27 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

7 Dec

{With all the cookie talk yesterday, and the day before over here, i hope you didn’t miss 26 ~ A Dash of Fantasy.  If you did, you may want to go back and  catch up.}

Anna leads Naomi out of the small room, back into the larger room they had been in earlier.  She points to a mat on the floor, and Naomi settles herself there.  Anna pulls a chair over.

“Sir Daniel will be here in a minute,” she says.  “And Sir Evan, of course.”

Naomi smiles, and her heart beats faster.  That’s thrilling!  Although ~

~ she’s not sure what it means.  Her smile fades a bit, and her heart beats even faster.  Why are they coming?  Is she in trouble?

Her pussy is throbbing, perhaps one of them will want to use her?  Or both of them.  She tries to picture that, but can’t quite.

“Go ahead and take your robe off,” says Anna.  Naomi does, noticing that it’s warm enough in this room to still be comfortable.  At that moment, a door opens and Sir Daniel comes in, Sir Evan right behind Him.

Instinctively, Naomi drops her eyes.

Sir Daniel reaches her first, and greets her, “Here’s my pretty slave,” He says, “my pet.  Here, tell your Master hello.”  As he says that, He pulls His cock out.  Naomi kneels up and is allowed to kiss His the head of his cock, which is half-hard already.

Sir Evan exposes himself as well, commenting, “And the Master of the House, you will want to greet him too, of course,” and Naomi does, hoping that the caress of her mouth is pleasing to them.

They seat themselves around the table, and Sean comes out to offer coffee or tea, which they decline.  They’re seated around a table, but with their chairs turned so they face Naomi, still kneeling on the mat on the floor.

Sir Daniel is close enough to touch her, but He doesn’t.  He begins talking to Sir Evan and Anna about her, as if she is not even in the room.  As if she were an animal, a dog, or maybe a horse that He owns.  This makes her a bit uncomfortable, but it also arouses her even more, and she has the urge to crawl closer to Him.  She doesn’t know if this is allowed though, so she stays where she is.

He begins by describing how they’d met, and she blushes to hear Him talk about how easily aroused she is, how responsive to touch.  He talks about her eagerness to please, and her willingness to obey.

Naomi feels proud and shy and a little anxious about where He’s going with all this praise.  

But He goes on to talk about other things, skills and talents she has which have nothing to do with sex.  She hasn’t realized that He valued these aspects of her as much as it sounds like now, and she’s embarrassed and thrilled.  He talks about the potential He sees, His belief in her ability to accomplish her goals as a writer, and she squirms with delight and ~

~ well, with doubt.  She’s also waiting for it to turn negative, so she’s almost relieved when it does.  

“She lacks discipline,” says Sir Daniel, and Naomi feels her entire body grow hot, not in pleasant way.  She knows what He’s saying is true, but Anna and Sir Evan are looking at her so cooly, so dispassionately that she wants to sink through the floor.

“Naomi,” Sir Daniel says, “How many chapters of your book have you finished in the last six months?  You may speak freely.”

“None, Sir,” she says, eyes downcast.

“How many publishers have you contacted?”

“None, Sir,” and she feels tears well up.  Her chest feels tight, and if she could, she’d run out of the room.

“You’ve talked about wanting to eat healthier, to exercise every day, to develop a meditation practice.  Those are all good goals.  What have you accomplished in those areas?  Are you exercising daily?”

Naomi shakes her head, “No, Sir,” she whispers.

“Three times a week?”

“No, Sir, well, maybe sometimes.”

“Are you eating the way you want to?  Meditating?”

All she can say is, “No, Sir,” and she can barely get the words out.

“Do you really want to do those things?  Really want to?”

She nods, “Yes, Sir,” she says, tears threatening to spill over.

“It’s ok,” He says, gently.  “We’re going to help.”

9 Responses to “27 ~ A Dash of Fantasy”

  1. striving for Peace December 7, 2012 at 6:57 am #

    oh — poor Naomi!

    She’s going to feel much better soon — I’m sure!


    • aisha December 9, 2012 at 8:44 am #

      Hey, Sfp,

      You’re so right, i’m sure she will!

      Well, i hope she will anyhow…



  2. Sirqsmlb December 7, 2012 at 7:26 am #

    Ok, I need to go here. How does my Sir get in touch with Sir Evan? (Hehehehe)

    • aisha December 9, 2012 at 8:47 am #

      Hi, Mlb,

      Yeah, i’m not sure how one gets in touch with Sir Evan, he’s an elusive kind of Dom… If i figure it out, i’ll let you know!!



  3. vanillamom December 7, 2012 at 8:37 am #

    Is there any harder taskmaster than that of ourselves? Poor naomi…she wants to make some huge goals there. Hopefully the Sirs will help her prioritize a bit…She wants to badly to please that I hurt for her. It feels like, for all the good, she is focusing on the negative…(as do we all, right?). Poor chicka. This story is so good. It touches on so many worries that so many of us submissives feel…thanks for another good chapter. A hard chapter, but a good one.


    • aisha December 9, 2012 at 8:57 am #

      Hey, ‘Nilla,

      We are hard on ourselves, aren’t we?

      i’m glad you’re liking the story – and glad that you think it reflects some of “who we are.”



  4. Wordwytch December 7, 2012 at 8:23 pm #

    We all make those kinds of goals, and I think we get so busy trying to please everyone, that we forget all about ourselves. A very realistic chapter.

    Oh, and that bit about writing and publishing…. Not even going there. Glad Wolf is still a little under the weather and not reading over my shoulder for once.!

    • aisha December 9, 2012 at 9:00 am #

      Hi, Wordwytch,

      It is like that, isn’t it?

      As for you writing and publishing ~ well, you probably don’t need me nagging you…



      • Wordwytch December 9, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

        It is like that. Every one of us on the blogs I read, are the same way. Serve must be stamped on our souls.

        As for the publishing…. no. I have two Doms that do that just fine. They even tag team me on the “ahems” some times without coordinating.

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