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Discipline (Part X)

27 Aug

“Yes, Sir,” i say, “i’m ready,” but i hear my voice tremble, and the bottom just dropped out of my stomach.

“Good girl,” He says, and then ~ when i’m not expecting it ~ He smacks my ass, but not too hard, and it sends a wave of lust through me.  My pussy clenches.

He nods to Diana and Selena, “Take her to the study, please, I’ll see our guests out.”

i’m so grateful i could cry, i had been afraid they would stay to watch me be punished, and i can’t help smiling with relief.  Then ~

~ “Well, wait,” He says.  “Let’s have her roll the dice now, that way you can go ahead and put her in position, and she’ll know what to expect.”

My heart is pounding; i watch Him open a velvet pouch.  He pours the dice into His hand and gives them to me ~ two of them.

That had not occurred to me.

7 x 8 is 56.  10 x 8 is 80.  And i can’t even think what 8 x 12 is right now, although i knew it earlier.  8 x 11 is 88.

96.  12 x 8 is 96.  i can’t ~ i couldn’t take 96 hits with the switch, i just couldn’t. 96?  i’d die.

He hands me the dice.

They feel hard, i can feel the indentations, the sharp corners.  Selena is beside me, she’s holding a box, lined in felt, and somehow i know, without being told, that this is to roll the dice in.  She sets it down on the table.

“Go ahead,” He says, nodding to me with an encouraging smile.

The other girl is watching me closely, the other man is too.  i take the few steps toward the table, look at the dice in my hand ~ my hand poised above the box ~~

~~”Now,” He says ~~

and i let them go.  

Hear them bounce off the sides of the box, watch them wobble in the bottom of the box, as if in slow motion ~     

                  ~~ settling at last into a four ~ and another four.


i rolled an eight.  What is that?  Omigod.  64.  That’s 64.  Better than 96, but it’s 64.  i picture myself counting ~ no, really, i can’t do 64.

He smiles, “Nice job.  8 times 8 is?”

And i already know, “64, Sir,” i say and my voice is trembling, and maybe whiny, and scared for sure.

He kisses me, a deep kiss that leaves me breathless.  Nips my lower lip with His teeth.  

“Don’t worry,” He says, “You can do it, I’ll help you.  You rolled doubles too, didn’t you?  That’s always lucky. Now, go with Selena and Diana and let them get you ready.”

The women lead me away.

They take me back to the room with the raised platform, where we had been before.  They show me how to kneel on the platform with my ass raised high, my head low.  

They slide a ~ some kind of pillow, but it’s very firm and large ~ under my belly to keep me in position.   They spread my legs, and attach the ankle cuffs to rings in the floor.

Securely fastened that way, they leave my arms free, but show me how to place them.

When i’m arranged to their satisfaction, they caution me not to move.  “He’ll check your position when He comes, I know you don’t want to add to your punishment,” says Selena.

And they are gone.  i’m alone in this room,  ass to the door, all open and exposed to anyone who might walk in.  Waiting for The Major to come use the switch on me.

64 times.

And yet ~ i don’t want to leave.  In my heart, i just want this to be over so i can please Him again.


i hate to leave our girl here, but i got to go, i’m going to the Fair today.  YAY!  A whole day of delight.

This time last year, i had an assignment to get a yardstick at the Fair, for Sir D.  You can read about it here, if you like.  Those were some fun times…

So tomorrow, hopefully, we’ll get through this punishment thing so she and The Major can move on to what they really need to do.

And even through the pleasures of the day, i’ll be holding my friends in the Northeast in my heart, hoping you and yours ride out Hurricane Irene safely.