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What to wear…

6 May

i know, Donna says relax and breathe, and yes, i will.  Just as soon as i decide what to wear.  

So, here’s some parameters of what i’m thinking.  What i wear for the munch shouldn’t be too “fetwear” not that i actually have fetwear anyhow, but i can wear something that then i can modify for the party if i want to.  

{FYI, for everyone who’s thinking “just wear what you want and don’t worry about it” – yes, of course you’re right, and i will.  But i’m trying to decide what i want to wear.  i like this part.  It’s one of the few things i do that i think is “girly.”  Only, because i’m not really a girly-girl, it takes me a long time… so just skip this post if you think it’s ridiculous.}

Ok, back to the plan.  i do want to wear the peep toe boots, because weather wise this will be my last chance.  i’ve been wearing them with leggings so that my toe isn’t covered in stocking, but am considering thigh highs instead .  i don’t know.  See, that’s where i could switch off – wear leggings and then change before the party.

Then all i need is lingerie {yes, i think so} and outer wear.  Right.

So i’ve got a couple of cute skirts that are short for me.  But they’re either black or dark blue.  Tops wise, i can wear just a cute top, or i can wear a chemise with a short sleeved top thing that’s open in the front – a knit top thing over it.  Yeah, that really describes it, doesn’t it.. 

But then i end up either in all black, and i don’t think the blacks match, or i could do the white chemise with the black top thing and … no.  That doesn’t feel right.  Backing up.

Yes, i am just torturing myself for no good reason.  i know this.

Bob says:  No need to OVERdress as far as I’m concerned…less is best, lol”

Um, thanks for the input, Bob. 

The big question is the thigh highs vs leggings question.

I e-mailed a couple of other subs to ask them what they thought.  So far i’ve got one vote for thigh highs, as long as no seam shows where my toe is.  The sub’s master thought au natural would be better, but it doesn’t look right with these boots.  (Yes, that was Bill and Donna.)

Laughing… and ultimately, i’ll go throw something on and it will be fine.  Or not, right?

Hmmmm, another county heard from – this one says bare foot with a peep toe.  

Yes, it does take a village to dress a slut.

And now i need to go do my hair.  If you have further suggestions, feel free to share.  At this point, i’m thinking short skirt, thigh highs, just a regular top that i like, and peep toe boots.  But we’ll see.  Thanks for the help!!

Stocking Study

28 Sep

If you’ve been reading my “comments” section,  you know that Mick and Nilla have been discussing the picture of what i called “crotchless pantyhose.”  Mick challenged Nilla’s assertion that she hadn’t seen any before “IRL” {laughing} and even provided  the link to a picture of his wife wearing some.  (Lovely stockings they were, too, Mick.) 

Nilla – always the astute observer – notes that the “loop” on mine seems to be larger than on Mick’s lovely Mistress.  And, yes, she is sooo right.  The ones i’m wearing don’t have a discreet little opening – they look like this:

Fishnet Suspender Pantyhose

They’re actually called open butt and open crotch pantyhose…

These are Serious Slut Stockings.  Note:  That’s not me in the picture.  

So, having straightened THAT out (and i hope you two – Mick and Nilla – have fun with this new information) – i have a zillion things to do this morning – and need to get to work early too.   Not enough hours in the day.

i’m feeling MUCH better this week, thank goodness.  In fact, i’m starting to just plain lust for my Sir.  Which feels good. 

i imagine kneeling in front of Him, just observing His cock for a minute or two.  Tentatively touching it with my tongue.  Pressing my cheek to it before i begin to lick for real.  Warming it with my breath.  Taking the head of it in my mouth gently.  Grasping the base of the shaft, feeling the lovely contrast of soft skin and hard cock.  Mmmmm. 

Serving His cock.  Just the thought of it sends shivers through me.  His taste.  The feel of it in my mouth.   i feel my pussy heating up.  If i touch myself, i know there will be a pool of moisture,  just writing about it. 

i can almost feel His hand in my hair.  The signal that i’m His.  That hand fisted in my hair, twisting, sends the message to my mind, and directly to my pussy.  It makes me clench in pleasure, even while i’m gasping with the sudden shock.  Ohhhhh.  i miss that.

Dear Sir – i miss You, in the best possible way.   i look forward to seeing you again, and having the opportunity to please You.  sincerely, aisha