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Real Life Again

19 Aug

Look at this:

Is that too cool?  

That’s right, it’s a cfm shoe tape dispenser.  Perfect, isn’t it?  I fell in love with it at Staples, and just had to show you.

But that’s not what i’m writing about today.

i’m posting late this morning because i was up too late last night, and i was up too late because i was talking to this Dom.


That kind of “talking.”

i’ve been back on collarme for a while, ever since Sfp’s visit, and have made several friends, including litenthunder, and some other people.  Recently, i thought i had a couple of real possibilities – Doms that were local.

And i s’pose something could still develop there.  You never know what could happen in the long run.

But a few days ago, i started talking to this one Dom.  

It’s hard to say what sparks an attraction, isn’t it?   Well, it helps that he could say more than “Hi.”  And he didn’t just want phone sex, like Mr. Phone, who Sbf and i have both been approached by.

But whatever started it, there are some sparks.

And really, that’s all i can say.  i don’t even have a blog name for him yet, and when i asked him if he had suggestions, he said Elvis, which was not very helpful.  No, i am not calling him Elvis.  Not even if that might someday make him “Sir E.”

laughing… seriously, he wants to see what i come up with.

In the meantime, Bob sent me a lovely fantasy, and an offer to make it reality, which i turned down with a twinge of regret.

Someone i’d chatted with a little bit sent me a text:  Good morning!  Happy Friday!  It’s a “no panties” Friday!”

i ‘m literally laughing out loud – really?  Is this like a national event?  Or is he thinking that he can just randomly – really, think about this – just randomly text me to tell me not to wear panties?   

“No panties Friday.”


i wanted to text him back and say, “So you’re not wearing panties today?”

Snicker.  Omigoddess.  Puh-lease.  

Mr. “No Panties” and i had one fairly long text conversation.  Maybe a week ago.  Good grief.

And, it’s unfortunate, because i had thought he was maybe a real possibility.  Do you think they teach that crap in some third rate Dom school?  

But my nameless Dom is fascinating.  He’s ~ really smart.  And funny.  And interesting. And he has good timing.  So, he doesn’t leave the Dom switch “on” all the time, but when he turns it on, it’s effective. 

He makes me squirm


It’s really early days, and that makes me really, really, really nervous, and i don’t even know why i’m talking about him already cause it’s way too soon ~~

~~ and he might come visit over Labor Day weekend.

No, it’s not too soon for that.  You know how i am ~ i want to see.  i need to see.  Like a Doubting Thomas, i won’t believe it til i see.

So, i’ve got lots of other stuff on my mind, but no time… and really, that’s his fault, cause he keeps talking to me.

Which i love.

Ok, so now forget i said anything about him, cause it’s way too early to get excited, even though he might be a touch smitten, even though there are a zillion things i like about him, but you know ~~

well.  you know.

It’s hard for me to hold that tension of uncertainty anyhow.  And that’s where i need to be.

On a whole other note, ‘Nilla is coming to visit FOR SURE in October.  i’m so excited i just about can’t stand it.  


And ~ just one more thing – my stats counter says i’m inching up on 50,000 ~ yeah, really. Is that cool or what?

Life is good.