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19 Mar

No, not that kind of quickie!

Just don’t have much time this morning.  i should get someone to do my posts for me, like Mick does over at UCTMW…  {laughing}

Ok, maybe i have had some terrific guest posts lately.  i’m not complaining.

i went to drumming circle last night – it’s been ages since i did that and i’ve missed it…  Here’s a picture of a drum like mine:

And here’s a clip of a drumming circle that looks and sounds a lot like the one i go to – except for the fire – we weren’t outside.  Also there aren’t people talking in the background.  But the drumming sounds the same.   Press here.

It made me feel so wonderful, even though i was out of practice, and there weren’t a whole lot of us there.  But it was still – it’s a little bit like playing in the kink sense, cause you’re in the moment and you can lose track of yourself and be more aware of yourself at the same time.

Anyhow.  It made me wonder if i’m  acting like a teenager, being all caught up in kink and Doms and stuff  – not that i don’t have the rest of my life, but maybe i just need to add more things like drumming to my life.

So i’m going to a spring equinox celebration tonight, i think.  That should be fun too.

i’m excited about how many people are interested in coming to the bloggers convention, and will sit down and try to figure out if there’s an optimal time.  Regardless of what date we pick, there’s an open invitation to any of you if you want to come visit.  Every first weekend, there’s a munch and play party, if you’re interested in that.  So as far as i’m concerned, we could have a mini bloggers convention every month!

 On that note – time to go. 

O – wait – big news – MoR has bought a house.  At least it sounds like it’s all final – still has to be inspected, but contracts are signed.  So that’s very cool, and i’m so happy for him!

More Q and A

18 Mar

Feeling better this morning, thank goodness, after a long day at work yesterday.

Saw a comment from Sfp first thing – i’ve gotten in the habit of checking my iphone as soon as i wake up to see if there’s anything exciting going on – and there she was.  She needs us to move the bloggers convention back from the first weekend in June since her kiddos will still be with her til the 9th.

Dear Sfp – will you come if we make it a different date?  Really???? That would be sooo cool.

Here’s what i was thinking – why i picked the first weekend in June.  i wanted to anchor it to a first weekend so we’d have the option of going to the munch – and, for anyone who wanted to, the play party afterwards.

We don’t have to anchor it to the munch/play party.  Or –

The first weekend in July is connected with the 4th of July holiday.  i thought that might be an advantage for people who were traveling, but also that people were more likely to be tied to family plans.  Plus, i think Mick and Molly might be at their Southwestern location for that weekend.

The first weekend in August would be fine with me, and i’d be willing to put it off that long if Mick and Molly and Donna and Bill would still be able to make it, if it means Sfp and maybe some other folks can come.  The down side of August is that it tends to be humid and nasty here, but i’ll be living with it anyhow.

So let me know your thoughts.  i think there was one other person who thought she and her Master might be able to come in June, and i haven’t heard from her yet.  Plus e-woman – i don’t know what might work for her.  Fortunately, there is still time to work it out.

We could even have a preliminary get-together in June and the real convention in September, if Mick and Molly and Donna and Bill were open to that.  i don’t know.  i’m easy.  And they wouldn’t both have to be here… although they could be.

On a different note  –

Got a question, as a number of us did, from Little Monkey.  She wants to know:

“How much physical damage is too much, for you? What are your limits on that? How much is too much? Where do you and yours draw the line? Bad bruising, welts, drawing blood, marks lasting a few days , or a few weeks, permanent scarring? What are your feelings on this topic?”

Good question, LM.  i gotta tell you – i think i sound like i’ve got all kinds of experience, but for real –

as close as i’ve gotten to “lasting marks” was when FS whacked me on the shoulder with his belt a couple of times.  It left welts that night, and the next morning there were tiny red welt marks that i could see if i looked really hard.

i liked that, but when i shared that with him,he got upset about it – he had not intended to leave marks!  What if i’d had to wear something that showed my shoulders?

i tried to reassure him that i really hardly ever wear off the shoulder dresses to my job in community mental health, but he wasn’t having it.  He threatened never to spank me again –

– which would have been a cruel punishment, wouldn’t it?  Especially since it wasn’t my fault i mark easy!

Of course, there was Sir D, and the marks from the risotto spoon:


The Spoon

And the marks it left:


It's 3/4 inches thick, maple wood. He barely tapped me with it. Need I say more?


 i was really proud of those.  But typically, by the next day, whatever marks there might have been have faded into obscurity.

Permanent scaring would be too much. 

Drawing blood would be too much.

i don’t know about marks – bruises or welts  – that last a few days or weeks – i guess not.  The risotto spoon experience seemed pretty intense to me, and the marks faded quickly.  i don’t know what it would take to leave more.

But i do like marks, and you know, that seems to be the kind of thing that changes over time.  So i’m not totally locked into an answer.   Also, you know me, it would depend on how “He” felt about it

Thanks for asking, LM.   It is still Q & A month, so if you got ’em, ask ’em…

And let me know – let’s continue the discussion about dates for the blogger convention.