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Yes Please (Part V)

15 Dec

The man standing beside our table is not the server who’s been with us all evening.  This is an older man in a suit; he had stopped by the table earlier to ask us if everything was ok.  He’d been chatting with people at other tables – the owner, maybe.  i look around and realize  Sir D and i are the only people left in the restaurant.

“I’m going to finish up taking care of you folks tonight,” the stranger who is probably the owner says.  “We’ve got some fine desserts this evening.”  He begins listing them, describing, but my attention is not on him. 

i’m thinking about the little pink remote control still lying there on Sir’s side of the table.  The remote that controls the egg deep in my pussy, the egg that has not been activated.  Yet.  i can’t help wondering if He’s really not going to use it after all.

i’m disappointed.  i have to admit it to myself anyhow.  i wanted Him to use it. 

This was all new for me – this kind of public exposure.  First, He’d made me straddle the chair, pulling my skirt up to expose my legs, encased in knee-high boots. 

He’d given me this vibrating egg, practically had me unwrap it right here at the table.  Made me go in the bathroom and put it in my pussy – which was already throbbing and hot and longing for more.

Then – He’d made me crawl under the table and, if i hadn’t actually sucked His cock, i had symbolically done it.  i smiled to myself a little.  That had been fun.

And He’d teased me with that remote control for the egg, picking it up and putting it down.  Every time He did that, my pussy clenched, a shiver ran through me.  i braced myself, not sure what to expect. 

Anxious and eager.

Now, clearly, we are almost finished.  It has been a mindfuck after all. 

Well, He’d said something about going to the movies.   Maybe He planned to use it there.  That would be pretty cool.

i had not realized how far away my attention had drifted, until –

Sir says, “aisha, would you like some dessert?” and i realize i’ve missed the descriptions.  i look at Him, realize that He knows i don’t have a clue.  But He’s smiling and waiting anyhow.

“Um, i’m not sure…” i say and –

“Of course she’s not,” says the restaurant owner, “I notice your remote control there – “

i think, “Omigod, He did not just say that -” and he goes on –

“I hope you don’t mind me saying…”

and i think, “Omigod, He’s going to talk about it!! – and he says –

“That would be enough to distract anyone.”  And he smiles, as if he’d just commented on the weather.

i want to crawl under the table – o, no – wait – not under the table, that would be worse – i want to disappear.  i blush, my whole body gets hot.  And – worst of all – my pussy is hotter.  Much hotter.

i’m looking at Sir, waiting for Him to react – expecting – i don’t know what. 

He’s smiling.  Calmly, casually.  Omigod. 

He says –

“Well it shouldn’t be too distracting, i haven’t even turned it on yet.”

Time has stopped – this can’t be happening.  He’s talking to this stranger, the restaurant owner maybe, talking to him about me and the vibrating egg hidden in my pussy. 

Well, not so hidden now. 


My heart is racing, i can’t believe this is happening. 

Sir is toying with the remote.  “I guess I should turn it on,” He says.  “Aisha, what do you think?  Shall I turn it on now?”

i’m frozen.  Wordless.  i can only gasp – i can’t believe we’re having this conversation in front of a strange man.  And He expects me to answer Him.

And what can i say?  Yes?  i want to say yes – i want to feel it.   But omigod, how slutty would that be? 

Do i want – could i say no?  i can’t imagine it.  It would be a lie.  

And are we really having this conversation in front of some man?  A man who’s watching me with interest, waiting to hear my answer.   i blush even more.

“Aisha,” Sir’s voice breaks through my fog.  “Aisha, look at me.  Focus on me, please.”

As i obey Him, as i look at Him, the rest of the room, even the stranger standing beside us, fades away.  i am caught up, wrapped up with my Sir.  Nothing else matters.

He smiles, “Good girl.” 

And then –

         – i begin to feel it – deep inside my pussy –

                                                                         the egg begins to vibrate.

My eyes widen, i know they do – the rush of sensation through my pussy is so extreme, i bite my lip, trying not to moan, watching Sir.  He’s smiling, watching me start to squirm.

“Don’t cum yet,” Sir says, “Ask permisision first.  Is that clear?”

And i have to speak then, “yes, Sir,” i say, barely able to get the words out, keeping my focus on Him.  My hips are moving.

“Very nice,” says the stranger.  i ignore him, focus on Sir –

– focus on the sensations filling my pussy as i rise closer and closer to the top —-

              and “Touch your nipples,” Sir says,

                                     a moan escapes me –

He knows that will put me over the top.  “Yes, Sir,” i say, and i do it, i touch my thumbs to my nipples –

saying, as i do it, “May i cum, please, Sir?” and i refuse to think about the stranger standing there watching me.  

My Sir is watching me, smiling, “Yes, aisha, you may cum.  Cum for me now,” and i do – i do right there –

                     going up and up and holding right there at the top –

                                          — holding  – omigod –

and then tumbling, tumbling down, shaking, trembling, omigod…. yes. yes. yes.

O.  Whew. 

The vibrator stops, and Sir is still smiling at me – 

“Good girl,” He says,

and the stranger is smiling too.

“Aisha,” Sir says, “This is Jonathan,” gesturinog to the stranger, “We’ve been friends a long time.  He’s been in the lifestyle, o, gosh…”

“…about 20 years” says Jonathan.  The two of them look quite pleased with themselves.

Jonathan and i do “nice to meet you’s” – we even shake hands.  i say, “O – omigosh – i had no idea who you were!  That totally freaked me out.  Omigosh.  Sir.  Totally freaked me out.”

They’re laughing, clearly they’ve enjoyed the moment.  Sir says, “Yeah, i thought it would.  If you could have seen your face,” and they laugh some more. 

i have to laugh myself, i’m so relieved that he wasn’t just some random guy.  i should have known it was planned – Sir is all about control.   

“Let’s go home,” Sir says.  He picks up the remote, slips it into his jacket pocket.  “Would you like to cum again in the car on the way home?”

i smile.  “Yes, Sir.  Yes, please.”


Yes Please (Part III)

13 Dec


The server was waiting for us to order.  He still hadn’t seemed to notice my unseemly posture, and i was grateful for that.  Although, by this time – between sitting with my legs all spread and my pussy pressed against the chair, and Sir making me play with my nipples, i was pretty much lost in a sexual daze anyhow.  
Sir had asked me whether i wanted the Sea Scallops –


Seared jumbo sea scallops tossed with linguine in a spicy tomato basil sauce with bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions & kalamata olives.


Served with Dill Lemon Butter Sauce or Sun-dried Tomato Pesto. over spaghetti or with the Vegetable of the Day. 


i watch Him place our order, wondering what suprise He has in store for me.   But we stick with light conversation while we wait for the salads.  i’ve apparently gotten so used to straddling this chair, my skirt hiked up to mid thigh, that i can carry on a fairly normal conversation at the same time.  Very strange.

The server places the salads in front of us, along with a basket of hot bread.  The lettuce is cool and crisp, the dressing delicious.  i butter my bread mindfully, aware of each of my movements.  Sir is enjoying the meal too.

Halfway through the salad, He reaches into His coat pocket and pulls  out a small wrapped package. 

“Surprise!” He says lightly, handing it to me with a smile that makes my heart beat faster.  “You might want to open it discreetly,” He adds.

i feel awkward, taking the package.  It’s rectangular.  Small, fairly light.  Carefully, i pull away the wrapping paper on one end of it. 

And i’m not sure what it is at first.  Lots of pink on the box.  i’m not sure if i should finish opening it.  i look at Sir, raise my eyebrows, tilt my head, “What…?”  

He smiles.  “You’ve never seen one before?”

”No, Sir,” my stomach has butterflies.  i think i might know what it is.  My pussy is throbbing again, and i’m trying to hold still, trying not to fuck the chair.

He is still smiling benevolently.  “Well, take it in the bathroom and get a good look at it.  It’s in two parts.  One part belongs inside you.  Put it there.  Bring the other part back to me.”

“Omigod,” i say – “It is, isn’t it?”  i glance at the exposed end of the box again – “It’s a vibrating egg!”  i whisper.  ‘”Just like in ‘Nilla’s post the other day.  Omigod.”  

My pussy is out of control, throbbing and clenching.  i’m afraid there will be a wet spot when i get up.    i’ve read about these, but never seen one, never experienced it. 

 He looks at me oddly, “”Nilla’s post?” He says. 

 “Yes!  You know, ‘Nilla – her blog – she posted about…” and my voice trails away.  It doesn’t matter.

“Bathroom.  Go.”  He says, and i need the brief command, ’cause i’m in deep water now, my breath a little ragged, lips parted.  i can’t take my eyes off Him, i have no idea where the bathroom might be.  i’d like to obey, but i’m not sure i can move.  

“Yes, yes, Sir,” i say.  i’m so nervous – or excited – eager or anxious – that i’m afraid i’ll stumble.  Carefully, i swing my right leg around so my legs are together on one side of the chair.  Carefully, i stand up.

“Take your glasses,” He says.  i hesitate – my glasses? and He adds, patiently, “In case you have to read the instructions.”

O.  Of course.  i grab my glasses, He nods toward the bathroom again, and i head in that direction, clutching the box in my hand.

Locked in a stall, i finish opening the box.


There certainly are two parts.

  And it’s clear which one goes inside me.   i really don’t need to read the instructions.

 i am so wet anyhow – even after i use the facilites and wipe myself off, the egg slides in easily.  Whew.

 Omigod.  i can’t decide whether to throw the box away or keep it.  i pause, struggling with the decision, as i wash my hands, dry them.  At last, i decide to put the other part – it’s a remote – a remote control –  really – omigod – i decide to put it back in the box and hand it to Sir that way.

 So i do, and i walk back to the table clutching the box, totally aware of every movement, secretly sure that everyone knows i have a vibrating egg in my pussy.  Well, not vibrating yet, but o, i’m sure it will be. 


 And i hand the box to Sir.  He glances in it, nods.  “You can sit normally now,” He says, “No need to straddle the chair anymore, right?”

 “Um, right, Sir,” i say, grinning. 

 “Go ahead and finish your salad,” He says.  “Really, i should have waited til you were finished.” 

 i look at my salad without enthusiasm.  All i can think of is what’s going to happen next.  But Sir is adamant – “Focus on the salad,” He says.  “You don’t have to eat it, but think about it.  After all, I may not even use this remote control at all.”

 But i don’t believe that.  Not for a moment.