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The Day After

7 May

Peep-toe boots, no stockings, short black skirt and simple, scoop neck, purple top.  Yep, that’s what i wore.  

i thought it looked pretty vanilla until i had to get out of the car to go to the ATM at my bank.  As i started back to my car, a man was just getting out of his car.  He looked my up and down, not rudely, but clearly checking me out, and smiled.

i jumped back in my car, blushing a little.  Yes, i looked like i was going to some kind of party.  But it was the eve of a big festival here in Where-i-Live, so lots of people were gussied up in ways they might not normally be!

i had trouble getting there ~ lots of traffic, and then some streets were closed, so i had to detour.  My GPS chose that time to quit working.  It just wouldn’t re-route me.  As if it couldn’t quite figure out where i was, or just refused to believe that i wasn’t where i was supposed to be on the route it had set.  


But then i suddenly knew where i was again, and i was only one wrong turn and a correction away from the munch!

The Gentleman Prince was waiting for me at the entrance, and that was nice.   Bob got there right after me, before we had even headed back to the buffet.

Neither one of them had anything negative to say about my appearance, so i’m thinking it was ok.

It was wonderful having their company through dinner.  GP has a very strong submissive presence, which was interesting.  Except for Mick, i don’t think i know any submissive men {despite the surprise ending of my fantasy at church the other day.}  So GP was a new experience.

i think he would be a terrific match for a woman interested in a female-led relationship.   He’s clearly an independent, self-sufficient man who wants to please and is open to all kinds of ways to do that.  Very cool.

Bob and i were already acquaintances and could become good friends.  He describes himself as a sensual Dom, and isn’t into a lot of fancy play.  Just basics that lead to orgasms ~ nothing wrong with that!

Later on, we saw a woman with her hands bound above her head, legs spread.  Her Dom had a tool that looked like a chain saw, only there was a dildo on the end of it.  Yes, he inserted that into her, ever so delicately, while we watched with great interest.  

i could barely hear her, although she was squirming and making some noises, but i clearly heard his “NO,” and thought aw, man, o, my, he’s not gonna let her cum.  It made me squirm a little.  She was squirming more than a little.

And then of course he finally gave permission, and really, it was a little “whew” of relief for me too!  Bob was standing next to me then, and he nodded, “I need to make me one of them.”

i just smiled, a little weakly maybe, and said,”mmmhmmm.”

But the big excitement for the evening ~ one of the big excitements ~ was the new piece of equipment we have.

It looks pretty much like this, your basic St. Andrews cross, but it has a lot more straps on it and the person is more firmly bound.  Because ~~

~~ it spins.  

Not round and round like a merry-go-round, but vertically.  Head over heels, upside down, round and round.  


Is that not too cool????

No, i didn’t do it.  i don’t know if i can do that kind of dizzy anymore.  But, um, maybe next time.


Showered and Shaved

2 Apr

…and wearing cute, matching lingerie, i headed out to the fish fry.  Which was fun, and the fish was good, and i enjoyed spending some time with vanilla friends. 

im using the term vanilla fairly loosely, cause i wouldn’t necessarily put money on it that everyone at the table was.  But if there was kink there, it was lightly covered in appropriate public behavior.


By then – i was pretty much committed to the munch because of G. 

i met G on CM originally, and he joined FL, so we’ve been in touch, and he seemed really nice.  He travels for his job and just happens to be in town this weekend for a convention.  We’d talked about going and agreed that he’d let me know by 6 if he was in or out.

About 5, i get an e-mail saying he’s in.  So i am too, cause it would be mean to back out then, right?

Since i’ve never met him in person, we meet in another public place first.  i know you probably can’t always tell if someone’s a psycho killer, but i think you can get some feel for it.  And i want to make sure i feel comfortable with him before i take him to the munch. 

He’s from Wisconsin, so he has that distinctive accent – or is it eccent?  He’s also easy-going and evidently harmless.

So we end up riding together – i drive – which is probably a good thing, since my iphone GPS misdirects me – don’t laugh, it does – or maybe i misunderstand it – whatever.  But u-turns are the order of the day at first, and there’ss an alley or two involved.   Actually, he could have been worried that i was abducting him.  But i didn’t, and he doesn’t turn out to be psycho-serial-killer either, so we get to the munch safely.

G is talkative, which is good, and keeps me too distracted to even think about being nervous.  So i’m really not – or only a tiny bit – when we pull up. 

And then we’re in, and sign in and pay, and at last – walk into the room full of people eating pizza and talking.  


Yes, where the chairs are lined up against the wall, only they set up tables and the lights are normal and there’s lots of people; it’s almost like a vanilla gathering.  Until you see the girl selling raffle tickets is in a little outfit that literally shows her butt, and someone is patting her on it.


Mr. Michael sees us, and comes over to greet us, and hugs me.

Now, i know that Mr. Michael hugs just about everyone who comes to the munch, at least it seems like it.  And i’m sure he tells them all he’s glad to see them too.  But he has such a nice way of doing it, that i feel really welcome, so that’s nice.

And i’m out of time this morning…  i’ll have to finish later today.   But i wanted you to know that i went!  i’ll be back with the rest of the story.


New Limits

9 Dec
“One extends one’s limits only by exceeding them.”  ~~ M. Scott Peck
We went out to eat Saturday night, some lovely Thai food , and then we went to the munch.  It was in the basement under a bar this month – the venue we’d been using didn’t keep their commitment to us, so Mr. Michael had to scramble around and find someplace at the last minute.   
The munch used to meet regularly in this basement space once upon a time, so it was a little nostalgic for Sir D and other old-timers.  The rest of us were just glad to have somewhere to meet.
Of course the party was held in our dungeon, and we headed there after the munch.  A bunch of people went upstairs and had drinks first though.  So there weren’t a lot of people at the play party right off – and no one was actually playing.  Sir and i kept wandering from room to room, but nothing much was going on anywhere. 
It was – um, it was almost kind of boring.   Occasionally, Sir actually said, “Ho hum.”  And i was almost afraid we’d  leave.  But instead –
– He decided we’d play!
So He got out the ropes, and i took off my clothes.  i was delighted, of course, and loved it.  The energy was different than last time – maybe more fun and a little less intense?  I don’t know – it would be hard to capture the difference exactly.  For sure, it wasn’t a better/worse kind of comparison, but it was – different.  Of course.
i loved it.  And i think i’m not giving it the attention it deserves, but there is more to tell after – that’s on my mind today.    
After – after i was dressed again, and still glowing and buzzed, after the ropes were put away – Sir said, “Do you mind if I suspend someone else?” 
i could feel Him wanting to.
So of course i said, “No, go ahead.”  
Even though just last month the very idea left me feeling devestated.   But i was ok with it –
– at first.  And then –
as i watched Him getting rope back out, and –
– the woman we know from another part of the state and her Dom came over to Sir and – she is absolutely beautiful, and has an amazing hourglass figure and she took off her clothes and was stretching –
                                                 – then –
– i felt old and sad and lonely.  There were tears in my eyes, and i didn’t want anyone to know, so i went upstairs.  i could still watch if i wanted to, from the balcony, and i did for a while.  But i felt –
                         – you know.   Sad and lonesome and not good enough.  And i was NOT going to cry.
So i sit on the stairs for a while, where no one can see me unless they happen to walk up them.  And i think.  And think.
Last month, at least three women sort of threw themselves at Sir and asked to be suspended.  And at least two men asked Him to suspend the women they were with.   He turned them all down that night – at least partly because He knew i couldn’t handle it. 
Do i expect Him to turn down everyone?   forever?
i sit and think.
He loves doing rope.  i know that.  And at least He’s suspending J, who i know and like, and who i think likes me – unlike some of the women from last month, who looked through me as if i weren’t there.  
i think –
              – Why am i being so jealous hearted?
My heart says:   “Because  –
– Because  i don’t want Him to feel connected to other women the way He connects with me – i want to be ‘the special one.’  i want what we have to be special.  i don’t want Him to feel that with other women.”   And for a moment, it feels like my heart is  breaking.
And then – sitting there in the almost dark – i realize –
                                                it’s ok –
        it can’t be the same with them.  Even if He felt the same (and i don’t think He does) but –
even if He did –
                             they don’t.  They don’t feel the way i do about Him.
And maybe i’m wrong.  You know, i don’t know them all, so maybe i’m wrong.  But i think that they want the thrill of being tied up and flying – and i get that.   For sure, i don’t blame them.  It is wonderful, and Sir has a gift for doing it.
But i want to be with Him.  Whether He’s tying me up and making me fly, or walking around the dungeon, occasionally saying, “Ho hum,” i want to be with Him.   i don’t even know if He knows that or not – but that’s what makes me different from “them.”  And i know it.
So i go back and watch.  It is kind of fun to watch Him, the beauty of it, even from the outside.  It’s still not easy, but i’m ok.
Then she is up – she’s flying – and happy, and loving it.  Sir gestures to her Dom to come closer – to get under her, to get under her on the blanket on the floor.   So they can play while she flies.
And Sir comes over to me, where i’m sitting, and pulls me up to Him.  He holds me close, and kisses me, and then i’m really ok.   Really ok, all the way through.
He has a gift, and some serious  skills, and He needs to share them.  i don’t know if it will always be comfortable for me, but He always needs to be who He is.
So i watch Him take J down – she is clearly having so much fun, and He is too, really.  When she’s down – He picks up a length of rope –
– and crosses the room to me – wraps the rope half way ’round my neck – circles it around my waist – and pulls me over with Him, under the suspension frame.   Standing in the middle of discarded pieces of rope, He kisses me thoroughly, taking my breath and leaving me smiling. 
Then He says,
                         with His most charming grin,
                                                       “Help me clean this mess up?”
i’m delighted to help Him coil the rope, and i learn the right way to do it –
               and all is well and right in my world.

Impact Play (cont)

6 Dec


“Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.”
— Lewis Carroll

It’s not surprising if i feel a little like Alice this morning, after an almost magical weekend. 

And ok, so maybe all that angst about whether or not Sir and i would still feel connected was – um, needless anxiety.  But you can’t know what you don’t know, right?

In any case – Friday night – after sushi – and being too late to see a movie – we decided to go to the munch.   We played some games at the munch, and had some interesting conversations, but i want to fast forward on to the play party.   Where i left off last time.

There we are in front of the St.  Andrews cross, and Sir says, “Go ahead and take your clothes off” – so of course i do.  Pants.  Shirt.  Bra.

“You can leave the panties,” He says.  

Then He holds out the cuffs for me to slip into.  They look something like this: 


Only fur lined.


 As He fastens them on me, i feel the room begin to fade away.  “Step up here,” He says, “there you go,” as i step onto the ledge at the bottom of the cross.  Here’s the cross i was on:  


Near the wall on the left

 “Go ahead, ” He says, “Arms up.”  i raise my arms, first my left, then my right.  The ring clinks as he fastens it to the cross.  i am stretched against the cross – kind of like this:



Only no boots or bra - and i don't have long blonde hair.


 He brings the flogger up to my face.  Wraps it around my face; it touches my mouth, caresses my neck.  “Smell it,” He says, and i inhale the leathery scent.  “Nice, isn’t it?” He says.

 i nod, “Yes, Sir,” and my voice is small.  i don’t know if He can hear me.  i know this smell will always bring me back to this moment, stretched on the cross.

Then He moves the flogger.  Grabs my hair, pulls my head back a little.  Shows me the blindfold.  It’s red, maybe leather too.  He slips it over my eyes –

         – and there i am, fastened, bound, blindfolded.

The room and the people were already gone, now there is nothing but me and Sir.  And the flogger.  It looks like this:


Leaning close to me, Sir says, “If it hits a little harder than you expect, and you need a moment, i want you to raise your foot – raise your leg so your foot’s off the ground.  Can you do that?  Show me.”

And i do – i bend my knee and raise my foot off the ground.  “Good,” He says.  “Good girl,” and so then i have the ‘good girl’ thrill on top of everything else.

And He starts.

i tried to find a video of flogging, but couldn’t find one that pleased me.  It’s a pretty thing to watch.  i know He had two floggers – i don’t know if He was using them together, one in each hand or not. 

i feel a steady rain of blows on my upper back and shoulders.  Like Molly said when she was watching a flogging, it looks like it would feel good.  And it does.  At first.

After a little bit, it begins to hurt, in the nicest of ways, but still.  And then He changes it – 

        – and it’s canes next, stinging fiercely.   On my ass, too, and just when i think – i can’t – maybe i can’t take any more – maybe i need a moment –

He changes again.  He has a little steel instrument, like a comb, that scrapes over my body.  Not just my back, but my sides.  My breasts.  O!  It hurts – and then

–  it’s the feather duster, and i’m moaning with pleasure now, as it plays over my body. 

And then back to the flogger, the steady rhythm that makes a background noise in the dungeon.  Dimly, i think that He’s hitting me harder now, and it’s ok…  i think it’s ok, i’ve fallen into the steady beat of the blows…

And just as i’ve settled in, it changes again – i don’t know what it is, it stings, it stings – and then He’s pulled my body back from the cross, exposed my breasts, and is tapping there – sharp, sharp stings that make me cry out – O! O!  Several on each breast, stinging a bit even after He’s stopped –

– and maybe the vampire glove is next, with the hint and promise of pain

     – and more flogger

                     – and feather duster

And then the stinging is back – breasts first, then between my legs – O! on my inner thighs – He taps my inner thighs and i whimper – taps my pussy – O – O! 

and so it goes.  Sometimes He caresses – i think He kissed me once – and the pleasure is so intense 

  and then the pain

                   and the pleasure…

And then He is next to me, lightly rubs something against me, on my shoulder, on my cheek – it’s hard, and smooth – and “Do you know what that is?” He asks,

and i shake my head, “no,” i don’t – or maybe i do – is it? Is it the risotto spoon?

Do i say it?  Does He say, “yes, good girl,” i don’t know anymore – but i know it is the risotto spoon and –

“Just three,” He says, “Just three,” and –

O!!!!!  That’s one –

– the second one on the othe cheek – O – Yikes!!

– and then the third – O, my….

Then at last, He is rubbing me, running His hands over my body, and standing behind me – and i hear a sound – a motor running – O, i know that sound.  And then it is between my legs – the Hitachi, of course, the lovely Hitachi.  And i’m rubbing against it, moaning – pushing my pussy down onto it – 

O – O – ahhhhhhhhh, yes –

and so on – you already know what that’s like and writing it doesn’t do it justice anyhow. 

At no point does it occur to me that i’m fucking the Hitachi and cuming in a room full of people. 

Later, i’m telling Him how amazing it was that every time i though something was too much – just as i was on the verge – He’d switch to something else.  He looks surprised, “Of course I did,” He says, “That’s my job.”

And i guess it is… whew.  It is –

It is incredibly sensual, and arousing, and i find myself in a whole new room of subspace –

“But this was not your first time for impact play,” He says, “You’ve been beat on by other guys,” and of course He’s right, i have been, and liked it too – but this – o, my.

When we had finished, when i had cum my last time and He’d unhooked me from the cross, He said, casually, “There’s some wipes  – go ahead and clean it off – just wipe it down every where your body touched.”

And i don’t know why that was so hot – why the idea of cleaning the cross that He’d chained me to and whipped me on – made me even hotter.  But it did, and as i cleaned it, wiped it down, i was in that space where i’m acutely aware of my body, each movement…


It was wonderful.  And then we went home, and fell into bed, with the luxury of knowing we had a whole ‘nother day ahead of us…


M & M Munch (Part IV) – Flying

10 Nov

Did i tell you that i took my clothes off first? 

When Sir first calls me to Him, in the suspension area, of course He directs me to take my clothes off, the black leggings, the cute tunic top in black and gray and turquoise.  “The bra too?” i ask, mostly kidding, because it’s my new bra that He bought me at Victoria’s Secret, and i do enjoy the feeling of wearing it – nothing makes me feel sluttier than wearing expensive lingerie that He picked out.  That He bought me.

Whew.  It makes me hot to remember – the whole Victoria’s Secret mystique, just being there with Him, and then at the register, with the perfect panty/bra set, and He’s paying for it – and – i don’t know –  it’s like a public declaration of what a good slut i am.   Do you all know what i’m talking about?  

And it’s a pretty bra, so i almost don’t want to take it off, but i don’t want to miss the sensation either, the feeling of the rope against my skin.  So i slip the bra off too, before i stand in the middle of the suspension rig, under the hook He will tie me to.  He has attached a big ring, dangling “caribiners,” the clips used in mountain climbing, to the hook.

Once i am prepared physically, stripped, and moving into that awareness of my body, He heightens the feeling.  He directs me to stay fully aware of my body, to communicate any discomfort to Him.   He begins to spin a web with His words, tying me to Him before He ever touches me with the rope.

Then He begins.  The rest of the room has faded away.   He starts the rope around my chest – i hold my arms up so He can wrap me. 

There is a young man who wants to learn rope, He is with us there, under the suspension rig, and Sir is describing the steps as He does them.  i had thought it might be distracting, but it’s soothing instead.  i listen, without paying attention.

“Wrap the rope like this so it stays flat,” He says, and i feel Him press the rope against my chest, demonstrating.  i’m interested in what He’s saying, but it doesn’t mean a lot.  i don’t try to understand or remember it.  i let His words run over me like warm water.  

Mostly, i feel the rope. 

He’s using a wider type of rope tonight, i don’t know why, but He says He thinks it will be more comfortable.  i think that if He says it will be, then it will.  It’s smooth against my skin, a silken rope, not rough at all.   Sensually soft, wrapping me tight, my chest, under my breasts, lifting my breasts.  Around my hips.  Around my ankles.  Wrapping round and round..

i am lost in the sensation.  Lost in Sir’s voice.  When He talks to me, the sound changes.  It is not the soothing litany of Him describing the steps He takes to bind me.  When He talks to me, it pulls me back, as if He’s tugged on the invisible rope between us.  i am totally aware that i need to listen. 

He asks, “Is that comfortable?  Does that feel ok?”

“Yes, Sir.” i say.  O, yes, Sir, it does.

“Ok, lean forward a little,” he says –

-and i do – and

– O!  Omigoodness!

Magically, i’m rising in the air – face down – lifted off the ground – suspended by a few ropes –

i’m flying –

i really am…


     “More than anything else the sensation is one of perfect peace mingled with an excitement that strains every nerve to the utmost, if you can conceive of such a combination.”  ~~Wilbur Wright


And i would have been perfectly happy if it had stopped there.  Instead – i hear a sound behind me –

and suddenly –

Sir is lying on the blanket on the floor under me.  i’m surprised – and delighted – to see Him there.   He’s smiling, and i think i am too.  For a minute, we’re just looking at each other and i realize – 

– i feel this rush of energy, and i’m overwhelmed with a sense of love.   

And then –

He raises his arms toward me, palms up…

i move my arms so my palms are facing His, an inch or two away from Him…

and the energy flows between us.

Then –

i feel myself begin to move.   Moving to my right, beginning to move in a circle.

He has not touched me. 

He is moving me with His hands, without touching me. 

i begin to spin…  slowly, gently spinning in the air.

i am not thinking then, not questioning.  i am just feeling and enjoying and loving the moment.

And then –

Honestly, this happened –

He stops me.

With His hands – without touching me.  He stops my spinning – and –

He reverses it.  i began to turn the other way. 


He stops then – just one turn the other way and He gets up.  He is behind me, above me.  “Are you ready to come down?” He asks.

“Yes, Sir,” i am ready.  i’m floating, and i’m tired, and yes, it’s time to come down…

He lowers my legs first, so i can stand.  He’s explaining again to the novice, describing the steps, but i’m not listening, i’m drifting still, floating on air, both feet on the ground. 

He tells me to straighten my body, and i do.  He begins to unwrap me.   The rope comes off smoothly, whooshing over my skin.  When He gets to my ankles, He directs the young man to unwrap one ankle, and that’s nice too,  feeling them working together to let me go.

i’m off balance, almost a little dizzy.  Then there is a chair, and a blanket wrapped around me, and i’m floating still…

A short distance away, i see Mick and Molly.  They are wrapped around each other.  i smile to myself, think vaguely that they’ll be leaving soon, seeking the privacy of their hotel room, seeking sexual release…

And then they are beside me, telling me good-bye.  i think i say it again, how glad i am that they came, how nice it’s been to meet them.  But i am still barely there.

Really, the rest of the night is a blur.  i untangle some rope for Sir.  i like the feel of the rope in my hands.  It seems to take me a long time, but there’s no hurry. 

i put my clothes back on.   

There’s water, and popcorn.  

Sir talks to some people.  i think i smile and say hello.  i’m glad i’m not expected to talk much.  

i lose Sir once – i don’t know how it happened.  We are in the kitchen, i’m getting water, and i see Him go.  i follow Him, but i think i turn the wrong corner, and when i turn back, i don’t see Him.  So i wander for a little bit, from room to room, just looking for Him.  It begins to seem like a long time.  i feel almost like when i get lost –

that panicky ‘i’ll be lost forever- i’ll never find Him’  feeling –  

and then i know better.  i sit down in a chair.   i curl up in the chair, and i wait.  i know He’ll find me.

And He does.   

M& M Munch – Part III – The Dungeon

9 Nov

The dungeon is just as i remember it. 


Only you have to imagine the people...


Mick and Molly are as wide-eyed as i was the first time i came hereAsking all kinds of pertinent questions about the equipment and protocol, some of which i answer, some of which i defer to Sir D.  At first, things seem ordinary, as people arrive slowly, change in the dressing rooms.

We leave our stuff – Sir has a toy bag, a rope bag, and a bag with clothes;  Mick and Molly have a backpack.  We pile it up on one of the chairs in – in the room with all the chairs. 

“Can you change out here?” asks Molly, “Do you have to use the dressing room?”

“Molly,” says Sir, slightly emphasizing each word, “You can do – anything you want to do,” and he smiles, a slightly wicked smile.

Mick puts on his collar.  It’s a regular leather collar, and it looks good on him.  i think he becomes a little more deferential at that point, not that he hasn’t been all along.  The effect is increased when Molly attaches a silver leash.  After that, he is close by her side at all times, unless specifically directed otherwise.

The dungeon is warm.  Sir changes his shirt and sweater for a t-shirt. 

i am a little warm, and my shoes are a little uncomfortable.  i had brought some jeans and a shirt,  flat shoes and a sweatshirt for after, even knowing i probably wouldn’t be in my clothes too long.   But my feet are uncomfortable, and i’m just a little warm.

“May i change clothes, Sir?” i ask.  He looks at me, looks up and down, pauses, considering.  “No,” He says, “i think i want you to stay in that.”

(My pussy clenches as i write those words.  Why is it such a turn on to do what He wants?)

Molly looks surprised. She looks at me, “Are you going to change?” she asks.

“No!” i say, surprised myself now.  i pause.  “Molly, for now, in this space and time, i mean not at work, but now, i do what He tells me to.  If He said – kneel – i would.  Right now.  No question.  i’d do – anything, really.  Of course i won’t change if He doesn’t want me to.”

He smiles, shrugs, “just a preference,” He says.  “Because i can.”  His words send little waves of excitement through me.  i smile, acknowledging His claim.

And then our attention is caught by something else – the couple with floggers, maybe, who use one of the St. Andrew’s crosses for a large portion of the night, the rhythmic sound of floggers adding an extra percussion layer to the background music.  We wander, people’s apparel becomes more clearly fetish wear, and scenes begin to unfold.

Mick has mentioned the matching sorority sisters, and i’ll let him elaborate on that. 

At some point, Molly decides to get more comfortable, and loses the dress, adds some beautiful elbow length gloves.  You can see her picture here.  Mick stays even closer by her side, if that’s possible.  We wander, separating and coming back together, as they explore the dungeon space. 

i follow Sir around as He talks to different people, introducing me often to people i haven’t met yet.   More than one person wants Him to do rope with them during the evening, and i’m relieved that He turns them down.   i hope that He wants to play with me tonight as much as i want Him to play with me.   

We run into some new friends who we’d met at the munch in Sir’s town.  They’re from a considerable distance away and have been camping out in the dungeon all weekend.  It’s fun to see them again. 

A St. Andrew’s cross opens up for use, and Sir asks me how i’d feel about “doing something with flogging,”  and of course i’d be fine with that.  But as we’re saying it, before we move close enough to signal our intention, another couple moves into the space.  The other crosses are in use.

So we settle ourselves near the suspension rig, and i can tell that Sir’s thinking “rope,” so i am too, wondering what He’ll do tonight. 


You can see the suspension rig in the far left corner. We're actually sitting in some chairs around the corner.


i hope that Mick and Molly are having a good time, i think they are, although i think they would maybe enjoy the COPE event more, where sexual contact is on the menu.   But i hope this will get them well-primed for more intimate activity back in their hotel room.

As the scene in front of us starts to wrap up, i know that i’ll be fairly spacy later on.   So Mick and Molly and i exchange early good-byes – i want to be sure they know how much i’ve enjoyed meeting them and sharing this time.  i mean, really.  If you’d told me a year ago that i’d be writing a kinky sex blog, and that i would get to know some other bloggers who would then step out of the computer to come play with me and my Dom in a dungeon – well, i can’t even imagine what i’d say!

And it’s  been soooo much fun.  i am still close enough to my first time in the dungeon that i can imagine their feelings, as i watch.  Molly is more transparent – her eyes widen, she nudges me, gestures at the sights that interest and amaze, whispers, ‘Look.   What are they doing?” sometimes.  Mick is less expressive, but i can feel him taking notes on it all in his head.

But then – the scene is almost wrapped up, and Sir says, “Get my rope bag, please.”  i bring the wrong bag first, and start to take it back, but He says, “that’s ok, leave it,” so i do, and go back for the right bag.   (Thank goodness, He’s let me take my shoes off a little bit earlier.)

Sir tests the ring on the suspension rig, swinging from it for a moment, before he starts unpacking His ropes.  He calls me to Him.  With just a few words, He moves me into that space where i begin to lose track of the people around me.  They fade away, become background noise, as i listen to Him. 

“I need you to stay aware of your body,”  He says.  “Let Me know if the rope feels too tight, pinches or feels like too much pressure.  Can you do that?”

“Yes, Sir, i will.”

 “Try to stay aware of how fatigued you’re getting.  I want you to try to let Me know a little bit before you get so tired you’re thinking, ‘o, just let me down.’  Can you do that?”  

“Yes, Sir, i think i can.” 

Then – “Kneel,” He says – and i do.  Gladly.  This time, He half kneels with me; He’s at my level.  Commanding all my attention, he talks to me,  pulling me deeper into connection with Him. 

Truly, the rest of the room disappears.  i’m aware of the space directly around us.  Nothing else quite exists. 

There’s a young man we’d met – one of the threesome who’d been camping out at the dungeon – who was wanting to learn rope.  He joins us in the suspension area, and Sir begins explaining what He’s doing as He does it.  i had wondered if this would be distracting, if it would disturb the connection between Sir and me, but instead, the spell is woven around the three of us.  

So i feel the rope, spinning its magic around me, and i can hear Sir describing what He’s doing, and all my senses are focused there.  i remember to pay attention to how the rope feels on me, attending to the sensations so i can tell Him if anything doesn’t feel right. 


i had every intention of finshing this today.    Really.  i wasn’t looking to carry it on another day (even though it probably staves off sub-drop.)   But – work is calling my name.  i need to get there early today, not just barely on time.   So i’ll stop here – finish tomorrow, ok?

M & M Munch

7 Nov

Where do i start? 

Yes, the evening lived up to all my expectations, and maybe more.

Yes, Molly is just about as lovely as Mick is always saying she is…and Mick is a little quieter than i expected, but his dry, understated humor still comes through as clearly as it does in his blog.   

Yes, Sir D did some amazing things with me at the play party, and i’m still buzzing from the thrill. 

But i’ll back up a little bit.  Spin the story backwards to the morning…

… starting at Victoria’s Secret, and the erotic excitement of picking out new lingerie with my Dom.  He has none of the awkwardness of a more vanilla man as He selects what i’ll be wearing for display later on.   He consults with me, of course, gets my preferences, asks my opinion.  But the choice is clearly His.   

Just remembering the feeling makes my pussy quiver, starts little waves of excitement deep inside me.

And then we shop until we find the outfit He wants me to wear.  Countless times i slide out of one outfit and into another – three stores worth of times.   Over and over, i present myself at the doorway to the dressing room, only to see a quick head shake, and hear “No, I don’t like that.”  

Let me be clear.  i am not complaining.  i knew that i didn’t know what He wanted.  And i very much wanted to wear something that would please Him.   So i appreciate His help.  He was tireless, never seemed impatient, and finally rewards me with a smile and an approving, “Yes.  I like that.  That works.”  i couldn’t have been happier.

The day inches by, and then it is time for showers,  prepping and primping.  Mostly me, that is.  Sir read a book and took a power nap.   But then He is awake again.   i have on my robe, panties and bra beneath it, ready to put on real clothes, when He calls me over to His side of the bed.  i stand in front of Him.

“Take off your robe,” He says.  Feeling shy, i slip it off.  He has a piece of rope in His hand.  “To help you remember,” He says, “during dinner.  To help you remember what this is all about.” 

And then He’s wrapping it around my hips, between my legs, fastening it back up behind me.   Pulling it snugly between the cheeks of my ass.  Like rope panties, and that is how it works, when i have to – you know, take my panties down, the rope comes with them.  “See if you can sit down,”  He says.   i can, although it makes me more aware of the rope, and “Now you and Mick have something in common,” He says. 

By now, i’ve reached that zen place within myself – i no longer have specific expectations for the evening.  i’m able to enjoy the moment i’m in and be open to whatever comes next.  So i enjoy the drive to the restaurant where we’re meeting the famous Mick and Molly.  Sir’s phone gives us directions, an almost sultry female voice says, “Prepare to turn left…” or “Take exit 34 now…”   Occasionally, Sir responds to her with a “Yes, Mistress,” which makes me smile.

At the restaurant, Mick and Molly are already there.  Easy to recognize, and with a bottle of champagne at the table.  (Thank you very much, that was lovely!)  We toast to “new friends,” although Mick and i are actually old friends by now…  It is a little odd, face to face with people i know so intimately in some ways, and not at all in others.

Dinner is a pleasure.  As we usually do, Sir and i share – splitting an appetizer, a salad, and an entree.   i’ll skip the details of the food, but it was a sensual start to the evening.

Molly and Sir D talk a lot, Mick and i listen a lot, and exchange smiles.   Which is not to say we don’t talk too.  i even manage to almost get myself in trouble.  We are talking about communicating; i’m laughing about the fact that Sir D doesn’t return e-mails.  He just doesn’t.  i wasn’t actually complaining, but, um,  i say something about e-mailing Him being like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean – when –

He grasps my hair in the back, pulls my head in his direction, down a little, firmly pulling my head to His chest, right there in front of Mick and Molly, and i am kind of giggling, because it’s unexpected –

– and HOT –

and then when my face is pressed against Him, He says, “What were you saying?” and i say “Nothing, Sir, nothing, really,” at least i think that’s what i said –

and then He lets me go, and Mick and Molly act like nothing happened, but i am reminded – and the rope feels more intense.  

Later, i excuse myself, and when i come back, He asks me if i’d managed the rope ok.  i start to answer Him and Mick and Molly become aware of the conversation – and give that polite non-verbal signal that says, “I missed what you were saying – what?”  And i want to change the subject, but Sir says, “Tell them.”

i hesitate, and He says it again, “Tell them, aisha,” and then they try to help out by changing the subject, but as soon as there’s a pause, Sir says,

“Go ahead, aisha”

And i’m blushing and maybe giggling a little,  but i say it, i tell them i’m wearing this crotch rope thing, so Mick and i are both encaged.  i can feel myself getting hotter, just sitting there, not just my face, i think my pussy is blushing too!

And then we have finished the last of our coffee, and it’s time for Part II – the munch

i can’t tell you how much fun it was, talking to Mick and Molly, and seeing them, and watching their relationship, knowing what we know.  i guess it was the same for them.  i kept remembering the first time i’d been around people who knew i was submissive to D, and wondering if Mick was feeling some of the same things…

But right now, on Sunday morning, Sir and i have already spent some time taking care of each other, and it’s time for breakfast.  If you want to cut to the chase, visit Mick’s blog – he does a wonderful job describing the rest of the evening.  (Although, i bet he has more to say too.)

i am still buzzing from it all, and hungry, and maybe still tired.  So i’ll be back later with more of my story.


Rope (Part III)

26 Oct

It would have been ok if the adventure had stopped there – my first suspension – with all the excitement and pleasure of that.  Lying on the blanket He had laid on the floor, smiling.  But instead…

He looks down at me for a moment.  As i start to struggle to my feet, He puts His hands on my shoulders to steady me and guide me.  i need the help, my arms are still pinned behind my back.  

He grins at me.  “How was that?” He says, soft and low.

“O!”  i can’t stop smiling.  “O, it was – fabulous!”

“You want to try another one?  A different suspension?”
“O!” i feel like that’s all i can say, “O, yes!”
“I’ll do a hip halter this time,” He says.  “This might be a little more comfortable.”  So He is spinning rope around me again, and around me again, wrapping me.  
i am still attached to the pulley, so it doesn’t take long to be ready.  And i am so buzzed anyhow, the rush running through me, that time no longer exists.  It is all Him. His hands.   His voice.
And He does – these things – with the ropes, and then my leg is raised, just the left leg, and it’s a little awkward, but not too uncomfortable.  He says,”It’s all up to you now, you just shift your balance, lean back when you’re ready…”
So i do, i lean back.   And amazingly – it’s a lot like this:

Like lying back in a rope chair, except i'm the chair...

And it’s surprisingly comfortable.  Only one leg is actually suspended, but i lift the other leg, cross my legs, and i can swing myself back and forth.  i even spin a little.

And the excitement, the thrill is sooo strong, not so startling this time, and i have more control, but  i’m laughing again, and Sir D is watching me, enjoying what He’s done…

And then in a little bit, i begin to get tired, and He realizes it and lets me down.  He begins to unwrap me…
Reversing the process, starting at my hips, then my ankle, my thigh.  Working His way over my body, releasing me.  Toying with the rope, snaking it over my body. 
i can tell already, the rope marks are clear, leaving a pattern design where they pressed on my body.
And He is watching me, watching my face, watching my body respond to Him.  Pulling the rope…
And finally, finally at the very end, He unties my arms.  And for a moment, i think i’m so stiff it will hurt to move them, and it does, but just for a second.  And then they’re fine.
And He’s holding me, hugging me close, and i’m happy
                        and content
                                        and tired

and then He lets go and starts to unfasten the rope pulleys He’s made.  And i start to get dressed, but i stumble, and He says, “Do you need to sit down?” and i can only nod.  “Sit here,” He says, pointing to the blanket He has laid on the ground. 
So i do, i sit right there.  And i’m suddenly very cold, so i pull the blanket up around me, curling up on myself while he takes the rope down.  Sir hands me some water, and i drink.  And then a piece of candy, which makes me smile.
Then, when He’s through with the rope,  He cuddles me just a little, and helps me up. He leads me to a quiet alcove nearby.  With the blanket half draped around me, half trailing me, i follow Him. 
And we are still enjoying the moment, savoring the connection.  i’m floating, buzzing, happily drifting, and i think He is too, in a Dom-space kind of way.
Finally, when some people move into the area next to us, preparing for a flogging scene, i begin to move again.  i get myself dressed, and give up my blanket. 
i loved it. 
Thank You, Sir.
Can we do it again?





Rope (Part II)

25 Oct

So i’m kneeling, watching Sir D attach rope to the suspension frame.  The other people, other activities in the room begin to fade.  i’m focused completely on him.

“Get up,” He says, “and take your top off.”

He helps me to my feet – takes my hand, and grasps my hair firmly, pulling  me up.  i tremble, almost stumble, but there is a railing around the play space, i catch my balance, reach for the rail.  He releases me.

i barely think about it now, getting naked in front of these people, and it doesn’t matter anyhow.  i take off my jacket, drape it across the railing.  Pull my top over my head.  Standing there in my bra, it takes me a minute to turn the top right side out, watching Sir is distracting.  Finally, i get it done; i  fold it and lay it on the rail too.

He glances at me.  “Your boots and your jeans,” He says.  i wonder if He can tell i’m in that space where waiting for His direction seems like the only thing to do. 

i unzip my boots, the cute ones with the laces in the back.  Slip them off.

When i dressed for the evening, we’d decided i should wear my fishnet thigh highs under the skinny jeans, just for this purpose.  Now, as i peel the jeans off, the stockings are revealed.  i pull the jeans straight, lay them across the railing.

He glances at me.  “The bra too,” He says, sounding a little surprised.   i reach behind me, unhook the bra.  Slide the straps down my shoulders, and place it on the railing.

i know that it’s cool in the room, i was comfortable with all my clothes on.  But i’m not cold now – or if i am, i don’t know it.  i’m waiting for Sir D to tell me what to do next.

“Ok, stand here,” He says, moving me to the space directly under the suspension ring.  “i want your arms behind your back this time, like that morning at the hotel, when i was practicing the tie on you.”

i put my arms behind my back, bent at the elbows, each hand grasping the other arm.   i move my grasp as close to the elbow as i can, and “I want you comfortable,” He says, “Make sure it’s comfortable, and there’s a little room,” He takes my arms and pulls them away from my body a little.  

“Ok, that’s good,” He says.

And He begins.  Tying my arms first, securing them behind me.  

Then, wrapping the rope around me from behind, around my upper chest, so i am pulled into Him each time He reaches in front of me.   Round and round…  wrapped like a package.  Leaning into Him when i can,  feeling the softness of His shirt against my shoulders.   Feeling His breath on my neck as he wraps me.


And i lose track of time, and i can’t tell you the sequences of what He does.  i am securely wrapped around the chest, and under my breasts, lifting my breasts.  And He bends down, kneels Himself, as He spins the rope around my thigh, just my left thigh. 

Puts a knee up, has me put my foot on his leg, on his upper thigh, as He kneels to wrap my ankle.  He is with me, talking sometimes, but always focused on me, and i on Him.   The rope connects us, and the energy hums between us.

Then He is standing again, standing in front of me.  He pulls ropes through the clips on the suspension ring, attaching ropes that are attached to me, creating pulleys.  And then – 

– i am leaning sideways, He’s tightened a rope so that i’m leaning sideways, pulled off balance, and  –

          – for just a second, i’m afraid im going to lose my balance, going to fall, and then –  

                    – i realize that i can’t actually fall – i’m attached to the ropes that create the pulley, and –

                              – i do fall, off balance, and my left leg goes up as my chest goes down, 

                                        – and i’m hanging, completely off the ground –

                                                  – sideways for a minute, gasping in shock – 

                                                               O! O, my! and laughing and Sir D is laughing and then –

                                                                      -i’m upside down – yes, head down, leg up,

                                                                                       Omigods and goddesses!

But just for a minute or two, i’m so shocked and laughing and loving it, and He’s pleased too, and then He lets me down, slowly, using the rope pulley,-

                            – lowering me down

                                                                     – and down.

                                                                                             Til i’m laying on the ground, on my side,

                                                                                                                          still smiling…

Rope (Part I)

24 Oct

i’m at home again, after going to Sir D’s and the classes, munch, and play party where He lives.  Tried to take a nap.  But i become aware of my body tingling.  i don’t quite know why, but it’s nice, and it’s energizing.  i can’t possibly sleep. 

i guess it’s a buzz.  i am still buzzing.  Not surprising.


O, my.

i can’t write about it either, not coherently. 

Classes – dungeon safety, and edge play.  i know more about being safe.  More about being not safe.

Munch – food, conversation, great stories.  i wish i could share stories, but they’re not mine to share.  Sir D makes the statement that we agree is the Dom quote of the day:

“It’s just easier to do it my way.”

{Laughing}  Yes, no doubt.  i can attest to that.

Play Party –  O.   Um.  Whew.

There was rope. 

And me. 

And Sir.

i’ll tell the first part. 

We talk about doing an “impact play” scene or a rope scene – i don’t care which we do.  Either one would be lovely.  Sir decides to do rope.

He decides to do a partial suspension.  One leg on the ground, one leg suspended.  That’s  fine with me.

So we’re at the party.  There is a structure for suspension.  Another couple uses it first; we watch and wait.

They are finished.  Sir D goes to the structure – it is up in the front of the room, a little bit lit up.  Not exactly on stage, but kind of.  The frame is kind of  like a swing set frame.  Sir puts a ring on the hook in the middle – like a huge key ring, but much sturdier.

The suspension ring is used for suspending someone using rope, by suspending the ring from somewhere else. Additional rope or lengths of rope then suspend the person from the ring.


He puts his weight on it to test it.

The ring has a number of metal, narrow, triangular pieces dangling from it.  i can’t find a picture of what they look like – sorry.

Anyhow.  He attaches the ring to the bolt already set in the wooden structure, and tests the weight, and then He gestures to me, “Come here,”

So of course i do.  i am  already in that head space of heightened awareness of my own body. 

“Bring both my bags up here, please,” He says.

i’m glad to do it.   i go back to our table to get them, and return carrying the one bag over my shoulder, the other is a little suitcase on wheels.  i pull it behind me.  i even remember, when i get to Sir, to push the button on the handle so i can push the handle back in – my first instinct is always just to push hard on it, cause that’s how mine works.

He opens the case, the bag.  Then looks at me, i’m just standing there, watching.  Waiting.

“Kneel,” He says.

i catch my breath – really?  here? O, yes, of course really, and why not here – i don’t think i even ask it aloud.

i kneel.  In the front of the room, in front of everyone.  But i kneel for Him. 

He has my attention.  My complete attention.


i think i’ll try again to nap.  i’m sure i’ll be back soon to finish the story….