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Between the Dashes ~ Love our Lurkers and A Surprise for aisha

9 Nov

Today is Love our Lurkers Day!  Today we thank all the people who read our blogs and don’t comment.  

So thank you.  i don’t know you, but i appreciate your presence.  i never expected so many people would read what i wrote.   It really encourages me to continue, knowing that you want to hear what i have to say.  

Of course your comments are always welcome.  i love comments.  Today, i particularly invite you to comment.  Yes, you.   Introduce yourself.  Say hi.

We’re a friendly community.  Sit down, have a cup of tea ~ or coffee ~ or whatever relaxes you, and just say hi.  i don’t bite.  i promise.

When you leave a comment on my blog, i think you have to give a name and email address, but the email address doesn’t show, and i will never contact you unless you ask me to.  You can use any name you want.   Make one up.  Use that name that you used to  wish your mama had named you back when you were in grade school.  

You don’t have to say much, or you can write a mini-blog post, either way i’ll be delighted to hear from you.

And if you don’t comment today?  That’s ok too.  You can comment any time ~ and there’s always next year when you’ll get another special invitation.


A Surprise for aisha

Yesterday, Sir got off work early.  He had some family things to take care of, and some free time in-between.   He said He was going to use that free time to do some errands.  Then He says:

“O! Actually, I think I’ll go check on a surprise for you.”

Me:  A surprise?  For me?  What is it? 

Sir:  I knew you’d say that!  No, I’m not going to tell you.  I don’t even know if they still have them.  And if they do, I won’t buy it today, I just want to see if they’ve got them.  But ~ I’ll tell you this…

And He went on to give me some hints.  Here’s what  i know:

1}  The store He was going to is only open from 9-4, and not on weekends.

2}  The item is vanilla, although it can {and will} be used for kinky purposes.

3}  It costs about $20.

4}  The last time He bought one, the salesperson looked at him funny, not because she had any idea He wanted it for kinky purposes, but like she couldn’t believe He was buying this, whatever this was.  So He said, “Oh, I’m getting it for my granddaughter,” which made her smile and nod.

What could it be, y’all?


i know some of you are disappointed that we’re between the dashes ~ and i’m feeling bad because i haven’t answered comments.  i’m hoping to get back here later today and take care of both those things.  But if not, i’ll see you in the morning.

LOL 6 – Love Our Lurkers

10 Nov

Thanks to Bonnie over at My Bottom Smarts, who started this event six years ago.  What a terrific idea – to have a time to honor all of you who read our blogs and don’t comment.

i imagine that people who read kinky blogs regularly and don’t comment often end up feeling like part of the community anyhow – at least i hope so.  i know i have readers from many different countries, and i love the idea of us being tied together by our kinky desires.

i started out as a lurker, of course.  i imagine most of us did.  But i’m not so good at keeping my opinions to myself, so it wasn’t long before i was commenting, and just a quick step to my own blog.

i know my readers come to me through all kinds of search engine terms.  “vibrating egg in pussy” is a favorite.  “spank with a spoon” “reciprocating saw dildo” “yardstick” and “i worship the cock” appear frequently.  “spanking bench” “collarme” and “clothes hanger clamps as nipple clamps” show up.   They all remind me of times gone by.

But today, i want you to know that i appreciate you.  i’m glad you read my blog.  AND i invite you to comment ~ today, or any day.

You can do it anonymously.  Or you can create a whole persona, complete with your own kinky email address.

That’s what i did – or, actually, First Sir did it for me.  At the time, i didn’t even know i could do that.  Gosh, that seems like a long time ago…  

So don’t be afraid – come on out and say Hi to us!


Yesterday, i did that thing where i get real unsure of myself and unsure of how Sir X feels about me, and i had about 5 different streams of thought bouncing off each other in my head.  

Lots of “i should have’s” and “He probably’ s.”  Enough to drive me crazy for sure.

So i just wrote them out and sent them to Him.  i told Him it was a look into the dark recesses of my mind, and it was that for sure.  

i didn’t apologize for thinking the way i was, and i didn’t apologize for sharing it with Him.  i just laid it out there.

Then i resigned myself to waiting.

And you know what?

He emailed me back quickly.  

In just a few paragraphs, He totally dispelled my anxiety.   It wasn’t ~ paternalistic or condescending.  He didn’t just say “Don’t worry,” although He did reassure me i didn’t need to be worried about the particular thing, that it was ok.  But He shared His thoughts and experience, so i could see it really was ok.

That was something to hold on to, and i read it several times throughout the day.  He really is just right for me…