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Tapas – Things i’ve Never Seen Before

22 Oct

The “tapas” at Kinky Kollege were stations set up around the dungeon ~ 14 of them ~ with different kinds of play that people could try.

Sir and i texted back and forth for a while about whether or not i had permission to try anything.  i wasn’t pushing hard for permission, and He didn’t say no.   He ended up telling me to be careful, think before i leaped, and that He trusted my judgement.

There were some things i’d never seen before ~ a vacuum bed.  The person lies down in it ~ naked, or panties only.  It’s like a ~ well, it’s a lot like the body bags that SirTop and slavebonnie had at COPE, except it’s latex.  It has a hole for a tube that goes in the person’s mouth so they can breathe.

Once the person is settled in, lying on the floor, zipped into the bag, breathing steadily, they suck all the air out of the bag.  It’s on the person like a second skin.  Then about three people caress them.

The people who did it seemed to like it a lot.  They said being caressed through the bag was really sensual.

Then i saw needle play.  Master Z, who’s an expert, was pushing needles through one woman’s back ~ you know, they do it like you’d do if you were pinning a hem.  Like this:


Later, he was doing it above a woman’s breast.  i was going to show you a picture of what it was like, but all the images were too extreme.  He just did about four needles, in a straight row, and she looked very sub-spacy and pleased.

i saw some flogging, some rope bondage, single tail whips, fire play and violet wands, but wasn’t tempted  by any of that.  In fact, i was feeling kind of off-in-subspace just walking around watching and decided that since i’m by myself, that’s probably quite enough thrill.

But i’ve talked to a bunch of people, been to three classes, bought four books, and tried on a corset.  The corset was half price, but it didn’t fit right.  😦

Time to change clothes for dinner…

Ms. Constance and Edge Play

3 Apr

So there we are, G and i, at the munch, sitting with Ms. Constance and some other people.  Ms. Constance is the matriarch of the community here, and an impressive person.   i’ve blogged about her before.

Her slave, Drew, is away on a trip and she has someone else with her, also named G, apparently as a fill-in of sorts{?}  i don’t ask.  But, when she commens that she needs another soft drink, he jumps up to get her one pretty quickly.

But then, anyone would.  

G and i have both already eaten – me at the fish fry, of course.  So we just chat – O, and he buys a paddle with a heart cut-out.  It was a pretty blue paddle. 

No, {laughing}he doesn’t end up using it on me.

Anyhow – cutting to the chase here – Ms. Constance did a class on Edge Play, which was interesting and a lot of fun.  i didn’t learn a whole lot brand new, but it’s good to hear it laid out so nicely.  And she has some stories. 

There are probably 40 of us in the class, maybe more.  That’s nice too cause it gives the community a frame of reference.

She makes several points. 

1.  Edge play can be anything that makes us uncomfortable, or makes people watching uncomfortable ~ on edge.  General categories of edge play are:  breath play, fire play, and knives.  Humiliation can be edge play. 

Some people would consider golden showers, or brown showers, or rainbow showers  edge play.  Age play has been considered edge-y, although that’s changing. 

2.  Edge play for me may not look like a big deal to you, but you may not understand what’s happening.  Don’t judge.

3.  Edge play for me may look gross and disgusting to you.   {Rainbow showers, for example = throwing up.  Yikes.}  Don’t judge.   If you want to feel less judgmental, take a class in it or talk to someone who likes it and try to open your mind to the concept.  It still may not be your cup of tea {so to speak} but it may make it less ~ um, icky.

4.  There’s a difference between pushing someone’s limits or edge play and confronting a phobia.  Leave people’s phobias alone, unless you’re working on it together in some consensual way. 

5.  “Safe, Sane, and Consensual” is, to quote Ms. Constance, “something the gay guys came up with to make the vanillas go away and leave them alone.  They never thought anyone in the community would take it seriously.”

RACK ~ Risk Aware Consensual Kink ~ is the approach Ms. Constance takes, which is what Sir D used to talk about too.  It actually makes more sense.  After all, if someone’s going to be setting fires on my body, can that really be considered safe or sane?

Of course, my list of the points she made is dreadfully dry and boring compared to the stories Ms. Constance tells as illustration.  For example, she tells one about a guy who was tied up and blindfolded  ~ actually, many of her stories start this way.  But this particular one involved wax play and a wick that ran the length of his cock…

And i can’t do her stories justice.

She engages the audience a lot too, which always makes it fun.  You can imagine my shock when she’s talking about humiliation and says,  “For example, I might say,” and she looks at me, “aisha, you’re really quite the little slut, aren’t you?”

So i giggle, you know, i can’t help it. 

And she says, still watching me, “So then if I get that reaction, i think, O, she’s reacting to that, I think I’ll do that some more.”   

i can feel myself grinning, and my face is getting hot.  i half-cover my face.

She says, “And if she keeps reacting, then I’m going to keep doing it.” 

By which time I’m pretty sure i’m bright red, and Ms. Constance concludes with, “And if i can make her blush, then that’s really good!” 

She goes on with the lecture, and there are questions and answers and she makes a final point that i think is really important.  She talks about the responsibility of Doms to be careful and take care of the sub.  And she talks about our responsiblity too, to take care of ourselves.

So if someone wants to do knife play with me, i may like the idea, AND i need to ask them what experience they have with knife play.   If they don’t have any, it doesn’t mean we can’t still play, but i might want to take it more slowly. 

We need to be aware of the risks.

We have a responsiblity to let a Dom we’re playing with know if we have any medical or physical conditions.  i’m bad about this.  i’ll tell you i don’t have any health problems ~ well, i don’t really!

O, um, well, i do take meds for my blood pressure.  But it’s a really low dose!

O, and i might have some knee issues… 

…and shoulder problems, sometimes. 


Probably better not to wait til i’m in the middle of some suspension bondage to admit that.

Beyond that even, subs have a responsibility to make good choices, just like we do in every other part of our lives.  As trust builds, we may take more risks of course.  We may exchange more power.  But if we hand our well-being over to someone else from the beginning, we may end up in trouble.  We need to ~ you know, be aware of risks and aware of what we’re consenting to.

Anyhow, G and i left after the class.  i saw three or four people i know and really like, so that was cool.  i’m going back next month for sure.


starting next month, on Fridays, they’re going to do some kind of organized thing to encourage people {like me} to play.  So they’re talking about letting tops set up areas, like stations, where they can demonstrate their skills and subs can walk around and look and negotiate to play if they want to.

Doesn’t that sound fabulous?

Sigh… of contentment, i think.

i’m back to loving this community, and ready to get more involved.


Fire Play (Part II)

8 Sep

So i am lying on the raised platform that’s like a stage in the huge dungeon at the play party.  All around me, Doms and Dommes, subs and slaves, are playing out their own scenes.  Or watching the players.

Some of them are watching Sir D. play with the violet wand, touching me with it, while i try not to squirm.  All my attention is on Sir D.  He has told me to lie still, and that’s what I’m trying to do.  Even while He shocks me, over and over.  

Then He uses His own body as an electric conductor –  when He touches me, the electricity runs through Him and shocks me.  i am fascinated.  i feel a fierce connection between us – the current just as  strong when He isn’t touching me as when He is.

And then.  The wand again.  And a little spray bottle.

i watch.  He touches me with the wand, testing.  It makes a little noise – ttck – a little staticky noise – ttck.

“Lie still,’ He says, “That’s your job now, just lie still.  Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a little anxious,  “i will.”

He starts on my arm.  The “Whhft,” of a tiny spray bottle, a cold sensation on my skin.  Then the wand, sparking, sparking – ttck – ttck

 Whoosh – flames! 

Flames on my body!  Growing warm…

“Poof,” His hand slaps down on the flames, and they are out.

O, my.

He does it over and over.  Sometimes i can see the flames.  On my chest, my breasts.   On my nipples, my nipples on fire. 

Sometimes i can only feel it – i know the rhythm. 

Whhft – the cold wet

– ttck – ttck  – tingling shock

–          Whoosh!  The light, the flame

Pause – pause – growing warmer – almost toooooo

Poof!!  The slap of His hand again…

Whhft – ttck –ttck – and Whoosh!  Pause, pause – Poof!  And the flames are gone again. 

Over and over. 

i watch Him with pleasure. 

i am not afraid. 

i lie still. 

Except once – once when the warmth grows half a second longer – and i squirm – and Poof!  Just in time, but –

“Don’t,”  He says.  “If you move, I might not be able to put it out.” 


Lying very still.

It is a new kind of subspace – i have no words for it.  i can feel Him, feel His energy.  He feeds me His energy.  He holds me in a new way.

Like the rope.  The rope is an embrace, a connection, a web he weaves between us even as it leaves His hands. 

Now the electricity sparks between us, holds me to Him.   my body is alive, i sparkle and tingle; and i am very still.  i am very His. 

“Let’s do your back,” He says.  “Do you want me to do your back?” 

“O, yes, yes, Sir,” i say, as He helps me roll over.  my face in the blanket now, the blanket that smells like Him.  i can’t see Him now, but i can smell His scent, bury my face in the blanket, breathing in His presence. 

And i can feel Him.  O, i can feel Him.

Whhft – ttck –ttck – and Whoosh!  Pause, pause – Poof! 

Over and over.

 And then He is done. 


i might have wanted Him to go on forever.     

He holds me.  Holds me, whispers to me.  Says the things i need to hear.  The words I crave, sweet and gentle, whispered close. 

“Good girl.  You did so good.  Good girl.”  i curl into Him.

Mmmmm.  i could stay like this forever too.

He helps me up.  i feel dazed, a little weak.  Not bad at all, just not fully there.  Well, of course not, i am deep in subspace.  i wrap myself in the blanket, so warm, that smells like Him.  i stay close to Him.


Not then, but now, I think about early man.  I think about lightning and fire.  Lightning bolts, huge jagged streaks, landing – sparks – and fire.  Elements so basic, so much power.   

I know there is more, but I don’t have the words.    Not today.  Not yet.


Fire Play (Part I)

5 Sep

 There was a munch and play party this weekend in the city where i live, but Sir was very clear earlier this week that He didn’t want to go to it.  Surprised that He’d brought it up at all, i said, “Of course not,  i wasn’t planning on going, Sir.”  After all, hadn’t i just had my very first play party last weekend, with a rope dress and everything?  i’m not really that greedy!

So i am more surprised when Sir gets to my house yesterday afternoon and casually says, “i was thinking we might go to the munch…”  i’m surprised and delighted.  And i’m perfectly ok with it when he adds, “But not the play party.  i don’t think i want to go to the play party.”

“No, Sir, of course not,” i say.  Quite sincerely.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight a few hours later when i find myself with one of Sir’s toy bags slung over my shoulder, walking into a huge dungeon.   Even if it is clear that we might not actually play.

The dungeon is an amazing space.  Formerly a warehouse, there are large rooms and small rooms.  There is very public space and more private space.  And there’s furniture.  Crosses and spanking benches and places for suspension.  Bondage tables.  Things that i’d never heard of before, and that would take too long to describe now.  i’m overwhelmed.

And people in varying degress of fetishware, varying degrees of nakedness.    Lots of corsets and exposed breasts.  My Sir and another man help a woman lace her corset – the other man hooks the front for her, Sir ties the laces.  She is lovely.

Men in tiny thongs, lovely asses exposed.  People on leashes. And toys.  Whips and floggers and –  O, i could go on for a long time.  i am fascinated.

Sir walks through the building, i am close behind Him.  He pauses to explain to me different uses for the furniture we pass.  He pauses often to chat with people who He hasn’t seen in a while, who are glad to see Him.  i had already met some people at the munch; i recognize some people from last week’s event; i meet some new folks now.

In the large center room, there is a raised platform, like a narrow stage.  On the stage, a young woman is lying on Her back, wearing only bikini panties.  A young man had been hovering over her when we got there, stroking her.  Now he is doing something else- I’m not sure what.  Something with pressure points, Sir says.  As we watch, the woman goes from lying still to moaning and squriming, with little effort on his part.  

Around us is a cacophony of sounds – floggers and whips landing, moans and cries in response, people laughing, music in the background.  People are blindfolded, cuffed, collared, and chained.  

It is wonderful and amazing and just a little scary.  

Then Sir says, “I might want to play.  Do you want to play?”

I smile.  Yes, Sir of course i do.  Yes, i really am that greedy. 

“All right.  I was thinking we’d do something with the violet wand.  Maybe a little fire play.”  Pause.  “We’ve talked about fire play before, haven’t we?”

 My heart stops beating, then starts again ten times faster than normal, so it takes me a moment to respond.   “Um, actually, Sir, no, i don’t think we have.”

“O, come here, let’s talk about it then,” He says, leading me to a quiet corner.    He explains.  i listen. 

“What do you think?”  He asks.

“Well. Ok.   You won’t actually set me on fire, right?” i say, picturing myself going up in flames.

“Yes!” He says.  “I will actually set you on fire – light you up, so to speak.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“O, right, ok, yes, i know, but -” i’m not sure how to phrase it – “You won’t burn me, right?”

“O, no,” He’s quick to reassure me.  “No burns.” 

“So then, yes,” i say.  “i do want to do it.” 

“Even with the violet wand?” He says.  “It didn’t seem like you liked the violet wand very much the one time we played with it.  But then the other day you said you were fine with it.” 

 i gulp.  The violet wand makes me a little nervous.  Ok, a lot nervous.  But still.  i know that He’ll stop if i need Him to. 


 Yes, of course He will. 

So, yes, Sir, i say.  “i think i’m ok with the violet wand.” 

And there is more conversation.  Am i ok with taking my bra off?  “i know that will be different for you,” He says.  

“Yes, i’m ok with that,” i assure Him.  Bodies are exposed all over the place, it would be prudish to balk at showing my breasts.  i’m really ok with that.  And also a little glad to leave my panties on – my retro string bikini panties, the red patterned ones, with the little bow on each side.

And then there’s some preparation – finding a spot with a flat space for me to lie and an electrical outlet for the violet wand.  We settle on the stage-like raised platform area.  We need a wet towel and a bucket of water.  Even though Sir D laughs – “I’ll put you out with my hand!” He says.  .”  “We won’t need a towel.”   But we get the towel and the bucket.  He gets a blanket. 

And it all takes a long time, but then, suddenly, the pressure point guy is finished, and the space on the stage is open.   “So, I’m going to set up some tools,” says Sir.  “Your job is to take your clothes off and fold them and put them there.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.  And i do.  i’m wearing this really cute top  i got the other day that has three metal rings running part way down the middle from the neckline – o, never mind.  i wish i could show you a picture.  Anyhow, the jeans comes off first.  Then the top.   By the time i unhook my bra, start to pull the straps off, Sir is set up.   So i take the bra off and i’m practically naked for real, but He’s ready for me. 

He helps me hop up onto the platform, places the the folded blanket under my head.  He is talking to me, gently, sweetly, matter-of-factly as i lie down.  He sweeps my hair back, pulls it out from under my head so it lies around my head.  i am nervous.  And excited. 

i keep my face toward him, away from the other people in the dungeon, as He gets out the violet wand.

This is a violet wand with a “rake” attachment.

Sir shows me the wand. 

i’m sure you know, the violet wand shoots electrical current through your body.  Um, through my body.   Yes, it feels a lot like the shock you get if your feet rub on carpet and then  you touch a doorknob.  There are different attachements.  The rake one – that’s right – He rakes it across my body so the shock moves up and down my arms or legs.  Ok, or my breasts.  Or – um, yes, even across my pussy.  O.  Yikes.

“Your job,” He says to me, “Is to lie still.  Do you understand?”

i nod, “Yes, Sir.  i can do that.  i think.”

But He starts with canes, not even with the wand.  He taps my body with the canes – in time to the music, which makes me smile.  i know they’re actually drum sticks, bundled up together, so that’s approriate.  It doesn’t quite hurt, the tapping on my thighs, across my breasts.  Doesn’t quite hurt, but it gets my attention.  I’m watching Him – He’s having fun with it, well, with me.  Playing with me.  i smile.

Then the canes disappear, He pulls out the violet wand. 

It’s a stingy feeling – well, you know, that static electricity shock.  And besides the rake, there are other attachments that concentrate the stingy tingle – like right on my nipples.  AND – as if that weren’t enough – there’s some device He uses that actually makes His body the conduit for the electricity.  Yep.  If he touches me with His hand, the electric shock flows right through Him into me.   AND if he touches me with His tongue – whew!!  What a shock.

So i’m watching Him, not the people watching us, and i’m trying to lie still.  Which isn’t always easy.  Like when He puts these metal things on His fingertips, and the next thing i know, He’s tapping my pussy with them, and i try to lie still.  I watch Him.  He’s talking to me while He’s doing it, but o, my – O – it tingles and shocks and – O – and i start to think maybe i don’t like this…

… when He says, “You can say ‘yellow’ you know.”

O.  That’s right.  So i do, i say “Yellow,” and He slows down, and then He even puts those evil things away and moves on to something else. 


And i want to continue, but i have to take this computer back to my sister.  Now.  She needs it for work stuff, and it was super good of her to let me use it most of the weekend.   Unfortunately, the library is closed tomorrow, no computer access there.  Maybe i can use my daughter’s… because i sure would like to finish this story!