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Odds and Ends

29 Jan

i was on a short tether last night ~ no, i don’t know why, i wasn’t in trouble or anything.  When i commented on  it, He just laughed and pointed out that i don’t move much in my sleep anyway, so He was sure it wouldn’t be a problem.

Since He had just spanked me soundly and allowed me to please Him ~ and myself ~ in a variety of ways ~ i was in no frame of mind to argue, so i just said, “Yes, Sir.”  Then i rolled over, so my back was the opposite way from the usual, just to show Him i could.

Also different last night, instead of putting the rope directly on my ankle, He put the leather cuff on my right leg, and tied the rope to the ring in the cuff.  This morning, i had been at the computer for a while and got up to get more coffee.

i carry the tether with me into the kitchen, the cats trailing behind me as usual, pouncing on the rope.  i set the tether down, pour coffee, and move toward the refrigerator for milk, when i realize something feels wrong.  i look down and ~ yes ~ the rope is no longer tied to the cuff.

No, i don’t take that opportunity to make a break for it.  i carry the tether back to the study with me, and am just as decorous as if i were still tethered.  But.  When Sir gets up~~

~~  i quickly tell Him what’s happened.  

He looks stern.  “Untethered?”  He says.  “Planning to run away?”

“No, no, never!” i say.  “i think it was the cats.  They did it.”

He says, “I’m shocked!  I can’t believe you’re trying to blame it on the poor innocent cats.  I bet you did it on purpose,” He says, “planning to escape.”

“No!” i say, giggling madly, “No, never.”

He shrugs, “Well.  You’ll pay later.  With your ass.”   

Hmpf.  i had a feeling it would end that way.  Noooooo, i did NOT do it on purpose.


i haven’t quite finished the tasks on the list for Inspiring Blogger Awards – and now Jz has nominated me too, so i figure i better get on it.    Y’all know the rules, right?  In case you forgot:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

   2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
   3. State 7 things about yourself.
   4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and link to them.
   5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and requirements.

So here we go.  i probably won’t go notify you, but i might.  Stranger things have happened.  But probably i’ll just hope you get the ping-back notice or whatever you call it.

andi  ~ who just restarted her blog at this link, and who just got the Fabulous Gutter Blogger award.  i love to read her and follow the ups and downs of her life, even when i wish there weren’t any “downs” for her.  She is smart and brave and strong, and i admire her.

pouredout    – she is Florida Dom’s submissive, and i’m just beginning to follow her.  i love that i can read her blog and his blog and follow their paths.  Very cool.

perfectlypoly ~ new to the blog world, but ready to go, she’s going to be lots of fun.

Word Wytch  – who tells fabulous stories that go on for a long time and don’t just disappear when they’re getting good {like mine do.}  Really, she tells different kinds of stories and each one has a unique flavor.

night owl – who’s also fairly new, and tends to do the kind of posts i love, where she’s just had some fabulous insight or recognition of a new approach to take.  Or sometimes she finds her way as she’s writing.  Raw sometimes, her posts have soul.

joolz who just got the award from tori, but she was already on my list.  i’ve just started following her and am getting to know her stories.  

Jake – who also just got one, but deserves another for his commitment to sharing his journey, leading joy down the D/s path.   He is always interesting and an excellent read with a different perspective.

Conina – who i just love to read.  Very erotic adventures she has with her husband, which she shares in sensual detail, with just enough self-examination and insight thrown into the mix.

Fiona – who’s wild about Sir Q, and he about her, and it resonates through the blog and the spankings and so on.  Fiona is a blast.  i think i recently gave her another award.  Oops.

Kitty the Submissive Wife – who is interesting and exciting.  Again, there is deep love between her and her husband, and they are working hard at defining what their D/s relationship will be.  Bright and funny, i thoroughly enjoy her.

Kitty for Mr. Woods – another blogger who’s new to me, but lots of fun.  Worth visiting for the shoe pictures if nothing else.  🙂

And that’s it for today, folks.   i know that’s only 11, but sometime this afternoon or tomorrow, i will probably think, SH*T, Gosh darn it – i left out – {fill in the blank} and now i have room for them.  i tried not to give it to the exact same people as last time, or to people who already got one.  If  i did – oops.  Sorry.  

The Dom in the Garage

15 Jan

i missed youall yesterday, although it was kind of relaxing not to roll out of bed and start pounding out my aisha blog post.  But it seemed weird not to get comments during the day.  i felt strangely disconnected.

Anyhow.  i worked late last night, and Sir got home before me, which is unusual.  Clearly, i don’t want that to happen too often, because when i got here, He was out in the garage doing some woodwork.  He had his radio out there, tuned in to the basketball game, and was busily ~ busily doing something…

“Whatcha doing, Honey?” i say.

He looks up, the picture of a mad scientist, if you substitute a wood-burning set for the test tubes.

“Working on the pussy paddle,” He says.


O, yeah.

He’s had this scheme for a while, and since He was home alone last night, He thought He’d “go ahead and get started.”

Here’s a picture:


It’s about 24 inches long, and made from a piece of the same red oak as our regular paddle, so it will be pretty when He gets through with it.  The end is designed with the idea that He’ll be stroking some intimate body parts at times. Here’s a close up:


Yes, it looks like a nipple on the end.  He says if it doesn’t work right, it’s my fault {there’s a shock ~ giggling…  and i guess i’ll pay with my ass, right?}

Anyhow, He says He asked me what shape it should be and i just looked baffled and didn’t give Him any good ideas, so now i just have to accept whatever He comes up with.

{Laughing… }  Ok.  i’m pretty sure i didn’t have any good ideas for the shape, and i’m pretty sure i would have had to accept whatever He came up with in any case, so i guess that works out.  

The holes in it are, of course, there to give it more pain-power.  Because you know, just getting whacked between the legs with a piece of oak would probably not be painful enough all by itself.  Right?  

So i’m off to exercise and get ready for work ~ must get home earlier tonight…


Happy 2013!

1 Jan


In the last few hours of 2012, i learned a few things.  i learned that

  • If i’m attached to a tether by my wrists and a spreader bar at the ankles, bent over the bed, i really can’t move much

  • The paddle hurts like a *******  {insert your own expletive} even if He isn’t “putting any muscle in it.”

  • If He keeps tightening one nipple clamp, over and over, that also hurts like a *******.  And it still hurts the next day, even if He barely touches it.

  • The belt hurts ~ and i like it.  A lot.  i know, kinda crazy, isn’t it?   But i do.  It has a lovely thud.  

  • After i cum a few times, it all hurts much less.  Even those evil whacks in the most sensitive spots.

That’s all good information to take with me into 2013, don’t ya think?

On a whole other note, i’ve been running around reading blogs and making comments, and thinking about how much i love this blogging community.  You all have changed my life in so many ways.  

Whether we’re celebrating or commiserating, i know this is a place i can come and be accepted.  Thank you all for that.  i’m looking forward to all that 2013  brings us.

“I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to the end, or to tomorrow, even, and realize that my life is a collection of meetings and pop cans and errands and receipts and dirty dishes. I want to eat cold tangerines and sing out loud in the car with the windows open and wear pink shoes and stay up all night laughing and paint my walls the exact color of the sky right now. I want to sleep hard on clean white sheets and throw parties and eat ripe tomatoes and read books so good they make me jump up and down, and I want my everyday to make God belly laugh, glad that he gave life to someone who loves the gift.” 
― Shauna NiequistCold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life

Sanding 101

19 Dec

i had my first sanding lesson last night.

Yes, it was a lesson; i’ve never sanded before.  And really, i tried to tell Him i’m not a sanding kind of girl.  i’m the kind of girl who reads about someone else sanding.  That’s the kind of girl i am.

He didn’t even respond to that.  He just told me to put some different shoes on because my fluffy house slippers would be ruined by the fine layer of sand that was going to be created in the process.

“Yes, Sir,” is the only right answer to that.

The garage is cool, but not cold.  He starts off showing me the tools and explaining how it all works ~ why we use a sanding block, how to wrap the sandpaper around it, how to hold it.  He doesn’t let me start sanding the paddle right away.

He has an unfinished table leg that He got at Lowe’s.  i think it’s going to be a spreader bar someday.  But first, it is my practice piece of wood.

Finally, He hands me the sanding block and “lets me” begin.

Ok, it’s kind of soothing.  Just rubbing the wood back and forth.  It’s easy to concentrate on that, although other thoughts flit through my mind.

i had a difficult day yesterday.  Even though my morning thing went so well, and you might have thought that would be the beginning of wonderful day, it was not

Ok, it was not the day that was off kilter, it was me.  There were a couple of things, maybe three or four things, that triggered my “i’m no good and i can’t do anything right and i never will be able to do anything right so why don’t i just give up now”  recording in my head.

i KNOW that’s not true.  Really, really i do.  But that feeling can still settle on me like a cloud of gloom, and it did yesterday.

So i’ m sanding away, with the table leg on the work bench in the garage, thinking sanding will probably make me feel better.  i don’t much want to feel better, but there i am anyhow, sanding away and noticing how soothing the rhythm and the movements are and how smooth the wood is becoming, and feeling a bit better despite myself.

Then, “STOP!  I forgot a very important part!” says Sir.

i look up, startled ~

“Your panties!” He says.  “You’re supposed to take your panties off.”

i giggle.  i can’t help it.  “Really?   Here?”

“Yes, here.”  He taps my leg with the cane.  “Go ahead, get ’em off, hurry up.”

“But, Sir, it’s cold!  i’ll have to take my pants off!”

“Yes, I know, and you can put them back on.  Come on, hurry up.”

Another tap with the cane persuades me, and off come my pants ~ fortunately, they’re spandex ~ you know, like yoga pants ~ cause i hate the feel of jeans without panties.  Back on with the pants.

He hangs the panties on the pegboard with the yard clippers and other assorted tools.   That makes me smile.

Finally, He thinks i have the hang of it, and He lets me start on the paddle.  It is kind of pleasant.  

Until He pulls my pants down.

“Keep sanding,” He says, as He begins to smack my ass.

“Yes, Sir,” is the only right answer to that.


Having been spanked, caned, and used in a variety of ways, i’m feeling much better this morning.  i wake up with several ideas on how to resolve the problems and worries of yesterday.

Thank you, Sir.

…In Which aisha Gets a Spanking

9 Dec

i’m back ~ the other aisha ~here i am!

{waves – not the princess wave, just a friendly little wave…}

Of course as i write this, the ring on my leather cuffs hits my computer, making a delightful sound.  That’s certainly centering.  In its own special way.

Last night, we were supposed to have friends over for dinner, but they had to cancel, not quite at the last minute, but close enough that we’d already done some of the prep work.  So we went ahead with our plans for a lovely meal with half the food.

Earlier in the day, i had asked Sir if He’d spank me that night, whispering it in His ear, and He said yes.  Then He added, “But I might make you ask for it.”

 i said ok, but apparently i was still sounding over-eager, because He said, “Well, I might make you beg for it.”  

That slowed me for a second, but then i thought, “Ok, sure, i can do that.”

So when that moment comes, when i’m bent over the bed, ass exposed, and He says, “Ask me,” it’s not too hard.  Well, actually it took me a couple of tries to get it right ~ “Spank me, please, Sir,” were apparently the magic words.

But once was not enough.  “Beg,” He says.  “I want to hear you beg.”

Face down in the bed, this is not that hard a task.  “Please, Sir, Please spank me, please.”  

“That’s not very convincing,” He says.

“Please, Sir, please, please.  Please spank me.”

It takes me a couple of more tries before i sound adequately persuasive, but i’m rewarded with a serious ass whipping.

Um, “serious ass whipping,” but i still don’t think He left marks.  Let’s be clear.  An experience that makes me squirm and whimper and moan  probably doesn’t register very high on the “beating” scale.  And i am a big baby about it, i’m not quiet and i don’t hold very still.

i know.  That probably makes me a less-than-perfect submissive.  But Sir doesn’t seem to mind.

He does tie my hands together, attaching them to a rope that’s attached to the tether on the other side of the bed.  That’s for my own safety, He says.  For my own protection.  

So i don’t put my hands behind me and end up with a broken thumb.  Yikes!  Thank you Sir.

So there’s the paddle and the bamboo canes and this new piece of red oak He bought which is about as wide as a yardstick, but heavier, and the strip of wood that’s not red oak that He got with TIFKA, they all hurt a lot, and sometimes He uses His hands, but not for very long, and then He’s rooting around in the toys, trying to decide what else to use, i pipe up and say, “The flogger!  We haven’t used the flogger in a long time, Sir.”

Ah, the flogger.

Have i mentioned how much i love the flogger?

He uses it all over me, on my back and legs and thighs, and it’s lovely.

Then He goes back to the paddles and canes and serious implements of ass beating.  


Then there are orgasms, and after the first one, everything else hurts a lot less.  The paddle is still pounding, but i’ve quit resisting, it’s all “yes, Sir, may i have another,” head space for me.

Paddle, canes, flogger, red oak stick, paddle, flogger, hands, canes...  At last, i’m lying in a puddle of happy.   Or maybe i am a big puddle of happy.  Hard to say.


Thank you, Sir.


But in fairness to the universe, i have to say, i got my balance back sometime yesterday afternoon.  i was driving back from the grocery and all of a sudden, there it was.

Probably because i quit looking for it.  Or because i wrote about it?  Who knows.  i’m just glad to be back.


4 Dec

Sorry, friends, i’m empty right now.

Got home late last night ~ well, late for me ~  after a project i’d been working on had come to completion.  i was drained then.

Sir had worked on the paddle some more ~ it’s now smoother where he sawed it, and on the edges, and ready, He says, for sanding.  Um, o, yay?

He was going to really use it last night, at least i guess He was, and i didn’t resist but i really didn’t want Him to.  Really didn’t.

It was a big ole trigger, for whatever reason, and i was bent over the bed, hands tied, thinking some really sad thoughts, my head was just not in the right space.  i was wondering if getting spanked and paddled would put me in “the right headspace” or if i was going to dissociate instead.

Wondering very dispassionately, from a distance.

Wondering if i should say something.

Not knowing what to say.  

So i’m saying nothing, and He’s doing what He would normally do, and i guess, expecting me to respond, only i’m not.

Not verbally, not physically.

i feel like i’m not there.

And wondering if pain will bring me back or if i’ll go farther away.

i don’t know what’s happening with Him.  i don’t know if He can tell i’m gone.

But He stops.  He puts the paddle down and unties my hands and pulls  me to Him.

He wraps me in His arms and finishes taking my clothes off and puts me to bed.

He gets in bed too and He lets me hold Him for a long time.   Then we go to sleep.

This morning, i am here again.  

Not sure why i’m still drained, emotions close to the edge.  i’ve already cried twice this morning ~ once over a touching blog post.

Then i watched this video that Donna sent and cried because it was so beautiful.


i don’t know what would have happened if Sir had continued with the paddle last night.  i don’t know.  Maybe it would have been ok.

But i’m so grateful and glad that Sir is my Sir.  What He did last night made me feel like He saw me, that He wasn’t just on His own path and not aware of me.  i don’t know what He thought, and we haven’t talked about it, but He knew what i needed.

i love Him.

And i didn’t think i had anything to say this morning… guess i did after all.

20 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

20 Nov

Naomi sits.  Quickly.

Anna smiles, just a hint of a smile, but with warmth.  “Good girl,” she says.  Naomi settles herself cross legged on the cushion, aware of the new welts, and the old welts on her ass and thighs.  Anna hands her a lap desk, a small notebook, three index cards, and a fancy pen.

“Now,” she says.  “I know you have questions for me, this will be an opportunity to ask them.  I’ll give you a little time to think about what to ask, about 15 minutes ~ you are only allowed three questions.  Write each one on a separate card, please.

“I’ll let you know when you have five minutes left,” she goes on, “and when you have one minute left.  Feel free to make notes in the notebook if that helps you think through the questions.  Some people have found it helpful to jot down all their questions, and then pick three, but that’s up to you, of course.”

Pen in hand, Naomi stares at the notebook.  Questions swirl through her mind.  Who are Wendy and Sara?  What are they doing here?  And what about Mark and Sean?  Are they in training too?

When will Sir Daniel come back?  And Sir Evan?  Will they ~” and she pauses, not sure what to write.  Will they fuck her?  Will they both fuck her?  Use her mouth?    And her ass?

For a moment she can see it, Sir Daniel is behind her, fucking her pussy, and Sir Evan has His cock in her mouth.   Sidetracked, she shivers and her pussy clenches.

She shakes her head, now is not the time to think of that.  And what is the real point of this?  Sir Daniel makes it sound like it’s going to help her, that it will teach her discipline, but will it all be like this?  Will she ever get to wear clothes again?  Or talk?  And what about her home? Her life?  If she stays here, won’t people worry about her?

Naomi sighs.  She’s scribbling questions in the little notebookas fast as she thinks of them, but there’s no clock in the room and she has no idea how much time has gone by.

“Five minutes left,” Anna says, and Naomi thinks, well, there’s one question answered.

She looks back through her questions.  Which three does she most want the answers to?  

When Anna says “One minute left,” Naomi has almost finished transferring her top three questions to the the index cards.

When the bell rings, Anna takes the cards from her.  The first question is about her home and what’s going to happen to account for her absence.  

Anna reads it aloud and nods.   “Of course you’re worried,” she says.  “Sir Daniel is taking care of that for you, there’s no need to worry.  He’ll let you know if He needs your input or help.”  She sets that card aside and goes on to the next one.

“What are my goals here?” she reads aloud.  “O, another good question.”  She smiles and strokes Naomi’s cheek.  “If we fully understood the answer to that one, you would not need to be here.”  To Naomi’s dismay, she sets the card aside.

Picking up the last card, Anna reads, “Who are Wendy and Sara, and  Mark and Sean, and what are they doing here?”

This time, Anna frowns.  She shakes her head.  “This question ~ this one is none of your business.  They are here for themselves, just as you are.  i am a little disappointed that you chose that question.  i think you are just curious about them, this isn’t a question from deep inside yourself.”

Naomi blushes, of course that’s none of her business really, she is just curious.  She hates that she has disappointed Anna, and she hates that she feels that way.  This is crazy.  Stockholm syndrome, that’s all this is, this desire to please the woman who has whipped her, who makes her sit on the floor, who hasn’t answered any of her questions!

Tears well up.

Anna is watching her closely.  “You feel bad, you are worried and upset,” she says.  

The tears spill over, a couple of them run down Naomi’s cheeks.  Anna reaches out to touch them, wiping them away.  “This is hard, yes?” she says.  “You may speak freely now.  Tell me what is on your mind and in your heart.”

“You didn’t answer any of my questions,” says Naomi, more tears spilling over.  “And – and now you’re disappointed in me!  And i don’t know what’s going to happen to me, what’s going to happen next.”  With a kleenex, Anna gently wipes Naomi’s tears away.

Naomi, undone by this tenderness, goes on, ” And i don’t want to care if you are disappointed, but i do care, and that kind of makes me mad.  Why do i even care what you think?  And you didn’t answer any of my questions!  i went through all that work picking questions, and you didn’t answer any of them.”  She is sobbing now.

Anna lets her cry, stokes her hair waiting til the tears have subsided.  Then she hands her a couple of kleenex, “Blow,” she says, and Naomi blows her nose.

“Better?” she says, and Naomi nods, not sure why she feels better, but she does.

“So many more questions, so much hurt,” Anna says.  “You are upset that I didn’t answer your questions, but I never said I would, I only said you could ask.  Naomi, you are in training as a slave.”  She smiles, warm and caring, “Slaves don’t get to know what’s going to happen next, or what their goals are, or any of that.”

“And of course you care if you disappoint me,” Anna goes on.   “Right now, I represent your Master, and you want to please Him above everything else, right?’

Slowly, Naomi nods.  Yes.  She does.  Of course she does. 

“So that is all you need to worry about,” says Anna.  “When you disappoint, you will be punished, and there is no need for you to punish yourself.”  As she says this, she  takes a small metal ring from her desk.  It ‘s about the size of a nickel, but hollow in the center, and has a tiny hinge that allows her to open it.  Anna snaps it onto one of the large rings on Naomi’s collar ~ not the ring in the front that they have used to attach the leash or her hands to, but a ring on the left side of the collar.

“Now,” Anna says, “When it is time for punishment, we will be able to count infractions.  Do you have any last comments before you need to be silent again?”

Naomi looks down shyly.  She feels so good, so light, as if huge burdens have been lifted off her.  Saying the words isn’t easy, but she very much wants to, so she raises her head to look directly at Anna.  “Thank you, ma’am,” she says.

Between the Dashes ~ Sir Goes Shopping {O, My!}

19 Nov

Saturday afternoon, Sir and i went our separate ways.  He headed out to do errands.  i napped, and read some blogs, and exercised, and wrote a blog post, and was cleaning up the kitchen when He came home.

i notice that He has a bunch of “stuff” in His hands.  Something long ~ several long things ~ maybe four feet long.

“Here,” He says, “Let me set this stuff down,” and He disappears into the study.  Moments later, He’s back, and wraps His arms around me.

After a long hug, and an “mmmmm,” or two from me, i say, “How was your day?”

“GREAT!” He says, letting go of me.  “Wait til you see what I got!  Did you know they sell bamboo at Lowe’s?”

i’m laughing, “No, Sir, actually, no, i didn’t.”

“Well, they do, look at this!”  And He leads me into the study.

There they are.  Pieces of bamboo.  Um, poles.  Bamboo poles.  One really thick one and three skinny ones.  Trying to be coy, i say, “Um, what’s that for?”

He says, “What’s that for?!  For you, of course.  You know, leaving welts, it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s how fast the implement’s moving, and these can move really fast.”  He shakes His head, “What’s it for?  It’s for you!  i got it for you.”

What can a girl say but, “Thank you, Sir”?  So i say it, nicely, i hope.  And He laughs.

Then He says, “And ~ wait til you see this!  Remember that paddle I used up at COPE?”  i nod, o, yes, i remember that paddle.  “Well look at this,” He says.

i put the piece of wood on the arms of Sir’s chair, and that’s a ruler – the orange thing, so you can tell just how big it is! That’s the smooth side, btw.

Yes, it’s a piece of wood.  NOT just any piece of wood.  It’s red oak.  One of the hardest types of wood you can buy that’s native to the Unites States, He says.  {Don’t ask me how He knows this stuff.}

He explains that it’s going to make a WONDERFUL paddle.  All He’s got to do is cut it down here {and He demonstrates} so He can grip it easily.  And put a hole in it so He can put a piece of braided rope or something through the hole so He can put that over His wrist and make sure He has a firm grip on it.  While He paddles me. 

It just needs to be sanded real good, so it’s smooth.  “Here,” He says, handing it to me.  “Feel it.  Which side do you want used on you?  Which side do you think is the business end?”

Cautiously, because i generally anticipate walking into some kind of trap here, i feel both sides with my fingertips.  One side seems rougher, grainier than the other.  So not that one.  Hesitantly, i flip it over and say, “This side?”

He says, “That side?  That’s the side you want against your skin?”

“Um, yes, i think so…” i say.  “It feels smoother than the other one. Isn’t it?

“Well, yes, it is!” He says approvingly.  Then, “Too bad, the other side is the business side.  The smooth side is where you put any fancy decorations you might want.”

“O,” i say.  “i see.”  i knew there was not really a choice here.

“Have you ever sanded anything?” He asks.

“No, no, Sir, i haven’t,” i say, totally prepared to admire His sanding expertise.

“O, good,” He says, “This will be a good learning experience for you.”  i guess my face shows my disbelief ~ i’m thinking WHAT?  You want ME to sand it?  But i bet my face just said, “Um, excuse me?”

Anyhow, He says, “Yes, you, it’ll be great.  Really make the whole experience more personal, more enjoyable.  You have to do it slowly, rubbing the sanding paper over it like this,” and He demonstrates.  “Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do it.”

And what’s a girl to say but, “Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”  So i say it, and i’m laughing.

Later, i massage Sir’s shoulder for a while, He’s having some pain.  The massage helps, and then He says, “But i think i need to work some of the stiffness out. Swing that arm a little bit.”

It takes me a minute to get it.  In fact, it’s not til He turns me over His knee that i realize what kind of arm swinging He has in mind.  i suggest that this might actually make his shoulder worse, but He assures me, No, this will be just what He needs.

After a little hand spanking, we adjourn to the bedroom, where He continues to work out the kinks {giggle} by beating my poor ass with the bamboo poles and the paddle.  

The paddle felt just as you might imagine, like a big ole piece of wood thudding on my ass.  He complained mildly about the grip, noting it would be easier to use once He carved the end of it down, but it didn’t seem to bother Him any from my perspective.

The canes were ~ well, they were interesting.  Here’s a picture of one of them:

It didn’t seem like they hurt too much at first, and then they got a bit stingier, and then a bit more stingier, and then they hurt like a ~ well, you know, like a mother~.  They left some nice welts, which i felt like i’d earned, but when i got up this morning, they were already gone.   

Sir’s shoulder was fine this morning too, so i guess He did know what He needed all along.  


i went to SIG yesterday too ~ the Special Interest Group discussion ~ and had a lovely time, but that will have to wait for another day  {Waves to Ms. Constance, and CS, and C, and anyone else who was there…}

19 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

18 Nov

Held in place, spread-eagle on the large frame, both her front and back sides are easily accessible to the floggers.  Naomi thinks, they are tag-teaming me, and almost smiles, but then the flogging grows more intense, and she is no longer thinking about anything except the sensation.

Sara’s flogger lands rhythmically on Naomi’s ass and back and the tops of her thighs, making a lovely thuddy noise, and at first Naomi struggles against it, but as she accepts that there is no escape, she begins to find it exciting and somehow soothing at the same time.

Just as she relaxes into these sensations, Sara pauses, and Wendy begins using the shorter flogger on her breasts and between her wide-spread thighs.   It stings her nipples, which are already hard, and arouses her even more.  Her pussy is burning, and she longs to be fucked again.

While Wendy flogs Naomi’s breasts, Sara strokes her back and ass.  Naomi is moaning with pain and pleasure mingled.  When they switch off again, when Sara begins to flog her, Wendy pinches her nipples and strokes the inside of her thighs.

Sara increases the intensity a bit, but Naomi is barely aware of this.

“Just ten minutes,” says Anna.  “Stop when I tell you to.”

Naomi thinks 10 minutes will be a long time, but she loses her self in the touch of the flogger, the caress of hands, and she’s shocked when Anna gives the signal to stop by ringing the lovely bell again.

Naomi thinks vaguely that she will carry an emotional response to that sound for the rest of her life.

“Finish up now,” says Anna.

Wendy pinches each of Naomi’s nipples, hard, and then penetrates her with two fingers, commenting on how wet and aroused “this slut” is.  Sara slides a finger ~ two fingers? ~ into her asshole.  Naomi is so wet, the fingers slide in easily, and she moans.

Then they unhook her from the frame, and lead her to the sink, in the area where Sean and  Mark have been preparing breakfast.  They each wash one of her hands, washing their own too in the process, making her giggle.

“Come,” says Anna.  She’s sitting on a stool at a breakfast bar table that seats six.  She directs Naomi to sit on her left, next to Sean.  Wendy sits at the other end of the table, and Mark and Sara on the other side.

The table is arranged with lovely placemats in green and gold tones, heavy plates and big mugs.  Naomi smells coffee.

Mark serves, pouring coffee into her cup, offering milk and sweetener.  He’s wearing clothes now, a tee-shirt and pants, but the pants are ~ well, they have an opening in the front for his cock, and are cut out in the back as well, exposing his ass.  Naomi can’t help noticing it’s a nice ass, and is embarrassed that her eyes are drawn to his cock.

Sara and Wendy have put on robes, open in the front, slit in the back, but still, they are half covered, thinks Naomi, who is still completely naked.  The seat of the stool is plastic, and it’s an odd sensation to sit on it naked.

Only Anna is wearing a robe that is closed, belted around her waist.  The sleeves are wide, and she reminds Naomi of a priestess.

Naomi is allowed a piece of toast, multi-grain, she thinks, and half an orange.  She eats them with great pleasure, slowly sipping her coffee and savoring the tastes.

“We don’t eat much for breakfast,” Anna says,  “since we have exercise class soon after this.  But before that, i want to give you an opportunity to ask some questions.  I’m sure you have many.”

Naomi thinks, “O, yes!  i have tons of questions,” and might have spoken, but Anna puts a finger to her mouth, stopping her.

“No,” she says.  “I will give you time to think.  You are allowed three questions, and I will give you cards to write them on.  You still do not have permission to speak.  Enjoy your breakfast now.”

Anna turns her attention to Wendy, and then Mark, asking them about some book they’d read.  Naomi barely listens, she is trying to formulate her questions.  What does she most want to know?

When they have finished eating, they all carry their plates to the sink.  “Wendy and Sara, you may do the dishes, and clean up” says Anna.  “Mark, you and Sean may start on your reading assignments.  Naomi, come with me.”

Anna leads Naomi to a little writing table in a corner of the room, near a window.  Quite unexpectedly, she puts her hand between Naomi’s legs and penetrates her pussy.  “As I thought, slut,” she says, “You are far too wet to be allowed to sit on furniture.  Here, have a seat on this cushion on the floor.  This will be your cushion in this room.”

Anna then seats herself at the writing desk.  Naomi is flooded with feelings.  She feels herself blushing ~ too wet to sit on the furniture?

Anna notices her still standing, and points to the floor with a smile.  “Go ahead and sit,” she says kindly.  “You haven’t yet learned your place in this house yet, but you will.”

When Naomi still doesn’t obey, Anna shakes her head.  “That’s three,” she says gently.  Naomi had not noticed the crop leaning against the desk, and Anna is standing, crop in hand, before Naomi realizes what’s happening.

Taking Naomi’s hair in one hand, Anna bends her forward.  “Three,” she says, “For being slow to obey.”

The crop slashes through the air three times, each time landing above or below the previous spot.  Naomi cries out.

When Anna is finished, she says, “Now sit down, please,” and Naomi obeys quickly.

18 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

15 Nov

Sean attaches a leash to Naomi’s collar, hooking it to the ring where her hands had been fastened the night before.  It clicks into place, and she feels it pull a bit on the collar.  Her pussy clenches.

He leads her down a hallway, opens s door.  They step inside the room, which is dimly lit, and stop.  It’s a large room, and quite warm.

Wendy and Sara are sitting on the floor on ~ they must be yoga mats.  They are naked.   A woman Naomi has not seen before comes to the door to greet then.

She presses her hands together in front of her and bows slightly to Sean, saying “Namaste.”

Sean returns the salutation.  The woman turns toward Naomi and does it again, the slight bow with hands pressed together at chest level.  “Namaste,” she says.

Naomi is not sure what to do, but the woman says, “You may greet me.”  Naomi brings her hands together in the same position and bows slightly.   The woman nods again, encouragingly, and Naomi says, “Namaste,”  grateful that she’s already familiar with the Buddhist greeting.

“Good girl,” says the woman.  “I’m Anna.  I will be in charge of your training, along with Sir Evan, of course.  You can expect your mornings to start very much like this one has so far.  Sean, would you show her where the mats are and how to get set up, please?  We are ready to start the guided meditation.”

Sean unfastens her leash, and directs her gently, with few words, so she is quickly set up on a mat near Wendy and Sara.  There is another man there, also naked, and Sean introduces him as Mark.  Mark stands and, “You should greet him,” says Sean.

Quickly, Naomi goes down on one knee and kisses the cock Mark offers her.

“Get comfortable on your mat,” says Anna.  Her voice is low and soothing.  Naomi realizes this was the voice on the intercom that first directed her this morning.  She settles herself on her mat, cross-legged.

Naomi looks around.  There is little furniture in this part of the room, and a mirror along one wall.  She can see them all reflected in the mirror.  Heavy curtains at the windows, and a beautiful rug in shades of red and purple is at some distance from them.  Soft music in the background.

“Become aware of your breathing,” says Anna.  “The rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out.  Attend to my voice, to my words.  When your attention wanders, notice that your attention has wandered and gently bring it back to me.”

“Mindfulness!” thinks Naomi.  “We’re doing mindfulness!  How cool ~ really ~ this is just what i’ve wanted to do to start my day!  O, i’m not listening ~ what’s she saying?”  And Naomi brings her attention back to Anna.

“Become aware of your body.  The feeling of the mat under you, the air on your skin…”

The meditation goes n for a long time, and Naomi’s mind wanders over and over.  Each time, she notices and brings her attention back to the room and to Anna’s voice.

Finally, Anna says, “And so we start our day, ready to serve, to be pleasing, and to obey with a joyful heart.  Sean, will you and Mark prepare breakfast, please?  Naomi, you are to be flogged first.  Wendy and Sara, will you show her how to position herself, please?”

Naomi is startled.  She had been lulled into such a sense of well-being that she had forgotten she was to be flogged this morning.

Sara and Wendy each take one of her hands, as if they were simply walking together as young girls do.  They lead her to the other side of the room, to a frame, rather like the frame for a porch swing, but sturdier.  Metal rings hang from the top.

Wendy and Sara have Naomi stand in the middle while they hook each wrist cuff to a ring above her head.  Then they have her spread her legs wide.  Ankle cuffs are attached to each ankle, and then to a rope connected to the sides of the frame.

Naomi is standing spread-eagle, securely fastened to the frame.   She feels a moment of panic, but Sara steps up behind her, grasps Naomi’s hair firmly, and says, “It’s ok.  You’re in our hands now.  Just open yourself, be open to what comes to you.”

Wendy moves to the front of Naomi and caresses her nipples, making them harden under her touch.  Naomi feels the answering tug in her pussy, and whimpers.

“Check her cunt,” says Sara, and Wendy penetrates her, making her gasp.

“It’s ok,” says Sara again.  “Some things will hurt, and some will feel good.  You only have to obey, and let us teach you.”  She steps back then, the air is cooler behind Naomi for a moment, although Wendy is still stroking her body in front, caressing her gently.

The first blow from the flogger makes her gasp again.  Wendy smiles.  “Remember,” she says, rubbing her thumb against Naomi’s mouth.  “Don’t bite your lovely lips.  We want to hear your reactions.”