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#6 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

31 Oct

Naomi, kneeling on the table again, rocked back on her heels, thighs spread wide,  palms up on her thighs, realizes that the chopstick clamp has not actually come off as she was bent over and being whipped, it is still clinging loosely to her nipples, fastened only in the middle.

Sir Daniel and Wendy fasten the ends, and once again, the pain is immediately intense, so much worse than any clamps Naomi has experienced before.  She whimpers, and cries out a bit, caught between not wanting to bite her lip and not wanting to beg and end up gagged again.  In her anguish, she tosses her head back, and from side to side, as if she can shake the pain off that way.

“There you go,” says Sir Evan, “Yes.  Keep breathing.  It’s ok to scream, or to cry.  No words though.  And don’t exaggerate, of course.  Wendy, help her hold still, please.  Daniel, I think you might touch her, see how she responds to that.”

Wendy, crop still in one hand, grasps Naomi’s hair firmly at the nape of her neck.  This holds her head still, and it is somehow a relief.  Naomi feels herself relax into the sense of containment.

The nipple clamp is almost unbearable..  In the midst of the fierce pain, she feels a finger probing between her legs, not entering her but stroking her clit.  She gasps with pleasure now, tries to spread her legs wider.  The sounds escaping her are incoherent, such a mixture of pleasure and pain, like an animal, she thinks, i sound like an animal.

“One minute,” Sir Evan says, “We’ll do one minute.  Daniel, keep her on the edge, right?  Don’t let her cum.”

She is lost, lost in sensation, lost in a high, keening moan.  And then ~

~ she’s not sure what happens.

Something shifts, something inside her shifts, and quite suddenly, her resistance to the pain, the desire to increase her pleasure disappear.  Something in her opens, leaving her in some new place of acceptance.

The clamps on her nipples don’t hurt less, and the finger on her clit is just as enticing and arousing, but it all feels right, as if it is exactly as it should be.  She is breathing and relaxing into the pain, and the pleasure, and quits wondering when it will stop or get better because it just is, and it seems that it will always be exactly this way.

She is still making noises, but they are quieter and she is barely aware of them. Absorbing the sensation filling her, she imagines a cock, yes, she would like to feel a cock in her mouth.  To lick and suck it for a long time, she wonders if they will let her do that sometime.

Time hangs suspended, for a minute, for an hour, she doesn’t know.  And then the finger on her clit is withdrawn, the hand in her hair is gone and the clamps ~

~ omigod, omigod, the clamps are off, o, that hurts, hurts, hurts ~

but no words escape her, only the moans and whimpers that are acceptable to Him.  And who is “Him?” Is it Sir Daniel, who is tormenting her like this, or Sir Evan, who is directing, orchestrating this ~ this ‘evaluation.’

She imagines herself kneeling before Sir Evan, imagines herself being allowed to lick His cock, to taste Him, to take Him deep in her throat…  She blushes to realize how much she wants this.

As the pain in her nipples recedes, she becomes more aware of the dildo in her ass, and the welts on the back of her thighs and lower part of her ass.

She realizes that Sir Evan is smiling slightly and looking at her with ~ with approval?  Yes, she thinks so.

And indeed, a moment later, He says, quite firmly, “Good girl.  You did very well with that.”

She is flooded with pleasure, even her pussy clenches and her asshole grips the dildo more firmly.   She has a flash of herself on her knees in front of Him, pleasing Him with her mouth, a longing so intense she whimpers.

Sir Evan goes on.  “Let’s talk about why your Sir has brought you here.”

It takes her a minute to really hear that, so intent is she on her fantasy of sucking His cock, but she manages to bring her attention to His words.  Yes, she very much wants to hear and understand this.

“First,” He says, to Sir Daniel, “Move her down here, please, so I can talk to her.”

The table has put her pussy and ass at Sir Evan’s eye level, but clearly, He wants her at His feet now.  She is happy to comply as Sir Daniel and Wendy help her down.

There is even a pad, a yoga mat perhaps, at His feet and Naomi is able to kneel quite comfortably.

Once she is settled, He says, “There are rules, for the conversation.  You,” and He pauses, His eyes seem to take in every detail of her posture, and she sucks in her stomach, tries to look more open and receptive.

“You,” He says, “will not speak unless directed to.  If I ask you a question, I want you to formulate a response in your mind, but don’t say a word until I tell you to speak.  Is that clear?”

She nods, “Yes, Sir,” and sees a glimmer of a smile flit across His face, as He says ~~

“Three, Wendy.”

And Naomi is horrified to realize that she has spoken, without being directed to do so.

#5 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

30 Oct

Sir Daniel and Wendy help Naomie change position on the table.  She has been kneeling, face pressed to the table.  Together, they raise her torso and let her settle so she is rocked back on the her heels, thighs spread wide.  Her open palms rest on her thighs.

“Do you want her hands behind her back?” asks Sir Daniel.

“No,” says Sir Evan.  “Not right now.  You know, I was going to use the tweezer clamps, but let’s try the chopsticks instead.”

They turn the table again so that Sir Evan has a clear view of her from the front.  Naomi is distracted by the sensations in her body ~ the dildo filling her ass, a bit of discomfort where Wendy has used the crop on the back of her thighs ~ at least, she assumes it was the crop that Sir Evan had ordered when He said, “Three.”   Wendy is still holding the crop, and Naomi reminds herself not to bite her lower lip.

All these thoughts swimming in her mind, and she suddenly becomes aware that Sir Daniel has ~ what is that?  Chopsticks? ~ is that what Sir Evan said?  It looks like two chopsticks, fastened together?

Her nipples are already a bit hard, and Sir Daniel begins pulling on the left one, pinching it and pulling, rolling it between His thumb and middle finger.  She remembers to keep her mouth open, and can’t hold back her gasps and whimpering.  Quickly, the left nipple is swollen and hard.

Sir Daniel switches his attention to the right nipple, and prepares it to be clamped as well.  It takes all Naomi’s self-discipline to maintain her position, keeping her hands on her thighs, and not biting back her moans.

Wendy steps forward and she and Sir Daniel each fasten one end of the long nipple clamp to a nipple.

It hurts, omigod, it hurts more than any clamp she’s ever felt before, and Naomi cries out, her hands flutter up as if she’s going to touch them, but she manages to put her hands back in her lap, but o, it hurts so bad, there are tears pooling in her eyes, and she begins to beg,

“O, please, Sir, please, i don’t think i can stand this, please take them off, please…” and Sir Evan nods to Wendy.

“One minute,” He says, “We’ll leave them on for one minute, of course you can stand it,” and while He’s saying that, Wendy stuffs a rolled up piece of cloth in Naomi’s mouth, effectively silencing her pleas for mercy.

“We’ll stop in a minute ~ 45 seconds ~” Sir Evan’s voice is warm and soothing, Naomi focuses on that, trying to ignore the terrible pain in her nipples.  “30 seconds more ~ yes, keep your hands where they are, no touching.”

As if from a distance, Naomi hears Him say, “Sir Daniel, you see we gag her at this point so she doesn’t think she’s influencing how long we leave the clamps on.   She needs to know, always, that she has no control in my house.”

“Yes,” says Sir Daniel, “And she is lovely like this.”

“15 seconds, almost there,” Sir Evan’s voice is calm and relaxed, but He adds, “Breathe slut, breathe through the pain or I’ll leave them on until you do.”

Naomi realizes that she is holding her breath, and forces herself to exhale.  And inhale.  It hurts because it moves her chest, but it also feels better, and she is lost in the sensation when the clamps are quite suddenly loosened.  Not released, Sir Daniel and Wendy don’t take them off, but by removing the fastening at each end, they become much looser.  Blood flows back into the nipple, and only the gag in her mouth keeps her from crying out.

“See if she’s wet,” says Sir Evan, and there is laughter in His voice.

She knows before Sir Daniel touches her that she is wet, wet and hot and longing to be touched and fucked and used.  The dildo in her ass is uncomfortable, and yet it is making her hotter, she knows this, and the pain from the nipple clamps does too.

But more than that is her total lack of control.

Sir Daniel’s fingers penetrate her.  Wendy removes the gag, and Naomi moans, hips thrusting forward, an orgasm is right there, right there in His fingers filling her ~ just out of reach, as He withdraws them again.

“O, nooooooo,” she moans, and Sir Evan laughs.  Her pussy clenches, her asshole tightens around the dildo, and a shudder runs through her body.

“That’s three,” Sir Evan says.  “Daniel, she does know better than to say no, doesn’t she?”

“Of course she does,” says Sir Daniel,  He has taken her shoulders and bent her over so her head and chest are pressed to the table and her ass is raised high again.  Wendy moves  quickly, and the crop slices the air to land on her ass, burning across the bottom part.  Her asshole tightens and she cries out.  The crop falls twice more, each time intersecting the first mark.

While Naomi is still gasping in pain, Sir Daniel and Wendy raise her back up.  Now she is acutely aware of the pain from the whipping.  Rocked back on her heels,  she feels the welts pressing against her calves. “

“Let’s do the nipple clamps again,” Sir Evan says.


In real life, i’m very excited because Sfp is coming to visit me this weekend.  YAY!!!  It’s the weekend for munches too, so there will be plenty of kinky things to do, as well as sone not so kinky ones.  

And as the storm they’re calling Sandy sweeps across the eastern coast, keep ‘Nilla and her family in mind.  They were without power but safe last night.  Sending thoughts and prayers to her, and to all of our friends and families who being affected.  May they stay safe and warm.

#4 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

29 Oct

Naomi is still standing with her legs spread wide open, pussy exposed, as Wendy wheels a table over in front of and at a little distance from Sir Evan.  The table ~ or cabinet is maybe more accurate ~ rather like a doctor’s examining table ~ stands about waist high, and Wendy pulls a set of steps out from the back part.

Naomi wobbles a bit on her way up the stairs.  Between the high heels, her arms being pinioned behind her, and the edge of fear and excitement playing on her nerves, she is naturally a bit unsteady.

Sir Daniel takes her arm to help her up.  He positions her on her knees, and presses her shoulders down so her shoulders and head rest on the table.  The table is slightly cushioned, and quite comfortable on her knees.  Once she is on the table, the steps slide back out of sight.

Sir Daniel arranges her carefully so her ass is high in the air.  It’s a bit awkward with her hands pinned behind her back, and Sir Evan says, “Unfasten her cuffs, I’ll want her to have use of her arms and hands.”

Her heart beats faster at those words, not knowing what He has in mind.

Once she is arranged to Sir Daniel’s satisfaction, He and Wendy turn the table so that she is presented, ass first, to Sir Evan.

Naomi can no longer see Him or Sir Daniel at all, and is acutely aware that they both have an unobstructed view of her asshole and pussy.  Her head is turned toward Wendy, who is standing quietly, wearing  the same black and white outfit she had worn to serve dinner.  In her hand is a riding crop.

Sir Daniel speaks quietly, “My slut, bring your hands back and use them to open your ass wider for Sir Evan, please.  Wendy, let us know if she bites her lip at any time.”

Slowly, reluctantly Naomi moves her hands behind her, reaching up to grab an ass cheek with each hand.  She can feel her face blushing, and her pussy throbbing.  She is careful to leave her mouth slightly open to keep from biting her lip.

“Good girl,” says Sir Daniel as she pulls her ass cheeks farther apart.  Her pussy clenches, and she smiles, hugging that bit of praise to herself.   Wendy nods slightly.

“It doesn’t look like you’ve used her asshole much,” says Sir Evan.

“No,” says Sir Daniel.  “I prefer her mouth and  her cunt, actually.  She’ll need to be opened quite a bit.”

“We can do that, of course,” Sir Evan says.  “Wendy, bring us a *one*, please.”

Wendy moves out of Naomi’s sight, smoothly and silently.  In a few moments, Naomi feels something cold and smooth pressing at the tiny puckered hole that she is holding open with both hands.  Her asshole tenses, trying to escape the pressure.

Wendy is back in place then, and the thing ~ it must be a dildo of some sort, Naomi thinks ~ presses deeper into her.  It feels as if it has been lubricated, it slides easily, although it’s not comfortable.  Naomi tries not to fight it, but her instinct is to tighten up trying to push it back out.

Sir Daniel presses more firmly.

Suddenly, to her dismay, Naomi hears Wendy say, “She’s biting her lip,” and realizes that she is, indeed, biting her lip ,hard.  She stops immediately, but there is a flurry of movement, Wendy out of sight,  and ~

~ Sir Evan says, “Three,”

and there is a swish and the crop  lands on the back of her thighs, so hard she cries out, and her asshole tightens painfully on the dildo, and she would rise up, but Sir Daniel has moved so that one hand is still on the dildo, pressing it in place, but the other hand is on the back of her neck, holding her firmly in place, and He says,

“Don’t move your hands, slut,”

as the crop lands again, and she screams, but her hands stay in place, and she doesn’t bite her lip,

~ not even the third time the crop lands, crisscrossing the first two blows so the pain is fierce and she feels tears in her eyes.

Then Wendy is back in place, looking as calm as if nothing has happened at all, and  Sir Daniel slides the dildo the rest of the way in, so it nestles deep inside her and she feels herself  truly impaled on it.

She whimpers, but she does not bite her lip.

“Fasten the dildo in place,” says Sir Evan.  “And let’s see how wet she is.”

Horrified, Naomi realizes that her pussy is burning and her pussy juice is running down the inside of her thighs.

She is not sure what Sir Daniel is doing behind her.  She feels something cool ~ a thin chain maybe ~ wrapped around her waist.    She is a little dazed, and not sure how it works, but there seem to be pieces of chain that runs from the base of the dildo to the belt ~ one on either side of her pussy and one straight up her back. The smaller chains attach securely to that.  She realizes that the dildo will stay in place ~ she will not even be able to push it out, while they will still have free access to her pussy if they choose to use it.

And does she hope they do?  Does she want to feel a cock filling her?  She wants to think not, but her throbbing pussy does want exactly that.

Fingers fill her then, right at that moment, and she gasps and pushes back on them, trying to rock her hips so she can take them deeper.

Sir Evan chuckles.  “Wet?”  He asks.

Sir Daniel laughs, “If she were wetter, we might drown in her juices.”

Even Wendy smiles, and Naomi thinks she might die of shame, but she can’t stop her hips from trying to capture more of the fingers, and when His thumb strokes her clit, she cries out.  

She might have found relief, might have come in another minute, but Immediately, the fingers are pulled out, and she can hear a slight *pop* as He pulls free.

“I think that’s clear then,” says Sir Evan.  “You were right about that.  Turn her around and we’ll finish examining her breasts.”

#3 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

28 Oct

{i posted #2 late yesterday – if you missed it, you may want to scroll down and read that one first.}

Her moan builds with the pressure on her nipples as Sir Daniels pulls and twists, pinching harder, until she is making a keening noise.  The hands on her nipples and the pressure of Sir Daniel’s body behind her hold her steady; there is no chance of escape.

Sir Evan watches, and through the haze of her own pain, she is aware of His pleasure.  She realizes He enjoys seeing her suffer.  While Sir Daniel has hurt her often and willingly, much of His pleasure comes from knowing she is aroused by it.

Sir Evan, she senses, will enjoy her tears as much as her orgasms.

This frightens her, and excites her.

He says, “That’s good, her nipples seem to be sensitive enough.  Wendy, would you put the tweezer clamps on her please?”

Sir Daniel releases her nipples, to Naomi’s relief.  Her head lolls back to rest on Sir Daniel’s chest.  Wendy moves forward, but pauses at a gesture from Sir Evan.

“No, wait just a minute, I think we want her skirt off first.  We’ll want to check her pussy for degree of wetness.”

Sir Daniel unfastens her skirt and helps her step out of it.  She is wearing black thigh high stockings with a back seam and high-heeled shoes.  The stockings seem to accentuate the whiteness of her thighs and the nakedness of her pussy.

“Does she shave, or use some other method of hair removal?” asks Sir Evan.

“I think she gets waxed,” Sir Daniel replies.  “You can see, except for this little tuft,” and He tugs the little piece of hair that she does not have removed, “except for this, she is quite bare.”

Warmth floods her body, and she can’t distinguish between the humiliation of being exposed and talked about like this from the pleasure at His touch.  Perhaps, she thinks, it is all the same.

“Open her for me, please,” says Sir Evan.

Wendy moves forward with a stool, which she places to the side and at some distance from  Naomi.  Sir Daniel grasps her ankle and places Naomi’s foot in the proper space on the stool.  This effectively spreads her wide and raises one leg, opening her most private parts to Sir Evan’s gaze.

Naomi has played in public before, but she has never been so coldly exposed to a stranger’s eyes.

Sir Daniel is still behind her.  He reaches around her waist, places a hand on each side of her pussy lips.  At a nod from Sir Evan, He peels the outer lips apart and back, exposing her even further.  The inner lips, which are swollen and wet, are clearly visible.  His body presses against her ass, thrusting her hips forward.

She thinks that she has never felt so helpless, so bare, or so incredibly turned on.  Sir Evan’s eyes examine her dispassionately.

“Touch her clit,” He says.

Sir Daniel shifts His hand slightly so He can stroke her clit, which is throbbing already, with one finger.

Naomi bites her lip, willing herself not to cry out with the pleasure.  Her hips thrust forward, seeking more, but He keeps the finger just resting lightly on her clit.

Sir Evan says, “The next time you bite your lip, I will stop this process and have you whipped.”

Naomi immediately opens her mouth slightly, and the whimper escapes her.  Sir Evan smiles.

“Well,” He says.  “Let’s take a look at her ass now.”

#2 ~ A Dash of Fantasy

27 Oct

She trembles as her Sir begins to unbutton her blouse.  Sir Evan is leaning back in his chair, watching, and her Sir has positioned Himself so that His movements don’t block Sir Evan’s view. 

It’s warm in the room, so she’s not uncomfortable once He’s removed the blouse.  He unfastens her bra, slides the straps down her arms and exposes her breasts slowly.  She shivers, and her nipples harden just a bit.  She’s not sure if it’s because she’s  cool or if it’s because of the heat building inside her.   She wishes He would touch her.

Sir Evan is watching closely.  With a hint of a smile, He says,  “See if she’s wet.  Just lift her skirt and check.”  

Her Sir nods and lifts her skirt with one hand.  She is embarrassed, but He quickly taps her inner thigh, commenting, “Good girl,” as she instinctively widens her stance.  He slides two fingers into her pussy quickly, making her gasp, then removes them.  

He drops her skirt back into place, and she blushes, acutely aware of her own wetness on His fingers, and a slight movement of her hips that she couldn’t restrain.  She wishes His fingers were still inside her, and is embarrassed to feel that way.  

With a grin, He says to Sir Evan, “Of course she’s wet.”  He holds His fingers up as if Sir Evan can see for Himself how wet they are.  She would have turned her head away, but He’s placed His other hand is in her hair and she can’t avoid Sir Evan’s eyes.

He has grey eyes, and she thinks He looks a little like a wolf.  His hair is just a bit too long and a bit shaggy and His face has something wild that lurks beneath the surface.  His smile seems a touch predatory to her, and yet there is something that draws her to Him.

She is so mesmerized by Sir Evan that she barely hears the serving woman coming into the room.  The woman moves past Naomi to stand directly in front of Sir Evan.  She is holding a tray.

He glances at it, and says, “Thank you Wendy.  You may set it down there.  Don’t leave, we will need your services later.”

“Yes, Master,” she says, and a shiver runs through Naomi at the words.  

There are cuffs on the tray, leather cuffs, and Naomi’s Sir , whose name is Daniel, wastes no time fastening them on her wrists.  She notices two more cuffs, and what might be a collar as well, on the tray, and ~ perhaps ~ a riding crop.  

The tray is on the table next to Sir Evan, and Wendy covers it with an open cloth napkin so Naomi can no longer see what’s on it.  Then Wendy moves to one side so that she is not in Naomi’s line of vision.

In any case, Naomi’s attention shifts to her Sir, who has fastened the cuffs and is linking them together behind her back.  This pulls her shoulders back slightly, thrusting her breasts forward.

“Pinch her nipples, please,” says Sir Evan.

Sir Daniel is standing behind her, He puts His arms around her and catches each nipple between thumb and middle finger.  

Her breathing is ragged.  He has not applied any real pressure, but His touch increase the heat between her legs, and her pussy clenches.  He begins to tighten His grip slowly.

She catches her lower lip between her teeth, intending to stifle any moans, but Sir Evan shakes His head.  “Don’t bite your lip,” He says.  “Relax your mouth.”

Obediently she does, and Sir Daniel chooses that moment to pinch her nipples, so that a whimper escapes her.

Sir Evan smiles.  “Harder,” He says.  “Let’s hear her moan.”

A Dash of Fantasy

26 Oct

A little fantasy has been running through my head.  It goes something like this:

He takes her to dinner at His friend’s house.  She is surprised to discover they are the only guests.  His friend lives out in the country, in a huge, rambling house, and she had somehow expected there would be more people there.

Sir had told her to wear one of her skirts, and thigh highs, no panties.  She has chosen heels that make her legs look long, although they really aren’t.  The friend, whose name, she is told, is Sir Evan, welcomes them warmly.  He and her Sir are old friends, and they spend some time chatting about the old days.

She is a bit bored by this after a while, and thinks that when they leave she will ask Sir why He had even brought her.

They eat rather formally, in a large dining room, and a woman in a black skirt, white shirt, and black vest serves them.  The meal is excellent.  The woman brings the plates already prepared, a lovely salad, then small pieces of veal with a light array of grilled vegetables. Naomi notices that her plate has small servings,which is fine, the appetizers from earlier had been plentiful.  But still, interesting that she is not allowed to serve herself.

The serving woman brings a platter in to offer the two men, more, but does not even look at Naomi.

There is wine, but they only give her half a glass, and somehow, she doesn’t feel comfortable asking for more.

She is listening idly, wondering if they will ever talk about anything besides old friends she doesn’t know or business deals she isn’t interested in, when she hears Sir say, “It’s not that she a bad girl.  Not at all.”

She feels herself blushing furiously.  What? Is He talking about her?

She looks up to see they are both looking at her, Sir with an expression of gentle approval, and Sir Evan with a bit more speculative gaze.  She starts to open her mouth, but stops, not sure what to say.

Sir goes on, “I really appreciate you agreeing to take a look at her.”

Sir Evan smiles, “No problem,” He says.  “I have an opening or two right now, and would be glad to help out if it looks like it will be beneficial.  Let’s go ahead and get started then, shall we?”

Naomi is stunned.  What are they talking about?  Sir stands and moves behind her.  “Stand up,” He says, starting to pull her chair out as if He is just being polite.  When she hesitates, He says,

“Come on, quickly now.  Yes, just put your napkin on the table, good girl.  Now, come here,” and He takes her by the hand, moves a couple of steps away from the table.  He turns her to face Sir Evan, and wraps His arms around her from behind, as if embracing her.

He puts His hands under Her breasts, lifting them slightly.

He speaks, softly, close to her ear.  “This is an adventure, my dear.  You’ve promised to obey me, you wear my collar, is that right?”

She nods her head slightly, listening.

“Say it,” He says.

“Yes, Sir,” she says slowly, “i’ve agreed to obey you, and i wear your collar.”

“Well then,” He says, “Do you agree to an evaluation by my old friend Sir Evan?”

Her head is swimming, and she realizes that she is wet, her pussy is throbbing.  “Evaluate me?” she says, a little weakly.

“Yes,” her Sir says.  His thumb brushes her left nipple, and the shock and arousal run through her body making her shudder.  He smiles.

She wants to ask questions, get more information, but Sir says, “Do you agree?” and all she can think is how much she wants to please this man, her Sir.   He adds, “I promise no harm will come to you, and there will be opportunities to change your mind later if you choose.”

This reassures her greatly.  “Yes, Sir,” she says, “i agree,” and then she adds in a rush of feeling, “You know i will do whatever you want of me!”

But she still gasps in dismay when Sir Evan nods and says, “Undress her, please.”


Gotta run, volunteer gig calls, but promise to respond to comments later…

Yes or No

25 Oct

i saw this on Sin’s blog, and Faerie’s, and PK’s, and figure i’ll see it again a bunch more, but it looked like fun.

There are only two rules: You must answer yes or no. You may not explain unless someone asks. 

So here goes…

Only two rules: You must answer yes or no. You may not explain unless someone asks.

Taken a picture naked? Yes

Made money illegally? No

Had a one night stand? Yes

Been in a fist fight? No

Slept with your best friend? Yes

Had sex in a public place? No

Ditched work to have sex? Yes

Slept with a member of the same sex? No

Seen someone die? Yes

Ran from the police? Yes

Woke up somewhere and not remember how you got there? No

Worn your partners unmentionables? Yes

Fallen asleep at work? Yes

Used toys in the bedroom? Yes

Ran a red light? Yes

Been fired? No

Been in a car accident? Yes

Pole danced or done a striptease? Yes

Loved someone you shouldn’t? No

Sang karaoke? No

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? Yes

Laughed so hard you peed your pants? Yes

Caught someone having sex? No

Kissed a perfect stranger? No

Shaved your partner? No

Given your private parts a nickname? No

Ever gone in public without underwear? Yes

Had sex on a roof top? No

Played chicken? No

Mooned/flashed someone? No

Do you sleep naked? Yes

Blacked out from drinking? No

Felt like killing someone? Yes

Had sex more than 5 times in one day? No

Been with someone because they were in a band? No

Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? No

Shot a gun? Yes

Gone outside naked? Yes

Ok.  That’s it.  Easy.  Kind of fun.  Probably no surprises there, but if you’ve got questions, feel free to ask.

 i’m doing a “first” this weekend, maybe.  

“What kind of first?” you ask.

Going to a football game.  No, i’ve never been to one before.  No, not ever, not even when i was in high school.  It’s Sir’s “homecoming” game {high school, it’s all about high school in Where-i-Live} and we might take his grandkids.  Hope for warm weather for me, ok?

In other interesting news, i got a spam comment today from Panama Offshore Corporation in which Blaine and Finn are apparently fucking Kirk.   It says, in part,

“…{Blaine and Finn} both moaned from the amazing feeling of being squeezed inside Kurt’s ass as well as the friction between each other’s cocks. Kurt impatiently wiped the tears out of his eyes, bucking his hips to encourage the boys to move faster. It still hurt like hell, but it was a good kind of pain, a pain that made him want to come even more.”

If i’m reading that right,  Blaine and Finn both have their cocks in Kirk’s asshole at the same time.  i’m pretty sure that’s not possible.  

Um, is it?

And really, how is spam generated? Does someone write this stuff???

Yesterday, i was tired when i got home.  After dinner, i had to look up a bill on-line and ran into a bunch of issues with passwords, and that always makes me uncomfortable.

It was getting close to bedtime, and i was tired and cranky.  i finally gave up ~ i needed a real person to talk to and the office was closed ~ and thought i was ready to go to sleep when Sir said, “I’ve laid something out on the bed for you to slip into when you’re ready.”

As you can imagine, i was ready right then.  Or at least i knew that i wanted to be ready.  i headed for the bedroom to see what he’d laid out.

Of course, it was His white dress-shirt.

For just a second, i felt tired and unenthusiastic.  But just for a second.  i imagine how much better i’ll feel after ~ well, after whatever He has in mind ~ and i start stripping off clothes.

But the rest will have to wait for another time.  i’m off to the last exciting day of the workshop i’ve been doing…   

Diets and Boots

24 Oct

i was in a workshop yesterday, and will be today and tomorrow as well, so i’m time limited in the morning.  Thank you all for the lovely comments you left yesterday.  i’m behind on answering comments, but i appreciate them, always.

My 17-Day diet has come to a crashing halt.  It’s touted to help you lose 10 pounds in 17 days. Guess how much i lost.  Go ahead, guess.


Really, i lost no weight.  Zero.

Yes, i know there were those honey roasted almonds.  But that was about two weeks into it, and it shouldn’t have kept me from losing ANY weight.

So i’m going to stick with low carb and low sugar and try to exercise more and not worry about it.  i asked Sir the other night if He could live with me if i don’t lose any weight and just stay the way i am.

He gives me this look and i have to laugh, o yeah that’s right, He is living with me and i was this weight when He moved in!  So i guess He can “live with it.”  He points out that He is not the one making up rules about what i can or can’t eat or putting notes on the almonds that say “Sir’s Nuts, Do Not Eat.”

Um, yeah, i might have done that…  you know, just to remind me.

Anyhow.  i’m ditching the 17 Day diet.  

As we move into fall, i’ve been adding a few items to my wardrobe.  The other day i was looking for rain boots, so i had to go in a shoe store, and they just happened to be having a Buy one, Get one 50% off sale.

Clearly, that was a sign from the universe, and it was a good thing because they happened to have the cutest boots in the universe.

And they were grey.  i didn’t have any grey boots.  So it was actually a sign from the boot and shoe goddess.  

i know Mistress Molly over at UCTMW has some very cute boots, but i think these might top them.  {“Top” them?  Get it?  Hahahahahaha…}

Anyhow.  Here they are ~ a not-great picture, but tell me they’re not adorable.  

Yes, they’re suede, and have a wedge heel.  So they’ll be comfortable enough to wear to work.  Here’s a professional picture of them not on my foot:

Really, there are people who think love makes the world go ’round, and people who think it’s money, but i’m pretty sure that cute boots are what drives it all.  Anyone else have shoes/boots to share?

My Friend

23 Oct

My friend Sfp, over at Jumping On In, has been the foster mother of a baby boy.  He’s just a bit over 4 months old, and  she’s planned to adopt him.  He was born on the same day as my granddaughter, so i’ve felt a special connection to him, and to Sfp’s experiences with new motherhood.

If you don’t already know Sfp, you should check out her blog.  She’s smart and funny and loving and interesting, and you would probably like her as much as i do.  

Last week, she found out that the baby ~ her baby ~ has a  biological relative who decided she wanted him.   The state did a home study and decided the relative would be a good guardian for the child, and they’re going to take him away from Sfp today.  Today, he will start a new life with someone new, with siblings, with all kinds of differences.  i hope this will work out well for him.   

But today, my heart is broken, for Sfp, and for the baby, who will not know what’s going on or where his mommy has gone.  Too young to understand it,  too young to have words for it ~ it breaks my heart.  He’s young enough that he’ll forget and, i believe, if he bonds with his family, he’ll be ok.   But still.

In the meantime, Sfp is bereft, and my heart is breaking with her.  If you have energy, love, and warmth to send her today, do it.  We will offer her our strength and love like my circle of goddesses.

 i think about my friends whose infant died, and the feeling parallels it, but it is not the same.  And this isn’t about Sfp’s sadness, not just a tear-jerking post about loss and grief.  

Sfp took the baby and opened her heart to him.  She gave herself to him with all the love she has, nurtured and cared for him.  Whatever else happens to him, he’ll have this stable, loving first four months to get him started on the right path.  He is her son.

And she knew this was a risk when she agreed to take him ~ even though it didn’t look like this could happen, even though it looked like there was slim to no chance of a relative placement ~ it was always a distant possible cloud on the horizon.  And still she opened her heart and loved her son.


               AND ~

this is the amazingly beautiful part ~

She’ll do it again.  

It may not be an infant ~ it may be a group of siblings ~ an older child ~ or it could be another newborn.  We don’t know.  But one day in the not-too-distant future, they’ll call her and say, “We have this child.”  And she’ll do it again.  

My friends whose baby died are pregnant again ~ with twins.  i watch them celebrate the new lives coming to them and it makes me happy.  Like Sfp, they are embracing the possibilities, choosing hope.

So i stand in awe of them, my friends expecting twins, and Sfp, who doesn’t know what child she’ll be called to love next.  When i picture her with a heart big enough to survive this loss and come back and do it again ~ well ~ i don’t have words for how i feel.

We ~ Sir and i ~ have invited her to come visit us.  She lives pretty far away, but it’s a short plane ride.  i think we would be a nice distraction, not to mention the selfish pleasure it would give me, getting to see her too and be there for her.

If she comes, we’ll have to find some kinky good times.  Fortunately, there are so many things going on here these days that i can’t imagine a weekend where there wouldn’t be something super cool.  i want ‘Nilla to come too, but i know she probably really can’t.

And really, i want you all to come visit, you know that, right?  Think Kinky Blogger’s Convention 2013 …  panel discussions, classes, and a kinky party at the end.

In the meantime, sometime today, if you will, find a minute of quiet to think about Sfp and the baby, and send them whatever strength and love you have to spare.  

Turn Up the Heat

22 Oct

Sunday, we went separate ways ~ He was with His grandkids, i went to the park and did errands {completely forgetting that SIG discussions were going on.  Damn it.  Haven’t made it to SIGS in months.}

It was a beautiful day for the park.

In the evening, Sir was going to go play pool with some friends, so i decided to go to bed early.  i was still simmering from the sexual tension that He’d been stirring, but willing to wait til the right time.  

Just as i get off Facebook and go to wash my face, i realize i have a text from Him.  All it says is Hdn, which, of course, means He’s heading home.  i wash up more enthusiastically.

About a minute later, the door opens and there He is.  Pool game cancelled. He has brought home a movie ~ “But not for you,”   {This is good.  He picks my movies very carefully, and i appreciate that.}

So i shrug ~ no good times ahead still ~ and finish washing up.  As i emerge from the bathroom, i see Him laying out rope and cuffs on the bed.  

O, my.

The rope is braided, thick, in two pieces.   Each piece has a hook at each end.  Two pieces of braided rope, four hooks.

The cuffs are secure on my wrists.  He tugs them to the last hole, and comments that there is still room, He may need to make a new hole.

Ankle cuffs on.

He has me roll face down on the bed, and He attaches the ankle cuffs and the wrist cuffs to the pieces of rope, so i am loosely hog-tied.  To bind me more securely, He has only to lift the rope with one hand, increasing the tension, so my heels and hands are pulled together behind me more firmly.

This holds me immobile for His spanking pleasure.  Or my spanking pleasure. Or both, i suppose.

Then He rolls me over, the rope keeps my hands at my sides, not enough slack to raise them, and my knees bent, not enough slack to straighten them. He opens my legs, giving Him easy access to the juncture of my thighs.  i am already hot and wet.

Quickly, my simmer boils over in a splash of heat and passion.

Later, as we’re both relaxing, i think He will untie me and tuck me in.  Instead, He says, “Go ahead and get comfortable.”

i roll on my side, which is how i sleep anyhow, with my legs bent a little.  The rope is loose enough that it is comfortable, although it feels odd not to be able to bend my arms, to bring my hands up under my chin as i usually do.

But it’s not bad.

“Comfortable?” He asks.

“i s’pose,” i say, sounding only a little doubtful.  Idly, i wonder what will happen if i forget i’m tied and try to get out of bed.

He pulls the covers up over me ~ something i can’t do for myself.  “I’ll be back to check on you,” He says, kissing my cheek, smoothing back my hair.

And He leaves.

Lying in the dark, i’m conscious of my helplessness.  Even though ~ and i’m sure Sir knew this ~ i could unhook myself in an emergency, still.   Here i am, and i have no intention of releasing myself short of a fire in the house.  And in that case, He’d come get me anyhow.

i don’t go to sleep right away.  i think about the feelings.  Secure, not quite comfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to complain about. 


i begin to drift away…

And He is back, checking on me.  Surprised that i’m not asleep.  i think He will untie me now, but He leaves me again.

This time, i begin to fall asleep more easily… drifting off…  secure…  not quite comfortable, but exactly how He wants me.

i remember Him checking on me again, just vaguely, and then finally, when He comes to bed, i wake a little as He unfastens the ropes.  And then i am curled up with Him, secure and completely comfortable.