Yes, Ma’am

9 Feb

You may remember that i posted some facts about Ms. Constance a few days ago, and, as you might expect, she responded.  i said:

{Whispering…} Ms. Constance can raise an eyebrow and cast fear into the heart of most submissive folks.  But don’t let that fool you.  Underneath that sometimes gruff exterior is a kind and caring woman, who will go way out of her way to help just about anyone in distress.  

And she said:

I take great exception to that, I am mean and cruel and have a heart of blackest coal, I am as immovable as the Rock of Gibraltar and have a heart equally as hard.

Got it?


Now quiver in fear.

To which i can only say:

Yes Ma’am!!

And quiver appropriately in fear.

But i said a lot of other things too, and she replied:

I *do* however have the three cutest dogs on the actual planet, and each of them individually is the VERY cutest dog ever in the history of the world, all at the same time, and that feat tells you just how talented each and every one of them are.

So THAT part is true.

And I am short, but people always guess my height at least a few inches taller. I have, I’m told, a TALL personality.

And if I tried to keep slave drew on TOO short a leash, he would just end up like the dogs do, you know, when they twine it around the legs of chairs and tables and eventually tangle themselves to a point that the furniture gets pulled together or upended. drew has to go check on the recycling situation of the place, you know, and see if they have solar panels somewhere within sight, and possibly see what species of birds are around, and watch the news for a minute or two, and go check on the car or house or dogs or whatever is not in the immediate vicinity.

i particularly love her description of drew, because it is so very perfect.  Have i mentioned that i’m wild about drew?  Yes, if you’re coming to the Kinky Bloggers Convention, you will meet drew, and see for yourself how wonderful he is.

In the meantime, i am super busy – didn’t post yesterday because i left for work before 7 a.m. and was busy from the moment i woke up until i fell asleep on the couch about 6:30 last night.  Sir was working late, so He woke me up when He got home, and we had a bowl of cereal together and i went back to bed.

i’m not very in touch with any kink aspect of myself, although i’m not sure how i can say that with the tether attached to my ankle as i write this.   i’ll have to wake Sir in a bit to untether me so i can go do my volunteer gig.

So i’ve decided not to feel guilty about missing a day of posting here and there, and hope you all will be forgiving also.

This morning, i found this interesting comment in spam:

So I’m a guy who really took to heart all that stuff that was hammered into us in sex ed about asking permission and no means no and respecting girls and all that, and am terrified of being too pushy and assertive in way that might be coercion. I get off on the idea of dominating a girl (not in the tacky leather fetish way, but sort of the standard ‘i am man, this is my woman’) and I get the sense, from on here and elsewhere, that that a lot of girls get off on a guy who does this, and can maybe only get off on this, but i am afraid to take the lead and be dominant and accidentally exercise any sort of coercion. Not really sure what to do. i thought about saying something along the lines of what mal says in the episode ‘heart of gold,’ something like “if i cross the line at any point, you just tell me, but until you do, i’m going to do what i like with you.” that’s the best solution i’ve come up with also, is wanting this sort of thing in bed somehow itself a lack of respect for women? i don’t see it translating into any other aspect of a relationship. i guess what i’m looking for in a relationship is a girl who is not afraid to be assertive and ‘give orders’ in life and be submissive and ‘take orders’ in bed. is that common? is that weird? thoughts?

So it didn’t seem like spam to me – but the website connected with it seemed like it probably was.  And of course, he’d be in the wrong place anyhow, since this is all about dominance in the “tacky leather fetish way” right?  Lol…

i was going to make some kind of response to it, but really, i’m not sure it’s not spam, and who wants to do that?  Besides, it makes me kind of tired, thinking about all the explaining i’d have to do.  If any of  y’all want to tackle it, go for it.  i’m gonna go get dressed…

7 Responses to “Yes, Ma’am”

  1. sirqsmlb February 9, 2013 at 10:42 am #

    I’m glad you’re not feeling guilty about not posting…though I did wonder as you post religiously. Life gets crazy and you need to tackle what’s at the top of the list…

    I love Ms. Constances replies…seriously a heart as black as cole 🙂 hehehe while I don’t know her, have never met her, reading her blog tells me she’s either an exceptional compulsive lier of epic proportion or um….NOT 🙂

    Good luck and I hope kink finds its way back to the forefront when you need it 🙂

    (hehe…not at all kinked when tethered….hehe)

    • monkey February 9, 2013 at 11:57 am #

      LOL!!! I’m chuckling all over myself this morning. I am so sad I won’t be coming to the KBC, Not only do I already miss meeting you, but your descriptions make me want to meet the blackhearted (snicker) Ms. C, and drew, too.

      I just about fell over laughing when I read that you weren’t in touch with your kink, but it was sure touching you. While I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, it would make me sad to think you felt guilt or obligation to do it.

      • aisha February 10, 2013 at 3:38 am #

        We’ll have to do a google hangout and Ms. C and drew can come introduce themselves. And next year, maybe you will be here.

        {Laughing}… i know, it’s funny the things we get used to and take for granted.

    • aisha February 10, 2013 at 3:36 am #

      Hey, Fiona,

      Well, you know my religious posting (and is that an oxymoron in a kink blog?) will suffer a bit when i head off to Very-Far-Away – intermittent internet there makes life more challenging.

      As for Ms. Constance, she is a big ole softy ~ OMG!! Did i just say that??? Omg, i hope she didn’t hear me…




  2. Wordwytch February 9, 2013 at 2:10 pm #

    I think that this last week has been one of regrouping in so many ways. So, I wasn’t surprised when you didn’t post yesterday. Just figured it was your turn.

    As for Ms.Constance’s reply… I laughed. Then I had to read it to Wolf. He laughed. That deep throaty laugh that makes me shiver. Then he said… “You know I have two black hearts.” I looked at him… (wtf?) Then he explained. In the military, if you do something decidedly ‘evil’ in the line of duty, they give out awards…. Black hearts.” Then he laughed again. I didn’t ask.

    • aisha February 10, 2013 at 3:39 am #

      I know, she’s funny, isn’t she? Glad you two were amused ~ and why am i not surprised that Wolf is the most “evil?” Lol

      Yes, lots of regrouping going on… hope all is well with you.

      • Wordwytch February 10, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

        Yes, Doms do have their funny and scary sides. You have no idea of just how glad I am that I stay on Wolf’s Good side. I’ve seen him angry a few times… luckily NOT at me… and would love never to go there again. Worst part though is when he’s being “evil” and sweet at the same time. Geep!!!!

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