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Valentine’s Day

13 Feb

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.

i am not a big fan of Valentine’s Day.  It’s a frigging Hallmark holiday, created {IMO} to sell cards and candy and flowers, with jacked up prices on flowers that are ridiculous.

And yet, it’s one of those holidays {like Mother’s Day} that if you ignore it, you feel bad.

When i was married we had little traditions we developed quickly so  we didn’t have to get too creative.   My first husband did flowers, which i do like a lot.  i did candy, which He loved, and we went out to dinner.  

My second husband always gave me some piece of jewelry with a heart in the design.  i’d give him a little series of small gifts of things he liked ~ candy, a book, tickets to a show, whatever.  

When i’m not in a relationship, i give my friends and family little candies or cards and try to content myself with that.  {Well, i do that some when i’m a relationship too, but it’s not the whole focus, right?}

If i’m in a new relationship, that’s the trickiest.  You don’t know what to expect, or what to give, or anything.  i kind of hate it.


So i got Sir a book ~ don’t tell HIm ~ it’s some previously unpublished stories by His favorite author, and i’m hoping He hasn’t already read it.  i’m hoping to come up with something else creative before tomorrow, but am not sure that’s going to happen.  i couldn’t find a card i liked so i’ll have to make one.  

My Sir is a Master of different and unique gifts.  They are often symbolic gifts rather than hands on material things, which i think will make life more interesting.

So for Valentine’s Day, He’s created a myth for me.  A legend.  And written a story about it.

The myth involves a karada, the japanese rope dress,

and a Dom on a quest ~ a little bit like Cinderella ~ but He seeks the one who fits the karada.  So He sends His man out to all the villages, looking for the submissive woman it fits… and all the women line up to try it on…

Sir’s giving me the story, which He’s already written, but the story is not the gift.  The legend that the story’s based on, the legend He created for me, is the gift.

How could i not love this man?