom, perhaps? and says, “Sara, would you and Wendy come back to room 4 please?”

5 Responses to “13 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. maraudersisabel November 7, 2012 at 7:54 am #

    Is it bad that I want to dig through your brain to find the rest of the story?

    • aisha November 12, 2012 at 10:07 am #

      Hi, maraudersesabel,

      Lol, no it’s not bad at all, as long as you don’t actually do it!!


  2. Wordwytch November 7, 2012 at 6:28 pm #

    Is it bad that I want to go drag Wolf out of his meeting and pounce his bones? (I got to go pick him up for a conference)

    • aisha November 12, 2012 at 10:08 am #

      Lol, Wordwytch, nope, that’s not bad either! aisha

      • Wordwytch November 12, 2012 at 10:58 am #

        Teeheehee… and I behaved long enough to get to the hotel room. 🙂

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