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And now…

18 Sep

…i’m back in our room, just taking a break before we go to Scarlet Sanctuary.   “What’s that?’ you say.  Well, i’m not sure yet, but it sounds like a kinky reiki session – you know, “the healing touch thing they do, but focused on sexual chakras.  (i’m probably not using the right terminology, but that’s ok…you get the idea, right?)

We haven’t played tonight, and that’s ok, because everything else has been so amazing and almost overwhelming, and Sir has just led me around from room to room, letting me look and ask questions and try to take it all in. We saw some pretty cool rope suspension, but omigosh, i can’t possibly describe it.   Well, one of them involved props with an underwater theme and people blowing bubbles, but that doesn’t really help you imagine it.

O!  i know what i need to tell you about!  The Sybian!  Have you all heard of it?  Here’s a picture:


It's just what it looks like. A - um, like a dildo. Mounted on a machine. Yes, you sit on it and they turn it on and ...

And yes, there were women riding it and having loud moaning orgasms and – whew!  i’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Gotta go now – Sir D is out roaming the halls, and i don’t won’t to miss anything.