21 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

23 Nov

“Time for exercise,”  Anna says, just as the gong sounds again.  

Sara and Wendy lead Naomi to the bathroom.  They point out the sports bra and leggings she’s expected to wear, and then leave her alone, explaining that the door is to be left open at all times.

Naomi appreciates the semi-privacy, and is excited about getting to wear clothes.  But when she puts them on, she discovers that the bra has openings for her nipples, and the leggings are split at the crotch so as to reveal rather than cover these parts of her.

She thinks it may feel more exposed to wear clothes like this than to be completely naked.  She’s a little annoyed, this seems a bit ridiculous.  The sight of her nipples poking out of the bra, and her awareness of her pussy and ass with each step is just disconnecting.  

She washes her hands and comes out of the bathroom.  Wendy and Sara are wearing similar outfits, and she’s glad that at least she’s not singled out this way

The yoga mats are arranged on the floor, and Sean and Mark are already sitting on theirs.  Anna is in the front, riding crop in hand.   Sara points Naomi to her mat.

“Kneel,” she says, and Naomi copies the men’s position ~ kneeling, rocked back on her heels, legs somewhat open, hands resting on her thighs, palms up.

“This is the classic slave position,” says Anna.  “Position one.”

The music in the background is some kind of flute and drums, and Naomi is fairly comfortable in this position.  Anna walks back to stand beside her.  With the crop she taps the inside of Naomi’s thighs and Naomi opens her legs wider.

“Good girl,” Anna says.

They hold the pose for a minute, or two, and then, “We move to position two,” Anna says.  “Naomi, i will help you.”   

Crouching beside her, she takes Naomi’s hair, wrapping it around her hand, and then pulls backward.  At the same time, she puts her other hand in the middle of Naomi’s back, so that Naomi is bent backward as she had been the night before.  As if she were doing a backbend on her knees.

This is uncomfortable, and Anna lets her back up fairly quickly, but just for a few seconds.  Then, “Try it again,” she says.  Several times, Naomi has to practice the bend, although not required to hold the position for long.

Finally, “Not bad,” Anna says, “for a first time.”  Naomi breathes a sigh of relief, feeling pleased with herself.  Then, “Position three,” Anna says.  

She pulls Naomi back into the second position, and from there shows her how to move her legs out from under her, so she is lying on her back, knees bent, feet on the floor.  

“Put your arms at your side, palms up,” says Anna.  This is a comfortable position, and Naomi is thinking she could stay like this for a long time, quite easily.

But after a minute, or two, “Sean,” says Anna, “Come show Naomi some of the ways we use this position.”

Almost before she realizes what’s happening, Sean is standing over her, one leg on each side of her.  He kneels, quite close to her face, and puts his cock in his mouth.  Naomi is shocked at this sudden invasion, but doesn’t resist.

His cock is soft and not uncomfortable, but within seconds, he is rock hard and she can barely breathe.  “Breathe through your nose,” says Anna.  

This is a helpful reminder.   The cock is pressing almost against the back of her throat. She is not quite gagging, but all her attention is focused there.  As if from a distance, she hears Anna say, “We practice these positions to make you more pleasing.  The positions are designed to make you accessible in different ways, so you can be used easily.”  

Naomi is acutely aware of this. With her mouth being taken this way, her pussy seems particularly vulnerable.  She knows she is wet, and yet the idea of someone touching her there, while Sean’s taste fills her mouth, his scent in her nostrils, worries her.  Then something ~

~ the crop maybe ~ strokes her pussy, opening the lips, and she would moan but no sound can escape around the cock, which seems to get larger by the second.   The probing continues, sliding against her wetness, resting on her clit, until her hips rise up, seeking more.

Then, “Thank you, Sean,” Anna says, and the cock is withdrawn, Sean goes back to his mat.  

“Position four,”says Anna.  She shows Naomi how to pull her knees back to her chest.  Using the crop as a pointer, she explains, “In this position, they can fuck your cunt or your ass.  Of course, someone can fuck your mouth at the same time, if they choose.”    

A whimper escapes Naomi, and she is not sure if it’s fear or desire.

8 Responses to “21 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. SirQsMLB November 23, 2012 at 7:28 am #

    Yea Naomi…I missed her 🙂
    hmmmm positions. Do you have positions that you utilize?

    • aisha November 24, 2012 at 2:16 pm #

      Hi, Mlb,

      Positions… hmmm, um, yes, actually we do. And i’m supposed to practice two of the every day. And i really haven’t been doing that, so yeah, now i feel kind of foolish. But i’m glad you asked…



      • Sirqsmlb November 24, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

        So sometime AFTER your story is done, it would be awesome to hear about yours and how they came about/are utilized in your relationship. I’ve been interested, but have very little formalized on positions. Please??

      • aisha November 25, 2012 at 6:46 am #

        Yes, ma’am, i’ll do it ~ after my story is done.



  2. Fondles November 24, 2012 at 4:16 am #

    ohhhh so hot… so so so hot… i almost want to run off and try them.

    • aisha November 24, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

      Hey, Fondles,

      They have this odd appeal, don’t they? It’s on my {long} list of things i don’t understand, but there it is.


  3. Wordwytch November 24, 2012 at 10:58 pm #

    Interesting use of yoga. 🙂

  4. vanillamom November 28, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    really…i’m thinking perhaps it *wasn’t* the smartest thing, reading all of these at once. I’ll have to skip tomorrow’s if it stays that hot…I may be a masochist, but reading this kind of hawtness whilst on ZNN is more torture than *this* slut can handle….maybe! 🙂


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