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2 ~ fiona’s Fun

9 Jan

They lead fiona to a bathroom , make her sit on the toilet first, and she would have protested, but she can still hear Sir Q telling her to be quiet.  Then they make her use the bidet, and they wash her.

She can’t believe this is happening.  How odd, to feel their hands touching her in the most intimate places.  She’s torn between feeling a bit indignant and wanting to giggle.

‘Do you think we should shave her?” asks one of them.  Elena rubs her hand over fiona’s pussy consideringly.  “Feels like she’s shaved within the last couple of days”  Indignant, fiona thinks, “no, i shaved today, when i showered before we came here!”  

But Elena goes on,  “I think not.  We will before she’s presented tomorrow,” she says.  “Not tonight.  Tonight they can see her as she is.”

Hearing this, fiona feels quite insecure.  She almost wishes they would shave her tonight, but then, no, she really doesn’t want them to.  It’s very confusing, having this mix of feelings inside herself.

They wash her feet and her face, brush her hair.  At last, all cleaned up, they lead her back through several rooms and down a hallway.  Her hands are still fastened behind her back, and they guide her gently so she doesn’t lose her balance.

She’s a bit disoriented, walking back through these rooms and down the hallway naked.  She can’t quite believe this is happening to her, but it is, and one minute she’s thrilled, and the next she’s scared to death.

They stop at the entrance to another room, and Elena produces a simple blindfold, like you might wear at night to block out the light.  She puts it over fiona’s eyes.

For a moment, fiona panics, a rush of anxiety, and she starts to protest, “No ~ i ~ ” but she discovers that the darkness is a gift.  She no longer feels self conscious about her nakedness, it’s as if she’s invisible, and that’s a good feeling.  

Hands stroke her arms, soothing ~ “as if i were a horse,” she thinks.  Elena murmurs, “It’s ok, darlin’, your Master will be here.  You trust Him, don’t you?”

And what difference would it make now if she didn’t? fiona wonders.  Blindfolded, arms fastened behind her back, she can hardly escape if she wanted to.  She has no control here, and all she can do is hope that Sir Q knows what he’s doing.

The women lead her into the room, and she has no idea who’s there.  But they help her kneel on a pad on the floor, and she’s secretly thrilled to be made to assume the position she’s always read about.

Knees spread, rocked back on her heels.  She wishes she could have her palms turned up, resting lightly on her thighs, but this is a variation she’s heard of, since her hands are fastened behind her back, thrusting her breasts forward.  

She smiles to herself.  “It’s like i’ve got a checklist,” she thinks, “and i’ll be checking to see if they’re doing it right!”

“Pinch her nipples, please,” a male voice ~ not Sir Q ~ says.

Someone ~ who is it?  Probably Elena, but she doesn’t know whose fingers pinch and pull at her nipples.  The sensation shoots through her, directly to her pussy, and she makes a noise.  A little, tiny noise.

“Very nice,” says the strange male voice.  fiona hears movement around her, disconcerted, she wonders what is happening.  She’s moving back into a kind of panic, but every time she thinks she will have to do something or explode, she remembers that she is helpless, and that Sir Q is here.  That this is what He wants, and she’s able to calm herself.

But then the voice is behind her, and He  says, “Expose her please.”  

Hands ~ someone’s hands ~ push her head down, holding her firmly with a hand on her neck.  This effectively raises her ass.  She can feel cool air on her pussy and her mind sort of freezes.

This is really happening.  She doesn’t know who’s touching her.  And their hands caress the insides of her thighs.    Move up and spread the outer lips of her pussy, and then fingers penetrate her and she gasps.

Suddenly, the checklist disappears, and she feels herself slipping away into some other space.  

“Sir?” she says, bewildered.  “Sir?”

Someone laughs.


So Lady P’s comment yesterday cracked me up ~ in case you missed it, she says:

Not fair, aisha! *stomps my foot* I asked to go there first! Why does Fiona get to go and not me? (whiny voice)

I guess I’ll just have to queue up with the others… *Pouting*


And then Fondles responds to that:

actually, i was in the queue too, along with everyone else… and i didn’t see Fiona there at all… is there some special VIP line? hrmph.

All of which left me literally laughing out loud ~ and led to a lovely fantasy in which many of us are there at the same time.  Can you imagine?

fiona’s Fun

7 Jan

“But, how long do you want  me to stay here?” she asks, looking up at Him.  It’s not that she doesn’t trust Him, but He’d insisted on blindfolding her on their way to the retreat center, and now she’s not sure what to make of it.

It’s beautiful.  No doubt about that.  Even in the dusk, she can see the gardens are luscious and the building itself looks warm and welcoming.   A large front porch, and lots of windows, flowers in window boxes.  Nothing threatening here.

And yet.  There is something about this that makes her hesitate.  “Are you sure this is what we should do?” she asks.

He looks down at her, shakes his head.  “Fiona,” He says.  “YOU were the one who wanted to see what it was like.  It was all you could talk about ~ Naomi’s training school.  I went to some trouble, you know, to find a place as much like that as I could.”

He pauses, and an odd look crosses His face.  fiona holds her breath for a minute but then He goes on, “And this one seems pretty close.  i think we’ll both be satisfied with the results.”

“Both?” says fiona, and her voice is a little squeaky.  “Aren’t you satisfied with me now?  You told me i’m your good girl, were you just being nice?”

“Fiona.”  And He is firm now, “Fiona, be quiet.  We’re here, and we’re going to do this.  You’ll have a safe word, and we can leave any time you like.  But who is in charge here?”

“You are,” she says, a little breathless, adding quickly, “Sir.  You are of course.”

“Then be quiet,” He says.

He puts His arm around her, casually, but He catches her hand and twists her arm behind her back, holding her firmly as they go up the stairs.  The door is opened immediately, as if someone had been watching and waiting for them to arrive.

The man who opens the door is dressed quite formally, in black pants and a white shirt with a black bow tie and a jacket.  fiona thinks he looks like a waiter in a really elegant restaurant, and the idea makes her smile a little.

He nods to Sir Q, and says, “Good evening, and welcome.  They’re expecting you.  Did you have a good trip down?  No trouble finding the place?”

Sir Q nods, “No, no problem, the directions were very clear, it was quite easy.”

fiona looks at him out of the corner of her eye.  He sounds more formal than usual, and somehow this makes her nervous.

“I’m Charles,” says the other man, “and I’ll take you to the parlor.  This is Elena,” and as he says it, a woman appears beside fiona.  “She’ll take your slut to prepare her.”

fiona feels herself blushing ~ did he just call her a slut?? Omigod.  She looks at Sir Q, but he is avoiding making eye contact.   Elena says,”Right this way, Miss” gesturing to the doorway and standing back so fiona can precede her.  fiona hesitates, but just for a moment.

Elena directs her though several rooms, closing doors behind her.  Finally, they are in a small, round room with cushioned seats along half of it, and mirrors from floor to ceiling on the other half.  Elena says gently, “You are to undress, please, and i’ll give you a robe to put on.”

fiona is not very comfortable with this, but she also can’t imagine telling Elena no.  She starts to unbutton her blouse, and hesitates, o, dear, really?  She has to take her clothes off in front of this woman she doesn’t even know?

Elena is watching her impassively, but when she sees fiona’s hesitation, she smiles warmly.  “Oh, my,” she says.  “You are really a novice, aren’t you?’

fiona can only nod.

“Don’t worry, darlin'” says Elena.  “Your Master has signed you up for the beginner’s package.  You’ll probably love it.  Are you feeling shy about taking your clothes off?”

fiona nods, feeling a little foolish.

Elena just smiles.  “Well, of course you are, darlin’.  But no worries, it’s not a big deal.  Let’s just get them off, and quickly.  We don’t want to be late getting you down to the parlor, or you’ll be starting off in trouble.  Here, shall i help you?’

And she’s so warm and friendly sounding that fiona nods, and the next thing she knows, her clothes seem to be flying off her, as if Elena has some magic touch that undoes buttons and zippers with no effort at all.  Even her panties pool around her feet as if they belong there.

Naked in front of the mirror, fiona starts to cross her arms over her breasts, but Elena frowns.

“O, no, we can’t have that,” she says, “You’re a lovely woman, why would you want to cover yourself?’

As she says this, two other women appear behind her.  They enter the room, and before fiona can protest, each of them takes one of her arms.  fiona can only watch, helpless, as they attach a fur-lined leather cuff to each wrist.  Then, to her dismay, they pull her arms behind her back, and attach the cuffs to each other.

There is no question of covering her breasts at this point, and in fact even her pussy seems very exposed in the mirror in front of her.  She is going to protest, but Elena shakes her head.

“Beautiful, isn’t she?” she says to the other two women, who nod and murmur agreement.   Well, maybe i am, thinks fiona.and she relaxes just a bit.

She is expecting them to produce the robe that Elena had mentioned, but instead they bring out a collar, a wide leather collar with a ring in it, and fasten it around her neck.

It is very like a dog collar, she thinks, looking at herself in the mirror, and she feels a bit odd, seeing herself like this.  It is – it’s like one of aisha’s fantasies – and the idea makes her smile, and makes her nervous at the same time.

2 ~ Naomi Learns

28 Dec

After meditation, Naomi has a few minutes to get ready for the day.  She is allowed to wear a robe now, but it is never closed, and is slit in the back so that she isn’t really covered.  Often throughout the day, Anna will say, “Pinch your nipples, please,” and she and Wendy and Sara will obediently pinch their own nipples until they are hard and erect.

This, and other measures, serve to keep her constantly aware of her openness, and of her sexuality.  Her nipples tingle, thinking of the attention.  It is an odd feeling ~ not being allowed to touch herself when she wants to, and being made to do it at times not of her choosing.

Naomi washes her face, brushes her teeth, and uses the bidet, careful not to touch herself more than necessary.

The routine is familiar now.  There will be more meditation with the group, punishment for any infractions from the evening before, and exercise class.  

Breakfast, showers, and the butt plug inserted.  Each day, a slightly larger one, forcing her open and easily accessible.   She has begun to wish someone would take her, would use that hole so carefully prepared.  But that’s not up to her, she knows this.

Then ~ orgasm training.

Orgasm training.  She smiles.  There’s something to look forward to.  They’ve been working on teaching her to cum on command, and her skills are getting better.  She’s not so good at holding back, and she’s been whipped more than once for cumming without permission.

Whipped, and nipple clamps applied, pain that tortures her body and makes her long for more.  She pretends sometimes that Sir Daniel can see her being tormented like this, that He is there watching her suffer.  That would be perfect.

And tonight ~ o, tonight, He will be there.  She is half-lost, dreaming of that when the bell chimes again.


There’s a taste of Naomi, let’s see if i can move the story forward without a minute by minute play.  Although – the heat is in the details, right?

In the meantime, i have tons of wonderful comments that i’ve read, smiled over, and replied to in my head ~ still sitting there unanswered. Time to take care of that.

Stumbled across this quote today ~ i love this perspective:

“You have the need and the right to spend part of your life caring for your soul. It is not easy. You have to resist the demands of the work-oriented, often defensive, element in your psyche that measures life only in terms of output — how much you produce — not in terms of the quality of your life experiences. To be a soulful person means to go against all the pervasive, prove-yourself values of our culture and instead treasure what is unique and internal and valuable in yourself and your own personal evolution.”
~~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

Naomi Learns ~ I

26 Dec

Naomi stretches, feeling her muscles tighten and relax.  She is awake before the bell rings, and enjoying the sensation of her body.  

The sheets are silky against her skin.  Her ass and upper thighs sting, but not unpleasantly.  After five days here, her muscles are more toned than they’ve ever been, and she smiles as she notices the flex in her calves when she points her toes.

The bell chimes, the signal to awaken, and there is a “click” as the lock attaching her wrist cuffs to the chain on the bed is released.  She doesn’t move, not taking advantage of this freedom.  She had made that mistake the first day, and remembered the punishment that followed.  

She doesn’t know if they’re watching her now, she never knows.  The room is designed with two way mirrors and video cameras so she can always be viewed.  Infractions of rules are always punished, sometimes immediately, sometimes later.

Anna’s voice over the intercom is familiar now.  “Namaste.”  

“Namaste,” Naomi replies.  This is the only word she will say without explicit permission.  She is better at remembering that too.  

“The day begins,” says Anna.

Naomi releases her wrists, and gets up now.   Moving quickly.  She has a few minutes to use the bathroom.

Then, the intercom again, “Now, begin your meditation in first position,” says Anna.  

 Naomi  kneels beside the bed.  The first five minute meditation of the morning is for thankfulness.  She is not very good at this yet.  It’s difficult to be relaxed and open, to let her gratitude flow through her mind, and her heart, without judgment, to let her thoughts come and go like clouds in the sky.

When the time is up, the bell rings again.  Anna says, “You may begin preparing your tea.”

Naomi rises.  She is very aware of her body as she goes to the counter.  Her nipples are hard, and there are a couple of welts on her ass that have her attention.

By the counter, there is a pass-through in the wall, she opens it and takes the thermos of hot water that has been placed there earlier.  Her tea cup and the tea are already in place, and it’s a simple matter to pour the water into the pot.  

Then she opens her journal.   She has about five minute to write her thoughts on the meditation, and a goal for the day.  

She writes slowly, in script, forming the letters thoughtfully.   Today, the words come easily.  “Learning humility, grace, and service.  The patience of the Masters.  Anna’s kind harshness.”

That’s enough.  Now her goal ~ that’s easy.  She writes, “My goal is to be pleasing to Sir Daniel tonight.”

She smiles.  He is coming back tonight, Wendy had told her when they put her to bed last night.  The thought of His pleasure makes her smile, and her pussy clenches.  She is hot ~ and wet ~ but she is always hot and wet these days.

And needy.

Anna’s voice breaks into her thoughts.  “Your tea should be ready,” she says.  “You may enjoy your tea now.”

Naomi does.  It’s a blend she likes today, something fruity.  A couple of days ago, there had been one she didn’t care for, and she had not finished even the first cup.  That had been a mistake she wouldn’t make again, so she is particularly glad that today’s tea is delicious.  

Sir Daniel is coming tonight ~ the words dance in her head.  She can’t wait to see Him.    She hopes that He’ll use her pussy, which has not been taken by any of the Masters, nor has her asshole, although they’ve stretched her wider every day.  

They have worked on her mouth, on teaching her to please with her mouth.  

She no longer knows what day it had started, maybe her second day here?   They had blindfolded her, Wendy and Sara had, so she was not sure how many of the Masters there were, although she thought there were four.  

The rules were clear.  She had ten minutes to bring the Master to an orgasm.  If she failed, she got ten licks with the crop.  

Of course, she failed.  Repeatedly.  She smiles, remembering how she had started out thinking that she needed to hurry, that if she sucked real fast and hard, that would work.  Of course it didn’t.  

She lost track of the times she tried,  and the number of licks with the crop.  That first time, it seemed like it had taken her forever to get any of them to cum.  

The second time, she knew she wasn’t going to succeed right away.  Resigned to that, she focused on the cock.  Becoming aware of each one, noticing what movement of her mouth or tongue it reacted to.  That time, it had not taken as long, although the crop had gotten plenty of use.

Anna’s voice brings Naomi back to the present.  “For the second meditation, you will assume fifth position.”  Obediently, Naomi kneels, bending forward so her head and upper chest are pressed to the floor, ass raised high.

“Be sure you are open,” says Anna, “Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks wide, then you may relax your arms.”

Naomi does as directed.  This no longer seems strange or uncomfortable, it’s the same thing she will do later as they insert a butt plug.  It’s the same thing she’ll do if she is called to the Masters room in the evening and told to offer herself.

The instructions for this meditation are familiar too.  “This meditation is on openness.  Offering yourself and serving with your cunt and your asshole..”


22 Dec

His voice comes from behind me.

“LIttle girl,” He says, and there is a warning in the tone.

Oblivious, i keep going.  i’m baking cookies, and trying to wrap presents, and the kitchen is cluttered with cookie stuff, and the dining room is covered with wrapping paper.  The cats have slunk away, not sure what all this fuss is about. 

Christmas music playing, i’m moving to the beat and sprinkling those sugar sprinkles on another batch of cookies.

“What are you doing?”

“Baking,”i say.  “What does it look like?”

Swinging around to face Him, cookie sheet in hand, i grin, until i see His face.  He is not smiling.

My heart sinks ~ omg, what have i done?  What?

“i mean, um,” stuttering a bit, “Baking, Sir?”

And then He grins.  His whole face lights up with the smile.  “Good,” He says.  “Carry on.”

Laughing, i shake my head, relieved.  “Yes, Sir,” i say as i open the oven.


That didn’t really happen, but it could have!  Hope your day is full of holiday good times!

29 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

13 Dec

Naomi is amazed.  Being able to suck Sir Daniel’s cock, having His hand holding her hair, makes the whipping Anna is administering much easier to bear.

She’s disappointed when Sir Daniel withdraws His cock without cumming.  He walks around her, and the belt stops as well, which she doesn’t mind too much.

But then He is pulling her farther down the spanking bench, which she’s straddled like a horse, to give Him easier access to her pussy.  He enters her slowly, and she moans with pleasure.

She tries to scoot back farther, wriggling her hips, wanting to impale herself more deeply on Him, but he slaps her ass lightly.  “Hold still,” He says, and she obeys immediately.

He takes His time, sliding deep inside her before pulling back again, leaving just the head of His cock in her.  She whimpers, but manages to hold still, afraid if she moves He’ll pull out completely.

He pushes back into her, hard and deep, pulls back slowly, and again.

Naomi feels the orgasm building and vaguely thinks that it will start in her toes.  As He continues to fuck her, her clit rubs on the spanking bench and His cock fills her, reaching that  magic spot that will make her cum ~~

~~ But ~~ does she has permission to cum?  Is she supposed to ask?  Does she have permission to speak?

She has no idea.

The anxiety is distracting for a minute ~

~ but as He continues taking her, harder and faster now, and her clit is still pressed to the bench and omigod, she knows she’s going to cum soon, with or without permission. Her last real thought is that whatever penalty there might be, will be well worth ~

~ and she explodes in an orgasm that starts at her toes and rocks her whole body.  Tremors run through her ~ she thinks it is minutes before she begins to settle again.  As she does, as the trembling and shaking pleasure eases ~

Sir Daniel pulls out of her pussy, dripping with her juices, and presses His cock to her other hole, the rear entrance that He has seldom used before.

Even after having begun to be stretched, this entrance is small, and as He pushes, she whimpers.

He is insistent, His cock pushing slowly and steadily, and she is so wet that He’s able to push His way in, stretching her as He goes, making her whimper ~ it hurts, it really hurts, and she wants Him to stop, but ~

~ as she squirms a bit, trying to get away, she impales herself more deeply on His cock.  The pressure continues, His cock presses implacably against her asshole until ~

~her resistance breaks, she did not realize that she’d been resisting until she is done, and her whole body opens to Him.  It hurts, of course it hurts, as He continues pushing deeper, burying Himself in her, but she is accepting.

The pain is hers, it ties her to Him, serves to remind her that He is her Master, that no part of herself is closed to Him.

He begins fucking her harder as it gets easier, as she is even more open to Him.

And it begins to feel not-so-bad to her.

Not-so-bad and then not-bad-at-all.  Her clit is still rubbing on the bench, and even the fullness of having Him take her this way begins to seem pleasant, and her whimpers of pain become pleasure and He is pounding into her now.

Her orgasm takes her by surprise, and she cries out, and then He does too.   She is still trembling with pleasure moments later as He empties Himself into her.

Sated, He lies across her.

She feels like a rag doll, her bones melted with pleasure, unable to move if she wanted to.

They stay that way for a long time, at least it seems like a long time.  As His cock softens completely and slides out of her, she whimpers, feeling empty and a little forlorn.

He stands up, leaving her back exposed and chilly.  Anna helps her up, covering her with a blanket.  Naomi’s legs will barely hold her, and Anna lets her curl up on the mat on the floor.

Sir Daniel laughs, “Damn, I need to go, I hate to fuck and run.  Sara ~ o, good, there you are.  Yes, clean me up please.”

Sara had brought a basin of warm water, a wash cloth and warm towel.   Carefully, respectfully, she washes and dries His cock.

He fastens His clothing, and then He is standing in front of Naomi.  “Up,” He says.

A little dazed, Naomi struggles to get to her knees.  The air is cool on her skin and her whole body feels over sensitized, as if the slightest touch would ripple through her.

“Be good,” He says.  “Obey Sir Evan and Anna.  Work hard.  Be my good girl, and when this is done, maybe I’ll mark you.”

Naomi is still stunned, and He smiles.  “Don’t worry,” He says.  “It’ll be ok.”  He bends over and strokes her face.  “Do what you’re told.  Learn what you need to know.  I’ll be back.”

He turns then, and walks away from her.

She is desolate.  Confused and lost.  She feels disconnected from her body, as if He should have taken it with Him.

Then Anna is beside her.  “Here,” she says.  She has a blindfold, which she slips over Naomi’s eyes.  The darkness is welcome.

She takes Naomi’s wrists, and cuffs them together in front of her, attaching them to the ring in the middle of Naomi’s collar.   Naomi is grateful.  It is as if Anna is wrapping her safely, helping her connect with her body again.  Then ~

“Lie down,” Anna says, helping ease Naomi back down onto the mat.  “Sara, bring me the nipple clamps please.”

Naomi whimpers as the clamps go on.  They are not dreadfully tight, but she is completely aware of them.  It feels odd ~ her arms are bent because of the way her wrists are attached to the collar, so they cup her breasts and hold them in place.   She’s lying on her side, so the clamps pull her nipples down and sideways.

“That will give you something to focus on,” says Anna, as she covers Naomi with a blanket.

28 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

10 Dec

Sir Daniel sounds so kind and reassuring that Naomi can’t hold back the tears.  But she doesn’t cry for long, Sir Daniel and Sir Evan are talking, and she doesn’t want to miss what they’re saying.

“Self-discipline then, ” says Sir Evan.  “Starting with basic obedience and a schedule.  I assume you’ll want us to build habits?”

“That’s what I’m thinking,” says Sir Daniel, nodding.  “Mostly the things she wants to do anyhow ~ some exercise, healthy food, maybe mindfulness or some kind of meditation.  Help her structure writing time, set goals and follow through on them in terms of moving toward publishing.”

Anna is taking notes.”We can do that easily enough,” she says.

“Do you want her marked?” asks Sir Evan?

Sir Daniel looks at Naomi, who’s frozen with shock.  He smiles.

“Let me think about it,” He says.  “I guess it depends on whether or not she earns it.”

Naomi is confused.  Marked?  What do they mean?  And “whether or not she earns it?”  Of course she’ll earn it ~ or wait, maybe she won’t, and what would that mean?  Does she want to be marked?  Marked how?

But Sir Evan is speaking again, and she pulls her attention back, not wanting to miss anything.  “We’ve already discussed stretching her ass to make it more usable, and have started that process.  Naomi, move into position five and show us your asshole.”

Naomi had not expected this at all, and is slow to respond.  Once she realizes what’s expected of her, she still hesitates a moment.  Anna gets up, and is beside her in a flash.

“She hasn’t been trained in this yet,” she says to Sir Evan, but while she’s saying it, she helps Naomi turn, moving her arms and shoulders first so her hips and legs follow.  Quickly, Naomi’s back is turned toward the two men, and she’s bent over, ass raised high, head and chest pressed to the ground.

“Open yourself wider.”

It’s Sir Evan’s voice, and she hears it as if from a great distance.  She scoots her knees wider apart, not sure what He wants, but Anna moves her, placing each of Naomi’s hands on an ass cheek, helping Naomi spread herself wider.

“Don’t move,” says Anna, pulling back.

The crop descends on Naomi’s ass and lower thighs, once, twice, three times.  She gasps but manages not to move.

The tip of the crop slaps lightly between her thighs.

Naomi senses movement behind her, but she doesn’t know whose hands spread her cheeks even wider, whose fingers penetrate her ass abruptly and, without a word, are withdrawn.  The room is silent, all she can hear is her ragged breathing and her own heartbeat.

“First position,” says Anna, and Naomi raises up.  She’s awkward, but she manages to turn and resume the correct position.

Sir Evan says, and he’s laughing a bit,”She’ll be better trained than that before we’re done, I assure you.”

Sir Daniel nods, and He’s smiling too, “I know,” He says.  “I’m not worried about that.  And I’ll come back often to use her, and I know you’ll use her too.  Before I leave her in your capable hands, I’d like to see Anna whip her.  And fuck her ~ I’ll fuck her before I go.  Anna, do you mind?”

“No, not at all.”  Anna stands and gestures for Naomi to stand too.  “Usually,” she says, “You’ll be beaten in the morning and again at night, but we will make this special for your Sir.”

Naomi expects to be attached to the large frame they’d used earlier when Wendy and Sara had flogged her, but this time, she’s arranged on a spanking bench.  Kneeling, her ass raised, wrists and ankles firmly attached to the apparatus.

“Do you have a preference?” Anna asks Sir Daniel.  ‘Any particular implements you’d like me to use?”

Naomi hears it ~ the whistle of His belt as He takes it off ~ and whimpers.

“Start with this,” He says to Anna.  “I might hand you some other toys if it feels right.”

The belt whistles through the air and lands on the back of Naomi’s thighs.  She cries out.

It lands again, and again, striking her ass and thighs, which are still crisscrossed with welts.

“I don’t want to do this,” thinks Naomi.  “I don’t want to, don’t want to.  I want them to stop, want them to go away.”

But Sir Daniel is there then, right by her head, His hand in her hair.  He leans over to talk close to her ear.  “You’re mine,” He says.

She nods, o, yes, she wants to be, yes, and the belt lands again, making her cry out.

“Yes,” He says.  “I want to watch your face while she hurts you.  So pretty.  So sexy.  You belong to me.”  He has tilted her head back so her face is exposed.

“Harder, Anna,” He says.  “Harder and faster.”

But Naomi is listening to Him, through the pain, she’s watching Him, wanting to know that she’s pleasing him.

“When they hurt you,” He says, “It’s because I want them to.  Is that clear?”

Naomi nods.  “Yessss,” she says, as the belt lands again, turning her “yes” into a whimper.

“When they fuck your mouth,” Sir Daniel says, “It’s because I want them to.”

As He says this, He pulls His cock out, holds it up to her mouth.  “Open,” He says, and she opens her mouth, gasping as the belt lands again.

He slides His cock into her mouth, pushing her head down so He’s deep in her throat.  She gags a little, but as the belt lands on her ass, she starts sucking.

27 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

7 Dec

{With all the cookie talk yesterday, and the day before over here, i hope you didn’t miss 26 ~ A Dash of Fantasy.  If you did, you may want to go back and  catch up.}

Anna leads Naomi out of the small room, back into the larger room they had been in earlier.  She points to a mat on the floor, and Naomi settles herself there.  Anna pulls a chair over.

“Sir Daniel will be here in a minute,” she says.  “And Sir Evan, of course.”

Naomi smiles, and her heart beats faster.  That’s thrilling!  Although ~

~ she’s not sure what it means.  Her smile fades a bit, and her heart beats even faster.  Why are they coming?  Is she in trouble?

Her pussy is throbbing, perhaps one of them will want to use her?  Or both of them.  She tries to picture that, but can’t quite.

“Go ahead and take your robe off,” says Anna.  Naomi does, noticing that it’s warm enough in this room to still be comfortable.  At that moment, a door opens and Sir Daniel comes in, Sir Evan right behind Him.

Instinctively, Naomi drops her eyes.

Sir Daniel reaches her first, and greets her, “Here’s my pretty slave,” He says, “my pet.  Here, tell your Master hello.”  As he says that, He pulls His cock out.  Naomi kneels up and is allowed to kiss His the head of his cock, which is half-hard already.

Sir Evan exposes himself as well, commenting, “And the Master of the House, you will want to greet him too, of course,” and Naomi does, hoping that the caress of her mouth is pleasing to them.

They seat themselves around the table, and Sean comes out to offer coffee or tea, which they decline.  They’re seated around a table, but with their chairs turned so they face Naomi, still kneeling on the mat on the floor.

Sir Daniel is close enough to touch her, but He doesn’t.  He begins talking to Sir Evan and Anna about her, as if she is not even in the room.  As if she were an animal, a dog, or maybe a horse that He owns.  This makes her a bit uncomfortable, but it also arouses her even more, and she has the urge to crawl closer to Him.  She doesn’t know if this is allowed though, so she stays where she is.

He begins by describing how they’d met, and she blushes to hear Him talk about how easily aroused she is, how responsive to touch.  He talks about her eagerness to please, and her willingness to obey.

Naomi feels proud and shy and a little anxious about where He’s going with all this praise.  

But He goes on to talk about other things, skills and talents she has which have nothing to do with sex.  She hasn’t realized that He valued these aspects of her as much as it sounds like now, and she’s embarrassed and thrilled.  He talks about the potential He sees, His belief in her ability to accomplish her goals as a writer, and she squirms with delight and ~

~ well, with doubt.  She’s also waiting for it to turn negative, so she’s almost relieved when it does.  

“She lacks discipline,” says Sir Daniel, and Naomi feels her entire body grow hot, not in pleasant way.  She knows what He’s saying is true, but Anna and Sir Evan are looking at her so cooly, so dispassionately that she wants to sink through the floor.

“Naomi,” Sir Daniel says, “How many chapters of your book have you finished in the last six months?  You may speak freely.”

“None, Sir,” she says, eyes downcast.

“How many publishers have you contacted?”

“None, Sir,” and she feels tears well up.  Her chest feels tight, and if she could, she’d run out of the room.

“You’ve talked about wanting to eat healthier, to exercise every day, to develop a meditation practice.  Those are all good goals.  What have you accomplished in those areas?  Are you exercising daily?”

Naomi shakes her head, “No, Sir,” she whispers.

“Three times a week?”

“No, Sir, well, maybe sometimes.”

“Are you eating the way you want to?  Meditating?”

All she can say is, “No, Sir,” and she can barely get the words out.

“Do you really want to do those things?  Really want to?”

She nods, “Yes, Sir,” she says, tears threatening to spill over.

“It’s ok,” He says, gently.  “We’re going to help.”

26 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

5 Dec

“Ok,” says Wendy, “Here we go.  Don’t cum til we say you can.”

Naomi wonders vaguely if you can die from pleasure.  The dildo in her pussy is sliding in and out again, nipples tingling, just the right amount of pain, dildo filling her ass, and she feels herself building towards an explosion of sensation, quickly, quickly ~ and remembers in time, “PLEASE, may i cum?”

And of course it stops again.  

The dildo stops moving and they laugh.  Wendy and Sara laugh.  Naomi whimpers.  How long can they keep this up?

“Ten more minutes,” says Wendy

Naomi thinks that surely there will be an orgasm for her at the end of that tunnel.  Surely it will all end with a big ole fireworks, earth shaking orgasm for her.  She can hardly wait.

But then ~ o ~ no ~ the ruler ~ ai! O!  Landing on her pussy, her widespread thighs leaving her open to this new painful assault.  O, it stings, it stings ~ O ~ or ~ O ~ maybe it feels good?

But it stops, the ruler stops, and there are hands, probing and rubbing, and she loses track, loses track of it all until she feels the orgasm building again, so intense it will be, she can feel it, O, and ~~~

~~~ it stops.  The ruler smacks.

“You were about to cum, weren’t you?” says Sara, and she’s laughing.


The ruler lands.

O, i was going to, thinks Naomi, yes.  O.  That’s right, ask, i’m supposed to ask.  

And then it stops, it all stops, and Naomi opens her eyes.  Anna is in the room.  

“It’s time,” she says.  “Time to stop.”

A sob escapes Naomi.  Stop?  Really? Nooooooo.  It can’t be over.  No.

But they are unfastening her legs, and her arms.

“Stay there,” says Anna.  “Don’t try to get up yet.”

Naomi thinks this is a good thing, since she couldn’t get up if she wanted to.   She is tingling and still on edge, but feels good at the same time.  And weak.  No, she couldn’t get up.

Sara removes the nipple clamps, sending spasms of pain and pleasure through her.

“Take the dildo out of her asshole,” says Anna.  “That’s enough for now.”

Wendy takes it out, and Naomi is embarrassed at the gush of air that escapes her, but no one seems to pay any attention to it.  Naomi feels relieved at the emptiness for a moment, and then she misses the sensation of fullness.  

But they make her put her legs down, “Here,” says Anna, “Put your feet on the ground here,” as they move the steps back in front of her.  “Quit flashing your cunt, no one’s going to touch you now.”

Naomi thinks this is a bit unfair, she hadn’t actually asked anyone to touch her, but she puts her legs down as directed.  Anna smiles at her and she can’t help smiling back, particularly when Anna adds, “Good girl.”

“Now,” says Anna, “It’s time for everyone to get to work.  Wendy and Sara, you know what you need to do.  Naomi, we need to talk about your goals, work out a plan.”

Naomi can barely think, she is still tingling with desire, but she works to bring her attention back to Anna.  Goals?  A plan?  What kind of plan?

“Come,” says Anna.  “Get up slowly, yes, there you go.  Here, you may wear this robe.”

It is barely a robe, thinks Naomi, open in the front with no way to close it, slit in the back to reveal her ass.  But it’s soft and warm on her arms, and even her legs, and she’s grateful for that.

“Water,” says Anna, handing her a glass.  

Naomi drinks; the water is delicious.  When she’s finished, “Go pee,” says Anna, gesturing towards an open door.  Obediently, Naomi moves into the bathroom just off the room they’re in.  

There is no door, but Anna doesn’t disturb her, and Naomi is grateful.  Finished, she washes her hands and comes back out, nervous about what will come next.

“First position,” says Anna.  It takes Naomi a second ~ a second in which she notices the riding crop in Anna’s hand ~ but she drops to her knees, opening her legs somewhat, resting her palms on her thighs.

“Good girl,” says Anna, tapping Naomi’s cheek with the crop.  

Naomi feels a rush of pleasure, her pussy throbs in response.

“Do you have any questions?” asks Anna.  “You may ask them now.”

Naomi does have questions, lots of them, but she can’t sort through them, her mind feels foggy, pleasantly foggy, but still.  Not focused enough to ask questions just yet.

Anna waits patiently.  Finally,

“Yes, ma’am,” says Naomi, and she starts to say, “What will happen to me next?”  But then she remembers, what Anna had said before, that she is learning to be a slave.  Slaves don’t need to know what will happen next.  And she stops.

She searches her mind for a question that would be acceptable, but nothing seems right.  So, “No, ma’am, i don’t guess i do, really,” she says.

“O, good girl!” says Anna.  “Nice.  Now, come with me.”

25 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

2 Dec

Naomi feels as if her bones are liquid.  She’s glad she’s sitting, leaning back in the chair, because she’s not sure she could stand.

She wonders what the “next part of the program,” that Wendy mentioned could be.  

She’s a little spaced out, sated from the orgasms, and flushed with pleasure, but the sound of a “click” near her ear gets her attention.  It’s another of the round tokens and Sara has fastened it to Naomi’s collar.  

Dimly, Naomi remembers that these are used to track ~ to track something?  

Punishments!  That’s right, they’re used to track punishment due, and she already has one.

“That’s for talking, again, of course, even though you were begging for more, which is certainly understandable,” says Sara.  “And ~  for the next 15 or 20 minutes you are allowed to say, ‘Please may i cum?’ or ‘May i cum, please,’ either way is all right.”

Naomi is not sure what this means.   She’s grateful when Wendy says, “Listen to me.”  Immediately, Naomi focuses on her.  

Wendy explains, “We’re going to keep playing with you.  Only this time, you can’t cum without permission.  When you get close, when you think you’re about to cum, you ask.  “Please may i cum?’ or ‘May i cum, please?’  

“That’s all you’re allowed to say.  Let me hear you.  What are you going to say?”

Naomi’s mouth is dry, she licks her lips.  She doesn’t want to say it, doesn’t want to think about asking, but she remembers the feel of the ruler landing hard on her pussy, and that helps her force the words out.

“Please may i cum?” she says, and her voice trembles.

“Good girl,” says Wendy.  Naomi flushes with pride at these words, even while she’s telling herself she’s silly to feel that way.  But praise from Sara or Wendy is becoming almost as important to her as Sir Daniel’s approval.  

Sir Daniel feels very far away right now, and she wonders if He knows what they’re doing. Probably, she thinks, since He has approved all of this.

A light slap between her legs with the ruler brings her attention back to the moment.

“Let’s try the mouse,” says Sara, and for a second, Naomi thinks she means a real mouse, and shivers in horror, prepared to fight the restraints and escape this immediately.

So it is a great relief to see the little toy mouse.  It’s blue, and plastic, she thinks.

Sara slides it between the outer lips of Naomi’s pussy and the clit, letting it rest directly on the clit.  Suddenly, to Naomi’s amazement, it begins to vibrate.

O.  O ~ o ~ o.  It feels good.  Really good.  O, my.

Sara is pinching her nipples, and Naomi is barely aware of Wendy with the stopwatch and notebook

O!  O, yes.  Mmmmm, yes, mmmm ~ O!  She remembers ~ “Please may i cum?” she asks quickly and ~

the mouse is withdrawn.

Of course, she thinks.  A long, quivering moan escapes her.

“Nice,” says Wendy, nodding to Sara.  “Now the dildo?”

Sara nods, and Naomi feels the dildo pressing at the hot, wet entrance to her pussy.  Already full with the dildo in her ass, she whimpers as Sara slides this second one in.

But then it stops.  Dildo’s fill both entrances, both of her fuck holes, she thinks, blushing at her own choice of words.  

The sensation is lovely.  

She wants more.

Her hips thrust upwards, as if of their own volition.  She wants, wants, wants ~ 

~ “Hold still,” says Sara, laughing.  “What a hot slut you are!  Look at this cunt,” she adds, turning to Wendy.  “Watch her try to fuck the dildo.”  Sara wiggles the dildo just a bit, and again Naomi feels her own hips rise up, and she whimpers.

Wendy laughs.  “Nipple clamps, I think.  Let’s add the nipple clamps.  Don’t cum til we say you can, slut.”

Naomi watches, helpless, as Wendy begins fastening the nipple clamps to her nipples, which are already rock hard.  

The dildo in her pussy moves, thrusting slowly, rhythmically, and Naomi cries out, “O, may i cum, please?” and the movement stops.

Naomi thinks this is the most fiendish, wonderful torture ever devised.  The nipple clamp bites into her left nipple, as Wendy tightens it.


And on a whole other note, i ran across this and thought i’d share it.