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Here She Is (Part XVIX) and Some Real Life Too

24 Jul

Just as He begins to get heavy, He rolls off me, His cock slips out of my pussy, leaving me empty and bereft.  i sigh, expecting Him to get up.  Instead He curls against me, pulls me to Him so we lie spooned together.

My back is securely pressed to His chest, my butt snuggled into His groin.  The floor is a little hard, but the carpet is soft.  i can feel His cock, half hard, pressing against me, and i wiggle a little, but just for a second.  His arm lying over me, the heat from His body, keeps me warm.

i listen to His breathing, smiling to myself as the breaths gets slower and slower… feeling myself breathing in rhythm with Him…

…i wonder if we’re going to fall asleep…  if He’ll stay here with me on the floor all night…


 i hear a woman’s voice.  i’m not sure where i am, and i don’t open my eyes, not wanting whoever it is to know that i’m awake.

“Jeezuz, she could apparently sleep through anything,” the voice says. It sounds like ~ like someone i know ~ who ~

“Well, just spread her legs and let’s get the lipstick off her.” this voice is female too, and i know that voice ~ O!

Of course.

Memory comes flooding back, the night before, My Major, My Master of Darkness…  falling asleep on the floor and~

O, my.  What are they do ~~ O, the lipstick.  Between my legs.  That’s what ~

“I know you’re awake.”  i don’t know, i’m not sure if that’s Diana or Selena, but it’s one of the two.  “I can tell.”

i open my eyes a slit, trying to see without opening them all the way.  i’m on my back, my legs spread wide, and i try to pull them together, but her body – someone’s body – is between my legs, kneeling between my legs, i see then, rocked back on her heels, there is a sheet beneath us and she’s smearing something cold on my pussy.  It’s Diana, i see.  Diana of the brown hair.

“Ahhh.”  i want her to stop, but i’m so groggy, and with her between my legs, i can’t exactly move easily.

“i know you’re awake,” she says again,.  “And that’s fine.  We’re just gonna get this lipstick off your pussy, let you pee and brush your teeth, and put you to bed.”  She’s rubbing me like i’m a floor she’s cleaning, and the cool feeling lotion she’s put on me is warming up under her touch.  i sigh and relax, the rhythm of her touch is more soothing now.

i could go back to sleep.

“Come on,” she says, before i can get too relaxed, “Up.  We’ll get the rest of this off in the bidet.  Careful now.”  She stands easily and she and Selena help me to my feet, make sure i’m steady on them.

“Come on,” she says again, “Let’s get you cleaned up and to bed.  You didn’t finish your inventory with Him yet, did you?’

i shake my head, no, wondering what she and Selena know about that.

“Well, we won’t start your instruction in the morning then, but He’ll be back early to continue, i can promise you that.”


In real life, i went to one of Ms. Constance’s classes yesterday afternoon, which was lots of fun.  The topic was “play.”  There were just a few people there, me and several couples, which made it nice, since it was part lecture, part discussion.  Lots of laughter.

It helped me tease out some of the things i’ve been thinking about, about casual play as opposed to a “submit to you all the time, and we’ll play sometimes” kind of relationship.  i’m just working on being comfortable with more casual play, and i think Bob and i are working on figuring out how it works.  If that makes any sense.

And public play is different from private play, although since we’re not having play parties after the munches at this point, i suppose the next time i’ll get a chance at public play will be at COPE.  

i think i came to this backwards, experiencing public play with Sir D first, i think i’m half-spoiled for anything else.

i think i have so many random thoughts floating around my head when i think about “play” that i can’t write a decent post about it yet.  i need to let it settle a bit and sort it out.  Maybe i’ll write about that tomorrow and wait to start ” The Major’s Discipline,” til Tuesday or Wednesday. 

And i’m going to the Fourth Sunday munch tonight, maybe i’ll have things to say about that too.