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On Your Mark…Get Ready…

3 Feb

It is THE DAY.  

Just a few hours and we’ll be on the road.  

Tonight,  we’ll be in a dungeon with a bunch of half-naked people.   Floggers and whips.  Rope.

i’m so excited, i just about can’t stand it.

But i’m very much at the “get ready” point ~~ i’m not packed, still need to do my Nia thing, get my cats supplied with enough food and clean litter boxes, not to mention prepping myself ~ showering, shaving, and so on…

The cats are worried and restless, rubbing against me, getting under my feet.  They know what’s coming.

So why am i sitting here reading OPB’s and writing this post?  i should already be running around being busy.  

But there’s something magical about this moment.

Liminal time.  Betwixt and between.

i’ve already turned my focus away from home things ~ work, volunteer things, even family are all slipping away.  

My mind is turning toward my Sir and the weekend.   Stretched out before us like a blank slate, it is pure possibility.

Once i start moving for real, i will have begun to paint on the canvas.  Making choices that begin to shape the weekend.  

So i linger here, playing blues on YouTube, savoring the moment.


But in a minute here ~ just another minute or two ~ it will all begin.  Swept into a whirlwind that will take me places i cannot predict or control.

Get ready.  Get set ~~~

Blog Smorgasbord

6 Nov

As we’ve been talking about love, i’ve been thinking about the idea that we grow to love people by behaving lovingly towards them.  One of the mixed blessings of my first marriage is that it gave me lots of opportunity to learn this.

i would sometimes be so hurt and angry at my husband that i didn’t think i could stand it, i just wanted out, i felt like i hated him.  i’d weigh out my options, and each time, for many years, i’d end up sighing and staying.

But i wouldn’t stay and be miserable, and i couldn’t be happy and hate him at the same time.   So i’d make myself behave with love.

This was not what i felt like doing.  But it was the right thing to do.

Amazingly, in just a short time, my feelings would shift to align with my behavior.  As i did loving things for him, my heart would crack open, i’d be able to focus on the things that were positive about him, and eventually love would be in the room again.

For me, it was simply that i was not going to be an unloving person, or live in a household without love.  

In graduate school, i learned about cognitive dissonance.  i think that’s part of the psychological explanation for how that worked.   

So i’ve been thinking about that as i write about love.  Then i stumbled across this link on Facebook:


The article says ~ in part ~

The Misconception: You do nice things for the people you like and bad things to the people you hate.

The Truth: You grow to like people for whom you do nice things and hate people you harm.

It’s a pretty cool article, and supports the idea that actions can drive our feelings.   Maybe we are what we do,  

In any case, i thought i’d throw the link into the mix for your consideration.


On a different note, i really enjoyed the comments on the video “Cunt.”  It was nice hearing from some people i didn’t know before or don’t usually hear from too.  

If you enjoyed the video, you will probably also like this blog post.  {Also coming to you compliments of Donna…  thanks, Donna!}  The comments are particularly fun.



And last night, Sir X and i went to the munch.  He came over early so i didn’t miss getting my maintenance spanking.  In fact, my ass was still pink and a little stingy, a pleasant reminder of my time bent over the arm of the couch.

He brought me the new collar He made for me.  Here it is:

It’s very simple, just a few strands knotted at intervals.  i love it.  He says He may do it in a color too.  i’m hoping for purple.

The munch was fun.  Great food, more room to get up and socialize than there has been at some other venues.  We both enjoyed it.

Of course, Ms. Constance and Drew were there.  Ms. Constance was beautiful in a multi-colored silky top with full, flowing sleeves, and a skirt with fringe around the bottom.  She was wearing a lovely necklace that Drew,had brought her from his trip to Alaska.

She’s spearheading our local “I *HEART* it in The Can” drive, collecting canned goods and pet supplies.   Of course, she was getting an overwhelming response.

My friend from England, H, was there, and it was fun talking to her.  BTW, she says i’m still glowing.  Just for the record, in case you were wondering.  Apparently it hasn’t worn off at all.

There were a couple of raffles  too.  One of them was to raise money for the regional title holders of Master/slave, so they can go to the international level of the contest.  

i wasn’t going to buy one, but then i felt bad for not supporting jackie and Sir Charles, especially when jackie was selling the tickets.  i never win anything, but that’s no reason not to make a donation, right?

AND ~ guess what!!!


i won!!

The prize was a set of the Anne Rice trilogy “Sleeping Beauty,” which i haven’t read, and a flogger.

We left right after the drawing ~ with me blushing, as Sir X slapped the flogger against His hand, and H laughingly chanted, “O, you’re in so much trouble!  You’re gonna be in so much trouble when you get home…”

But the flogger will have to wait for another day, because when we got home there was a time of tenderness and gentle caresses.  i will draw the veil of privacy here.