14 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

8 Nov

It only takes a minute for Wendy and Sara to show back up.  Naomi is worried.  She doesn’t understand why Sir Daniel is bringing those two back in here.  And she has a feeling that whatever He’s going to show her, it’s not going to make her happy.

Wendy and Sara enter, and greet Sir Daniel by genuflecting on one knee and kissing His cock.  Naomi frowns.  She feels a stab of jealousy.

Wendy has changed clothes, like Sara, she’s wearing a robe now, open in the front, and Naomi realizes that their robes are split in the back all the way to the waist.

Sir Daniel says to Naomi, “You agreed earlier that you were open to being used by anyone here for the duration of your stay.”

Naomi might have said, “Yes, Sir,” in agreement, but the cloth gag in her mouth reminds her not to speak.  Thank goodness, she thinks.  She doesn’t want to feel the crop again tonight.  She wonders when anyone will actually use her.  Her pussy is throbbing with need.

Sir Daniel is still speaking and she realizes she’s missed part of what He was saying.  She refocuses in time to hear Him say, “…is true for me as well, of course.”

Naomi has no idea what He’s talking about, but it hits her with a thud when she sees Wendy on her knees, taking Sir Daniel’s cock in her mouth.  Of course He is free to use the other women here.

Sir Daniel allows Wendy to kiss and caress Him, alternately licking and sucking, but looks at Naomi.  “This had not occurred to you?” He says.

She can not speak ~ well, of course, literally she cannot speak, but if she could, she does not know what she’d say.  They’ve talked many times of having other people, of being open to other experiences.  Often, she’d said that she was willing to do this.

And yet.  They have only talked about it til now.  Watching Him with Wendy, while she is helpless and gagged and not allowed to touch Him or be touched, is very difficult.

Naomi closes her eyes.  Better not to watch this, although she can hear Wendy making noises and gagging a bit.  However ~

“Open your eyes,” says Sir Daniel.

No, i don’t want to, thinks Naomi.  But she does.  She opens her eyes.

Wendy is moving her mouth up and down on Sir Daniel’s cock, letting Him hit the back of her throat a bit each time.  As Naomi watches, she takes it deeper for a long moment, then resumes the more rhythmic movement.

After a minute or two, Naomi has no idea how long, Sir Daniel rests his hand on Wendy’s head, signaling for her to stop  He addresses Naomi.

“You’ve said that you wanted this, but i think it will be a stretch for you, to let go of your own wants.  Do you want me to be pleased, or do you want the pleasure and importance of pleasing me?”

When He puts it that way, Naomi feels petty and unreasonable.  Of course she wants Him to be pleased.  And no, it doesn’t have to be about her.  Really, it doesn’t, she thinks.

As she thinks this, she feels something inside herself open.  Some door that had been closed, or at least half-closed, opens, and she relaxes.

“So watch this,” He says, “with an open mind.  Watch her mouth and watch my face and try to share our pleasure rather than fighting it.”

Naomi does.  Sir Daniel pulls a chair over a few feet and settles Himself in it so He can relax too and enjoy Himself.  Wendy appears comfortable on her knees, with a mat of some sort beneath her.

As Naomi watches, Wendy takes the base of Sir Daniel’s cock in one hand and lets her mouth hover over Him.  Naomi can imagine the heat of her breath, warming Sir’s cock, which is already moist.

Wendy licks Him, and Naomi knows His taste, the scent of Him filling her nostrils.  As Wendy takes Him into her mouth again, Naomi feels her own mouth open a bit and the heat between her legs is almost unbearable.

She does long to be the one on her knees pleasing Him, and she is able to watch and want His pleasure more than her own.  The gag in her own mouth keeps her from smiling, but a warmth spread through her whole body as Wendy starts a rhythmic motion again, sliding her mouth up and down, up and down.

Sir Daniel moans and thrusts His hips upward, placing one hand on the back of Wendy’s head, pressing Himself deeper into her mouth.

Naomi is so intent on watching this scene unfold that she ‘s barely aware of Sara moving  closer to the bed.    She startles as she feels Sara’s hand on her inner thigh.

7 Responses to “14 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. vanillamom November 8, 2012 at 11:46 am #

    geebers, begeebers! Y0U! You keep getting me..sucking me in (metaphorically speaking, of course!)…and then *wham*

    she stops.

    You tease!!


    (okay, manners nilla)


    • aisha November 12, 2012 at 10:10 am #

      Dear ‘nilla,

      i’m sorry, all i can do is giggle… Thanks!!


  2. SirQsMLB November 8, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

    IK – I’m with nilla – I NEED her to cum now! These posts NEED to get longer!!!!

    • aisha November 12, 2012 at 10:13 am #

      Hi, MLB,

      i’m working on it! For what it’s worth, this is kind of torturing me too.


  3. Wordwytch November 11, 2012 at 12:36 am #

    Oh yes! Such a delicious tease. 🙂 Funny part, is that being bi and poly, I love watching Wolf with other women. 🙂 Love watching his face as he melts.

    • aisha November 12, 2012 at 10:14 am #

      Thanks, Wordwytch,

      You know, what’s funny is i can imagine liking that too!


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